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Islam's Rise & Fall In the Book of Revelation (Free Reformed Books, MP3s and Videos)



Scroll down for free Reformation (Reformed) books, articles, MP3s and videos on the rise and fall of Islam in the book of Revelation. Additionally, see the informative quotes, following the free resources below, which explain some of the remarkable prophetic fulfillments concerning Islam found in the Bible.


Islam's Rise & Fall In the Prophecies of the Book of Revelation

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Richard Bennet Puritan Hard Drive QUote Graphic"Now this expression that the four angels 'were prepared for an hour and a day and a month and a year, to slay the third part of men' -- amounts to a shade more than 391 'prophetic days' (= 1 + 30 + 360). For there, anciently a month consisted of 30 and a year of 360 days. This apparently refers, in accordance with the 'year-day' principle of prophetic interpretation -- to the length of prophetic time required for the completion of this entire enterprise. It thus amounts to just over 391 natural years. Cf. Genesis 1:14 & 5:23 & 29:18-30; Numbers 14:34; Ezekiel 4:5-8; Daniel 7:25 & 9:2-24f & 12:7-11; and Revelation 11:2-11 & 12:6-14 & 13:5.


As George Stanley Faber pointed out (in 1806) regarding Revelation 9:13-15f: "The accurate accomplishment of this numerical prophecy, is singularly remarkable. The Turks, under Ortogrul, gained their first victory over the Greek Empire in the year 1281 -- by the conquest of Cutahi. In the year 1357, they crossed over into Europe.


'In the year 1453, they took Constantinople. And the remaining Provinces of the [Eastern Roman] Empire soon followed the fate of the capital. In the year 1669, they made themselves masters of Crete. And in the year 1672, they wrested Camenice, their last conquest, from the Poles. If now we compute 391 years from the year 1281 -- they will exactly bring us down to the year 1672.'


The above view was widespread, both before and after Faber. Generally, it is that also of: Downham, Brightman, Mede, Parker, Durham, Goodwin, Increase Mather, Sherwin, Jurieu, Fleming, Cotton Mather, Daubuz, Sir Isaac Newton, Jonathan Edwards, Bishop Thomas Newton, John Gill, John Brown of Haddington, Winthrop, Thomas Scott, Fuller, James Angell Brown, Alexander Keith, Bickersteth, Louis Gaussen, Bishop Elliott, Albert Barnes, and J.P. Lange."


- Dr. Francis Nigel Lee, Islam in the Bible (free PDF online), p. 28, emphases added, and on the Puritan Hard Drive.


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250x250-Faded-Edwards-Blyth-Quote Jonathan Edwards, on Islam, writes,  


"This is one (the Papal Antichrist - ed.) of those two great kingdoms which the devil in this period erected in opposition to the kingdom of Christ, and was the greatest and chief I come now, (2.) To speak of the other, the second, which is in many respects like unto it, viz. his Mahometan (Islamic - ed.) kingdom, which is another great kingdom of mighty power and vast extent, set up by Satan against the kingdom of Christ: he set this up in the Eastern empire, as he did that of Antichrist (the Papacy - ed.) in the Western.


Mahomet was born in the year of Christ, 570, in Arabia. When he was about forty years of age, he began to give forth that he was the great prophet of God, and began to teach his new invented religion, of which he was to be worshiped as the head next under God. He published his Alcoran, which he pretended he received from the angel Gabriel; and being a subtle, crafty man, and possessed of considerable wealth, and living among a people who were very ignorant, and greatly divided in their opinions of religious matters, by subtlety, and fair promises of a sensual paradise, he gained a number to be his followers, and set up for their prince, and propagated his religion by the sword, and made it meritorious of paradise to fight for him. By which means his party grew, and went on fighting until they conquered and brought over the neighboring countries; and so his party gradually grew until they overran a great part of the world. First, the Saracens, who were some of his followers, and were a people of the country of Arabia, where Mahomet lived, about the year 700, began dreadfully to waste the Roman empire. They overran a great many countries belonging to the empire, and continued their conquests for a long time. These are supposed to be meant by the' locusts' that we read of in the 9th chapter of Revelation.


And then after this the Turks, who were originally another people, different from the Saracens, but were followers of Mahomet, conquered all the Eastern empire. They began their empire about the year of Christ 1296, and began to invade Europe 1300, and took Constantinople, and so became masters of all the Eastern empire in the year 1453, which is near three hundred years ago. And thus all those cities and countries where were those famous churches of old, that we read of in the New Testament, as Jerusalem, Antioch, Ephesus, Corinth, &c. now all became subject to the Turks. And they took possession of Constantinople, which was named after Constantine the Great, being made by him the head city of the Roman empire, whereas Rome had been until then. These are supposed to be prophesied of by the' horsemen' in the 9th chapter of Revelation, beginning with the 15th verse."


- Jonathan Edwards, The History of Redemption (PDF), pp. 268-269, on the Puritan Hard Drive


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- Greg L. Price (Author, Theologian and Covenanted Presbyterian Pastor, USA)


FREE REFORMATION RESOURCES On Islam's Rise & Fall In the Prophecies of the Book of Revelation

"In fact, when the classic historicist position is studied, the fulfillment in the case of Islam and Revelation chapter nine is seen to be so striking and well attested that 'even advocates of other approaches who are adamant in their rejection of the historicist system of interpretation have admitted the convincing nature of this particular identification'" - Steve Gregg, commenting on Revelation 9:1-6 in Revelation: Four Views: A Parallel Commentary, p. 176, emphases added). 
Islam In The Bible 1 of 2 (What The Book Of Revelation Foretells About The Muslims) by W.J. Mencarow Free MP3) (The section on Islam begins part way into this sermon, and is excellent, so it is worth the wait!).

"There are two great antichristian religious systems of deceit revealed in the book of Revelation. The "great western antichrist" of Roman Catholicism (Rev. 17 and 18) and the "great eastern antichrist" of Islam (Rev. 9). This has been the majority position of historic Protestant interpretation (Historicism) for centuries, though later writers often see this with more clarity. - Dr. Reg Barrow. 
250x250-Faded-Knox-Falconer-Quote Islam in Revelation #1 (Muslims in Bible Prophecy) (Free MP3)






The following excerpts make up the five MP3s noted above on Islam in Revelation. They comprise 105 printed pages read to MP3. The complete books (in PDF format) are available at the links below and on the Puritan Hard Drive. 




"It does seem that the fourth iron kingdom was in fact both the pre-Papal and the pre-Islamic undivided Pagan Roman Empire, as well as the later Western-Roman Papal and the contemporaneous Eastern-Roman Islamic Empire into which it then subdivided. Indeed, both ' Mahomet' and 'the Pope' -- as we have already seen -- Dr. Calvin called 'the two horns of Antichrist.' Thus they correspond to the two legs of the later Roman Empire - Islam and the Papacy
." - Dr. Francis Nigel Lee, Calvin on Islam (2000, emphases added)

All the excerpts above are in this one book:





Islam in the Bible (3/3) by Dr. Francis Nigel Lee (Free MP3)

The following works contain sections on Islam in Bible Prophecy:


"There is practically no part of the entire Book [of Revelation] which is interpreted so uniformly as the exposition of the fifth and sixth seals.... It is applied to the Saracens and the Turks." - Dr. Alexander Keith, as cited by Dr. F.N. Lee in Islam in the Bible, p. 23 (emphases added). 

History of Redemption (Salvation) #14: God's Work, Creation To Judgment Day, With Edward's Postmillennial Eschatology of Victory by Jonathan Edwards (Free MP3)


History of Redemption (Salvation) #12: God's Work, Creation To Judgment Day, With Edward's Postmillennial Eschatology of Victory by Jonathan Edwards (Free MP3)

"Dr. Albert Barnes -- nineteenth-century Pastor of Philadelphia's famous First Presbyterian Church and author of what is often called "America's Leading Commentary" -- comments: "With surprising unanimity, commentators have agreed in regarding this as referring to the empire of the Saracens, or to the rise and progress of the religion and the empire set up by Mohammed.... Mohammedan tradition speaks of locusts having dropped into the hands of Mohammed.... Nothing would better represent... the Saracenic hordes that came out of Arabia and that spread over the East, over Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Spain -- and that threatened to spread over Europe." ...

The Calvinistic Dordt Dutch Bible of 1637 rightly says that at Revelation 9:1-11,
many here understand "Mohammad with his followers who around the year 620 cobbled together his ungodly doctrine... and was brought forth to appear from the bottomless pit. Thereafter, it was propagated throughout a large part of the World by his Arabs and Saracens, who looked like armed locusts."

- Dr. Francis Nigel Lee, Islam in the Bible (free PDF), and on the Puritan Hard Drive.





There are two great antichristian religious systems of deceit revealed in the book of Revelation. The "great western antichrist" of Roman Catholicism (Rev. 17 and 18) and the "great eastern antichrist" of Islam (Rev. 9). This has been the majority position of historic Protestant interpretation (Historicism) for centuries (though later writers often see this with more clarity). Dr. Lee gives us evidence of this in Calvin and Islam, citing Calvin as follows,


Dr. C. Matthew McMahon Puritan Hard Drive Quote Graphic "In our own day, indeed [1550], very many people begin to waver -- when they consider the long continued dispersion of the Church. As if this had not been regulated by the purpose of God!... The pretext of the [preteristic] Romanists which they make in extenuation of the tyranny of their idol [the Papacy] -- is that it was not possible for Christ to forsake His bride. But here, the weak have an assurance on which to rest -- when they learn that the disfigurement which they see in the Church, has long since been foretold.


"The impudence of the Romanists, on the other hand, is clearly exposed. Because Paul declares that when the World has been brought under the rule of Christ -- a defection will take place....


"The minds of [Romanizing] ancients were so bewitched -- that they believed [preteristically] that Nero would be Antichrist! However, Paul is not speaking of one individual -- but of a kingdom that was to be seized by Satan, for the purpose of setting up a seat of abomination in the midst of God's Temple. This we see accomplished in Popery.


"The defection has indeed spread more widely! For, since Mohammed was an apostate, he turned his followers, the Turks, from Christ.... The sect of Mohammed was like a raging overflow, which in its violence tore away about half of the Church. It remained for [the Papal] Antichrist to infect with his poison the part which was left."


Yet, in the words 'the Lord Jesus shall slay' in Second Thessalonians 2:8 -- Calvin insists Paul "predicted the destruction of the reign of Antichrist.... He will be annihilated by the Word of the Lord....


"Paul does not think that Christ will accomplish this in a single moment.... Christ will scatter the darkness in which Antichrist will reign, by the rays which He will emit before His coming -- just as the sun, before becoming visible to us, chases away the darkness of the night with its bright light."


Given the prominent place in Scripture that God apportions to revealing Islam as one of the most significant antichristian forces in history (and in the light of the rise and progress of Islam in our day), Dr. Lee has provided a much-needed service to the Christian community by gathering together (into one easy-reading book) the thoughts of one of the greatest Reformers, John Calvin, on one of the chief historical enemies of the church of Christ and the souls of men.


A printed edition of Calvin and Islam by Dr. Francis Nigel Lee is available at



Defends classic Reformation historicist Postmillennialism and its position relative to the 1260 year period mentioned in Scripture.

In the author's words,

"Treats of a subject peculiarly interesting to every serious Protestant: for the famous period of 1260 prophetic days, so frequently mentioned by Daniel and St. John, comprehends the tyrannical reign of those three great opponents of the Gospel: Popery, Mohammedism (Islam - ed.), and Infidelity. This period indeed may not improperly be styled the permitted hour of the powers of darkness; since the Church is represented as being in an afflicted and depressed state during the whole of its continuance, and since its expiration will be marked by a signal display of the judgments of God upon his enemies and by the commencement of a new and happy order of things."


FREE PURITAN SOFTWARE JOHN OWEN.jpg Understanding the Reformation position on eschatology, as it is set forth in this work, gives us great insight into as to why the Romanists (i.e. the Jesuits in particular) were so intent on planting both Preterism (Alcasar, c. 1615) and Futurism (Ribera, c. 1585) among the Protestants. 583 pages.

A printed edition of this set is available at


Islam in the Bible by Dr. F.N. Lee (Free PDF). A printed edition of this book is available at

After the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, by terrorists who openly admit to advocating the murder of innocent civilians and being motivated by their Islamic beliefs, the religion of Islam has become the object of much attention. Islam used to receive considerable attention from Protestant theologians who studied eschatology. These theologians held to the view known as "Historicism," and this was the classic (or historic) Protestant and Reformed interpretation of prophecy. Attesting to this, Historicism is found in all the major Protestant and Reformed creeds, confessions, and covenants (in their unedited form, from the time of the Reformation), as well as among the individual writings of the best Reformers. Moreover, many Reformers considered the Papacy "the great Western Antichrist," and Islam "the great Eastern Antichrist."

Although Historicism is the Scriptural view of prophecy, it was eclipsed in the twentieth century by other (erroneous) systems of interpretation, especially Dispensationalism, and to a much lesser degree, Preterism. Both Futurism and Preterism, as systems, originated with the Jesuits, to counter the Historicist eschatology of the Reformation (See Greg Price's phenomenal series of free MP3s [or PDFs] refuting Preterism [which is free online], as this the best work in our day exegetically and historically defending the classic Protestant position [Historicism] against the Jesuit inspire system of Preterism. Also see the free article "Apocalyptic Interpretation" at for an overview of the major eschatological systems).

However, recent events, are now causing modern Christians to take a more serious look at Islam, and its place in Bible prophecy. Hopefully this renewed attention on Islam will also lead to renewed attention on truly Biblical interpretation of prophecy. This book by the Dr. F.N. Lee will be a significant help to Christians wanting to view eschatology Biblically, just as all the major Reformers did.

Dr. Lee himself notes the historical significance of Historicist interpretation:

We would suggest, then, that the Book of Revelation itself is prima facie to be understood as giving the really major events down through the centuries in Church History. The vast majority of competent exegetes of the Book of Revelation have interpreted it historicalistically, and neither preteristically nor futuristically. Church History bears this out -- and so too does also Secular History. To establish this, let us look at some of the writings of the two greatest theologians of the Protestant Reformation -- ... Martin Luther and ... John Calvin (p. 13).  

Considerable space would be needed to sketch the overall Historicist interpretation of Revelation, but the following quote from Thomas Goodwin gives a good example of it:

250x250-Multi-Photos-Gray-Gradiant These two, the Pope and the Turk, both enemies to Christ, thus succeeding in the [Roman] empire and sharing the two parts of it between them -- we see.... Mohammedanism, under the Turk, tyranniseth in the one; and idolatry, under the Pope, overspreads the other -- even as Heathenism had done over the whole empire at first. And so Christ hath a new business of it yet.... 'Therefore He hath seven vials, which contain the last plagues... to despatch the Pope and the Turk and wholly root them out.... The plagues of these vials are the contents of the 15th and 16th chapters. The first five vials do dissolve and by degrees ruin the Pope's power in the west. Then the sixth vial breaks the power of the Turk in the east -- so making way for the Jews (whom He means to bring into the fellowship of His Kingdom).... Both the Turkish and Popish party do together join, using their utmost forces (and together with them all opposite kings of the whole World) against the Christians, both of the east and west -- who, when the Jews are come in and converted [Romans 11:25-32] do make up a mighty party in the World.... (p. 15).  

Similarly, Dr. Lee brings in quotes from Jonathan Edwards:

In his magnificent book A History of the Work of Redemption, Princeton's first President ... Jonathan Edwards explains: 'The two great works of the Devil which he... wrought against the Kingdom of Christ, are... his Anti-christian [Romish or Papal] and Mahometan [Muslim or Islamic] kingdoms -- which have been, and still are, two kingdoms of great extent and strength. Both together swallow... up the Ancient Roman Empire; the [Papal] kingdom of Antichrist swallowing up the Western Empire, and Satan's Mahometan kingdom the Eastern Empire.... In the Book of Revelation [chapters 16 to 20]... it is in the destruction of these that the glorious victory of Christ at the introduction of the glorious times of the Church, will mainly consist....' (p. 19).  

It's not a coincidence that virtually all of the major Protestant interpreters from the time of the Reformation until at least the late nineteenth century held to the Historicist view of prophecy and that many also pointed to various portions of the Word of God as prophesying the rise and fall of Islam. They all agreed on this because it is so clearly the proper Biblical view. And it is especially important for Christians to regain this perspective in light of the current onslaught of a fierce and merciless Islam against the West. 67 pages. 


The Roots & Fruits of Islam by Dr. F.N. Lee (Free PDF) Dr. Lee's final production, sent on Dec. 14, 2011, just 9 days before he passed into glory.  



 For more free MP3s by Dr. Francis N. Lee on eschatology, Antichrist, Islam, etc., please see Eschatology of Christ's Victory and the Prophecy Fulfillment Series.

Puritan-Hard-Drive-160x600-A.jpg At the time of the great Protestant Reformation and thereafter, this Historicalism (Historicism - ed.) was unanimously embraced by Martin Luther, John Calvin, and all the Reformers without any exception whatsoever. When the Lutheran Confessions emphasized this, Rome dually reacted with Ribera of Salamanca's futurism and Alcazar of Seville's preterism. But all to no avail. For against Rome, Historicalism was then championed by all ten of the leading Reformed symbols: the French Confession, the First Scots Confession; the Belgic Confession; the Second Swiss Confession, the Thirty-nine Articles; the Second Scots Confession, the Irish Articles; the Decrees of Dordt; the Westminster Standards (the Confession of Faith, the Larger Catechism, and the Directory for the Publick Worship of God); and the Savoy Declaration.


Thus the Old Testament Church, the New Testament Church, and the Patristic Church were all neither preteristic nor futuristic but strongly historicalistic (Historicist - ed.). Since the rise of the Papacy from A.D. 600 onward, the deformed part of the Church gradually sank into both futurism and preterism -- in spite of many vigorous orthodox-historicalistic protests from both inside and especially outside the Church of Rome.


From the Protestant Reformation onward, whether Lutheran or Calvinist -- all of its Confessions have always been exclusively historicalistic. For such is the orthodox doctrine of the Church of all ages from the coming of the first Adam into the garden of Eden right down to the final coming of the Second Adam at the very end of history. "Amen, even so, come, Lord Jesus!"


One last question. Why would God ever allow the centuries-long Antichrist -- both in its A.D. 632f Islamic and in its 666f Romish format - to plague His Church? The answer is threefold.


1), to punish His wayward bride for falling into idolatry.


2), to purge His folk from their corruptions.


3), to force God's true people, down till the very end of history, to pursue Christ's Great Commission vigorously and victoriously. For eschatologically, "the Earth shall [yet] become full of the glory of the knowledge of Jehovah, as the waters cover the sea!" (Habakkuk 2:14).


- Dr. Francis Nigel Lee,  Biblical Predictions Not Preterist But Historicist (free PDF), pp. 42-43, emphases added.


Greatly Expand Your Library With the Puritan Hard DirveIntelligent, faithful, and solemn covenanting with God by social and public bodies is still warrantable.


"One shall say, I am the Lord's; and another shall call himself by the name of Jacob; and another shall subscribe with his hand unto the Lord, and surname himself by the name of Israel."


Acting on this divine warrant, God's people in all ages have resorted to the duty of covenanting with him and with each other, and thereby effected real reformation; but, like all other divine ordinances, it has often been profaned. 


When the two contemporary and great anti-Christian powers arose, Mahometanism [i.e. Islam] and Popery, although at enmity between themselves, the one "wholly given to idolatry," the other "abhorring idols," they equally threatened the destruction of the Christian church. Then the Lord's people for safety had recourse to covenanting, as the most effective instrumentality. The Spirit of the Father and the Son, a triune God, stirred them up to this duty, to which, in times of peace, even saints are disinclined. They become languid "through worldly ease and wealth." "Ephraim is a cake not turned" -- hot earthward, hut cold heavenward.


From time to time "the Spirit of life from God enters into his people, granting them repentance unto life." Then they "take hold of his strength," by taking hold of his covenant. It was amid the thickest darkness of the "Dark Ages," in the sixteenth century, that God brought out of mystical Babylon-spiritual Egypt, the instruments of that enemy's overthrow. The names of Calvin, Luther, Knox, are known throughout Christendom as reformers; and associated with them were other "mighty men of valor."


National covenants and international federations were popular forms of social and intensely religious movements in continental Europe, as the most effective means of resisting the intrigues and violence of the "Man of Sin."


- The Original Covenanter and Contending Witness magazine, pp. 194-195, vol. 1, David Steele (original editor), emphases added. Also see "The Best of the Original Covenanter and Contending Witness magazine."

Puritan Hard Drive Answers, Scott Brown, Director, National Center For Family Integrated Churches 
Amazing 54 Second Puritan Hard Drive Video Review by Pastor Scott Brown, Director of the National Center For Family Integrated Churches 

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Puritan-Hard-Dr...-250x250-C.jpg "The Historicist interpretation was the standard interpretation from Wycliffe to Spurgeon (500 years) and is known as the Protestant interpretation in distinct contrast to Preterism and Futurism which were Jesuit interpretations contrived during the counter reformation.  


Additionally, the Reformational confessions have adopted the Historicist interpretation including the Irish Articles (1615), the original Westminster Confession of Faith (1646), the Savoy Declaration (1658), and the London Baptist Confession (1688).


All Historicists agree that the Book of Revelation prophesies the history of the Church from the Apostolic Era to the future Second Advent of Jesus Christ. Historicists generally agree Revelation 9 speaks of the Muslim scourge which afflicted Christendom.


All Historicists believe that the Papacy is that Anti-Christ, the Man of Sin of II Thessalonians 2, and a Beast of Revelation 13.


The "Time, Times and Half a time," "3 1/2 years," "1260 days", and "42 month" time period, which occurs seven times in Daniel and Revelation, is understood by Historicists to be fulfilled in history. The "Year-Day" principle in prophetic language, is a day of symbolic time and represents a year of actual, historic time, for Historicists." - (emphases added)





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 (mortification and vivification - ed.)
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Quotes on Islam's Rise and Fall In the Book of Revelation by David Steele and Dr. F.N. Lee

250x250-Faded-Bennett-Quote "These symbolic locusts have also the property of scorpions, a poisonous reptile, resembling in some degree a lizard combined with a lobster, armed with a sting in the end of its tail. Wicked and impenitent men are compared to scorpions. (Ezek. ii. 6.) But these locusts are under restraint. They are permitted to hurt only "those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads." The time of their continuance is "five months," of thirty days each, making 150 years, -- "a day for a year." (Ezek. iv. 6.). In the year 606, Mahomet began his imposture by retiring to the cave of Hera. In 612 he appeared publicly as the apostle of his new religion at the head of his deluded followers. Between 612 and 762 (150 years - ed.), he and the warlike chiefs who succeeded him, overran with terrible destruction, Syria, Persia, India, Egypt and Spain. Although the Saracenic empire continued for a longer time, yet from this time it lost the disorderly Locust character and became a more settled commonwealth. In the year 762, the city of Bagdad was built by one of the caliphs, who called it "the city of peace." This put a stop to the devastations of the locusts, when the empire began to decline. It was foretold, however, that during the time of successful war by these cruel invaders, they would inflict such miseries upon their wretched victims, that they would earnestly but vainly desire death to put an end to their exquisite torments. It is farther said that these locusts resembled horses, as indeed they do, especially in their heads. The Arabians excelled in horsemanship, and their chief force lay in cavalry. The "crowns upon their heads" may refer to the turbans worn by the Arabians as part of their national costume; or to the kingdoms which they subdued. Flowing hair is also characteristic of these people. Their "teeth" like those of lions indicated their strength and fury to destroy. "Breast-plates of iron," -- defensive armour, indicates self-protection by the most effectual public measures. The sound of their wings may denote the fury of their assaults, and the rapidity of their conquests. But the deadly stings in their tails were their most fatal instruments of torture, symbolizing the poison of their abominable and ruinous religion. 


Pastor Scott Brown Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive Their king is "Abaddon or Apollyon," the destroyer: for so is his name by interpretation, both in Hebrew and Greek. He is from the "bottomless pit," -- from hell, the vicegerent of the devil. Mahomet in person, and in the person of his official successors, will alone answer to this duplicate symbol. This is, without a rational shadow of ground for controversy, the Great Eastern Antichrist, sufficiently distinguished from the Western. The western combination against real Christianity never attained to power by successful conquest of the nations; but on the contrary by chicanery, insidious policy, flattery of princes and priestcraft."


- David Steele, Notes on the Apocalypse (13 free MP3s), pp. 115-116, on the Puritan Hard Drive


250x250-Faded-Rutherford-Wallace-Quote (Revelation 9 - ed.) Vs. 13-19. -- At the sounding of the sixth trumpet, a "voice comes from the four horns of the golden altar," the immediate presence of the Almighty. This indicates punishment to be inflicted upon men for corrupting the gospel, similar to the judgment of fire from the "golden censer," (ch. viii. 5.). The effects of the first woe may be supposed to reach from the early part of the seventh century to the latter part of the thirteenth, -- the period of Arabian locusts. During the latter part of this time, the Turks were held in check by the Crusaders, who strove to wrest the Holy Land from the infidels. The "four angels" are the four Turkish Sultanies. The river Euphrates is to be taken in this place literally, as designating the geographical locality of these combined powers, which were the instruments employed by the enthroned Mediator, to demolish the remaining part of the Roman empire, -- "the third part of men." The time occupied in this barbarous work of slaughter is "an hour, a day, a month and a year," about equal to 391 years; or from the year 1281 to 1672. The Western empire had been overthrown by the first four trumpets, the Eastern nearly ruined under the fifth; and under the sixth it was finally subverted. The numbers which the Turks brought into the field are here said to be "two hundred thousand thousand," -- a definite for an indefinite number as usual, a vast army. And historians tell us that they were, in fact, from four to seven hundred thousand, and a large proportion of them cavalry.


GOOGLE-SOFTWARE-300x250-1C.jpg From the year 1672, one of their own historians dates the "Decay of the Othman empire!" Since that date, the Turkish power is well known to have been straitened by the Russian empire. 


These eastern warriors and their horses are described by their military costume and their arms. Fire is red, jacinth blue, and brimstone yellow, -- the chosen colors of the Ottoman warriors, their military uniform. The heads of their horses "as the heads of lions," denote strength, fierceness and cruelty. "Fire, smoke and brimstone issuing out of their mouths," may be supposed to indicate the employment of gunpowder, first invented about that time, as an element of destruction. The commander at the siege of Constantinople is said to have employed cannon, some of which were of such caliber as to send stones of three hundred pounds weight! Thus their power was in their "mouth:" but like the locusts, "they had in their tails power to do hurt," -- the deadly poison of the Koran. The Turks left behind them wherever they went, as the Saracens had done before, the poisonous and ruinous religion of Mahomet, more durable and injurious to men than all their bloody conquests. By this abominable system of delusion, the remains of the Greek church in the Eastern division of the Roman empire, were almost extirpated; Christianity was nearly extinguished in that part of the world where the gospel had shone brightly, and there Mahometanism continues till the present day. Such has been the desolating effect of the sixth, -- the second woe trumpet. Thus the Judge of all the earth punishes impenitent communities.


- David Steele, Notes on the Apocalypse (free online book), pp. 117-118, on the Puritan Hard Drive


Dr. Voddie Baucham Puritan Hard Drive Quote Graphic So, in the wake of the false-prophecies of Mohammad himself, came the fearful spread of the apostate religion of Mohammad-an-ism -- alias Islam. After he foresaw how the smoking bottomless pit had been opened, John prophesied further: "Out of the smoke, locusts came upon the Earth. And to them was given power -- like the scorpions of the Earth have power." Indeed, that power, comments the

Calvinistic Geneva Bible, represents "false and deceitful doctrine which is pleasant to the flesh."


Predicted John of those locust-scorpions: "Now it was commanded them that

they should not hurt the grass of the Earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree -- but only those who do not have the seal of God upon their foreheads." This certainly seems to mean that, in spite of the great destruction which they wrought both to men and to property, they were not able spiritually to hurt true Christians who trusted in the Lord Jesus and who had been baptized (alias sealed with the seal of the living God). Cf. Revelation 7:2-4 & 9:4 with Matthew 28:19.


Continues John: "The shapes of the locusts were like horses prepared to battle;

and on their heads were, as it were, crowns of gold.... They had tails like scorpions, and there were stings!"


Paul Washer Puritan Hard Drive Quote Graphic Locusts often come up from the Arabian deserts. Mohammad unleashed his Arab "locusts" to scourge the Mediterranean World and to darken a large area of nominally-Christian civilization. For Mohammad's "locusts" -- similar to those in Joel's vision -- "were like horses prepared to battle." Compare Jihad, alias the 'holy warfare' of Muslims.


Those horse-like "locusts" went forth unto conquest; in regal attire; with savage

appearance; and armed to the teeth. Predicted John: "On their heads were, as it were, crowns of gold; but their faces were as the faces of men. And they had hair like women's hair, and their teeth were like lions' teeth. And they had breastplates like iron breastplates. And the sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots of many horses running unto battle." Jihad!


For, as from A.D. 622, Mohammad's Arabian armies of Muslim horsemen swept

not only northward and eastward -- but also westward across Christian North Africa

and then on into Western Europe. Thus they terrorized the previously-

'christianized' Armenia, Cyprus, Crete, Syria, Persia, Kazakstan, Babylonia, Arabia, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Numidia, Mauretania, Sicily, Spain, Portugal, Sardinia, Corsica, and France -- until the great Charles Martel the 'Hammer' finally stopped them in A.D. 732 at the Battle of Tours in Northern France.


250x250-Faded-Owen-Rhodes-Quote Writes... Dr. Alexander Keith: "There is practically no part of the entire Book [of Revelation] which is interpreted so uniformly as the exposition of the fifth and sixth seals.... It is applied to the Saracens and the Turks." Indeed, Professor Davis (in his Short History of the Near East) adds: "The cloud of the Saracenic invasion from the Arabian deserts rolled northward!" Cf. Revelation 9:7b-9.


Dr. Albert Barnes -- nineteenth-century Pastor of Philadelphia's famous First Presbyterian Church and author of what is often called "America's Leading Commentary" -- comments: "With surprising unanimity, commentators have agreed in regarding this as referring to the empire of the Saracens, or to the rise and progress of the religion and the empire set up by Mohammed.... Mohammedan tradition speaks of locusts having dropped into the hands of Mohammed.... Nothing would better represent... the Saracenic hordes that came out of Arabia and that spread over the East, over Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Spain -- and that threatened to spread over Europe." ...


250x250-Faded-Calvin-Haynes-Quote The Calvinistic Dordt Dutch Bible of 1637 rightly says that at Revelation 9:1-11, many here understand "Mohammad with his followers who around the year 620 cobbled together his ungodly doctrine... and was brought forth to appear from the bottomless pit. Thereafter, it was propagated throughout a large part of the World by his Arabs and Saracens, who looked like armed locusts." ...


Clearly, these 'locust-scorpion' objects -- are no mere insects! For ordinary

locusts have no king and wear no crown, whereas these extraordinary 'locusts' have a leader. For "they have a king over them, who is the [fallen] angel of the bottomless pit -- whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue has his name Apollyon" (alias 'Destroyer'). Again, this "king" strongly suggests not only Mohammad -- the alleged messenger or rasool of Allah (alias the unipersonal Deity of Islam). But to many Christian Theologians, it also suggests that the real influence behind Mohammad and Islam -- is Satan himself. ...


Pastor Andrew Compton Reviews & Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive Declares the Word of God: "The sixth angel sounded. And I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is in front of God, saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet: 'Loosen the four angels which are bound to the great River Euphrates!' Then the four angels were unleashed -- which were prepared for an hour and a day and a month and a year, to slay the third part of men."

Explains Luther: "In chapters 9 and 10 [of the Book of Revelation], the real misery begins. For these earlier bodily and spiritual tribulations are almost a jest, compared with the plagues that are to come. The first woe, the fifth angel, is Arius... who plagued the Church so terribly everywhere.... The second woe is the sixth angel, the shameful Mohammed, with his companions the Saracens, who inflicted a great plague on the Church -- with their doctrines and with the sword." ...


Dr. David Hindle Graphic Now it was God in Christ Himself Who unleashed this Turkish scourge from the Euphrates against the West. For the Voice from the four horns of the golden altar, comments the Geneva Bible, is "the Voice of Christ sitting at the right hand of the Father.... The four angels which are bound in the great River Euphrates" signify "the enemies of the East Country who would afflict the Church of God -- as did the Arabians, Saracens, Turks, and Tartars."


Also the Dordt Dutch Bible comments: "By these 'four angels' all expositors mostly understand the sect of the Mohammedans. They consist especially of four nations who subjugate all the others -- namely the Arabs, Saracens, Tartars, and



- Dr. Francis Nigel Lee, Islam in the Bible (free PDF), pp. 22-23, 25, 26, 27, 28, and on the Puritan Hard Drive.




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"After several centuries -- just as the Bible had warned -- the Early Christian
Church had departed from Holy Scripture. Subsequently, it lapsed into idolatry.
However, God would not allow His purposes to save the World to get thwarted. So, as long-term correctives, God sent against the sins of His wayward Christian People two terrible scourges -- Islam, and the Papacy."

- Dr. Francis N. Lee, Islam in the Bible, p. 4, emphases added.