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Pastor Scott Brown, on the left in the video above, is the Director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC)

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Are You Looking For A Covenanter Church Or Are You Interested In Covenanter Worship (Along The Lines Of The Original Intent Of The Westminster Standards)? If So, Please Email Pastor Greg Price At covpastor@gmail.com For More Information About How To Take Part In A Covenanter Service, From Your Location, Via Conference Call. Over 600 Free MP3 Sermons By Greg Price Are Also At http://ow.ly/NTvq30m3wuu.

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The Lord Jesus Christ Using Martin Luther For Reformation (Christ's Shining Face, Revelation Commentary) by By Dr. Steven Dilday (Free MP3)

Dr. Matthew McMahon Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive

The Lord Jesus Christ Using Martin Luther For Reformation (Christ's Shining Face, Revelation Commentary) by By Dr. Steven Dilday (Free MP3)

Revelation and How Antichrist Gains A Foothold In the Church, In Your Heart and In Your Family by Dr. Steven Dilday (5 Free MP3)

First of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Solved, First Seal Opened, Rider on the White Horse, A Bow, A Crown, and Conquering by Dr. Steven Dilday (5 Free Christian Sermon MP3s)

History of Redemption (Salvation) #16: God's Work, Creation To Judgment Day, With Edward's Postmillennial Eschatology of Victory

Jerry Johnson Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive

Islam In Revelation (The Satanic Origins of the Islamic Heresy) by Dr. Steven Dilday (Free MP3s)

This is the first of 12 free MP3 sermons covering Islam in Revelation in Dr. Dilday's fine audio commentary of the book of Revelation. See the 11 sermons that follow this sermon at http://www.sermonaudio.com/go/130802 for much more detail about what the book of Revelation teaches about the rise and fall of Islam.

Revelation Audio Commentary by Dr. Steven Dilday (250+ Free MP3s, With Much More To Come, Lord Willing, As Of This Writing)

If you are looking for a detailed contemporary Reformed audio commentary on Revelation, with much practical application, this is the best you will find.

Best Free Reformed Audio Commentaries On Revelation and Eschatology By Contemporary Reformed Ministers Dr. Steven Dilday, W.J. Mencarow and Greg Price (Free MP3s, PDFs, Videos, Etc.)

Dr. Steven Dilday on the Puritan Hard Drive

Commentary On Revelation, Part 3, Historicism, Preterism, Futurism, Idealism and Revelation 1 by Dr. Steven Dilday (Free MP3)

Christ Converting Nations (Biblical Prophecy and Postmillennialism #17, Synoptic Gospels) by Jim Dodson (Free MP3 and PDF)

More Free MP3s and PDFs in Jim Dodson's Biblical Prophecy and Postmillennialism Series

Revelation Audio Commentary by W.J. Mencarow (117 Free MP3s)

This series is a splendid overview of the history of Puritan and Reformed thought on Revelation, referencing many Reformation source documents. A great place to start if you are wondering what the book of Revelation is all about.

Pastor William J Mencarow on the Puritan Hard Drive

How The Church Of The Apostles Was Hijacked By Rome (A History Of Apostasy And The Growth Of Antichrist) by W.J. Mencarow (Free MP3)


Civil Government (Politics) and the All Encompassing Worldwide Victory and Advance Of The Reformed Faith, Prayer and Postmillennialism by Dr. Steven Dilday (Free MP3)

Reformation Historicism On 666 and the First, Sea, Beast Of Revelation 13, By Greg Price (4 Free MP3s)

Pastor Greg Price Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive

Who Is the Beast of Revelation & 666? By Greg Price (5 Free MP3s)

The Beast & False Prophet, Reformation Eschatology, By Greg Price (4 Free MP3s)

Dr. Steven Dilday Reviews and Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive


Dr. Steven Dilday

Pastor of Liberty and Grace Reformed Church in Northern Virginia

For a number of years now, I have followed, and benefited from, the work of Still Waters Revival Books, particularly the Reformation and Puritan Bookshelf CD sets... and now the Puritan Hard Drive.

The Puritan Hard Drive is a remarkable accomplishment!

The common Christian can now have a world-class Presbyterian and Reformed library at his fingertips, for only pennies per volume.

I do not think that it is an exaggeration to say that the Puritan Hard Drive presents an historic and singular opportunity.

The works on the Puritan Hard Drive have been invaluable to me in sermon preparation and in improving personal and familial piety. If these had been the only blessings attached to the reading of these documents, the expense (even if it had been much greater) would have been justified; but there is more here.

In this present time, a great many Presbyterians (particularly in North America) have forgotten and implicitly (perhaps unwittingly) rejected their Presbyterian heritage. Strangely, Westminster confessing churches have rejected the theological distinctives of the Westminster Standards.

Although the Westminster Assembly produced a beautiful statement of soteriological Calvinism, the histories clearly demonstrate that soteriology was not the principle focus, nor chief interest, of the Assembly. The Westminster Assembly was primarily concerned with uniformity in worship (in accordance with the Regulative Principle), the form of church government (Presbyterianism jus divinum), and Church-State relations (the Establishment Principle). It is a sad irony that the great and distinctive attainments of the Westminster Assembly have been ignored and rejected by so many Westminster confessing churches.

However, we may yet entertain the hope that these great attainments are rejected largely because of ignorance. The best books on these subjects have not been readily available; but (thanks be to God) they are available again on the Puritan Hard Drive.

For anyone interested in recovering our Presbyterian and Reformed past, the Puritan Hard Drive is a must.

It is my hope and prayer that the Puritan Hard Drive will be used by God to bring to light the things that were hidden, to call to remembrance the things that were forgotten.

- Dr. Steven Dilday, Pastor of Liberty and Grace Reformed Church in Northern Virginia http://www.libertyandgracereformed.org/ and http://www.sermonaudio.com/PRCNOVA, President of The Matthew Poole Project http://www.matthewpoole.net/, Professor of Hebrew and director of the Ph.D. program in Puritan History and Literature at Whitefield Theological Seminary http://www.sermonaudio.com/sermoninfo.asp?SID=82911013359, also directs the Master of Theology degree in "Ecclesiastical Latin." Dr. Dilday is currently translating the "Synopsis" written by the Puritan Divine, Matthew Poole http://www.matthewpoole.net/aboutSynopsis.html. This project when completed will consist of approximately 82 volumes.

The Lord Jesus Christ Using Martin Luther For Reformation (Christ's Shining Face, Revelation Commentary) by By Dr. Steven Dilday (Free MP3)


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