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Pastor Scott Brown, on the left in the video above, is the Director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC)

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Are Easter, Christmas, Other Popish/Pagan Holy Days (Not Authorized In the Bible), Man-Made Hymns and Musical Instruments In Worship, Etc., Idols? -- According To the Classic Reformed View Of The Second Commandment or What Is Now Called the Regulative Principle Of Worship (Free Reformed MP3s, Videos, Books, Etc.)

Pastor Greg Price Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive

Are Easter, Christmas, Other Popish/Pagan Holy Days (Not Authorized In the Bible), Man-Made Hymns and Musical Instruments In Worship, Etc., Idols? An Exposition Of the Westminster Larger (Q&A 109) and Shorter (Q&A 51) Catechisms Concerning Sins Forbidden In The Second Commandment (Regulative Principle Of Worship) By Jim Dodson (Free MP3)

One of the best teaching MP3s about worship that we have ever heard, based solidly on the Scriptures as they are faithfully reflected in the two best Reformed catechisms ever produced -- the Westminster Larger and Shorter catechisms. If you want to grow closer to God and be more faithful in your worship of the Most High, listening to this message is a splendid way (with God's blessing) to take a big step in that direction.

Justin Rawson on the Puritan Hard Drive

All Messages In Jim Dodson's Series On the Westminster Larger and Shorter Catechisms (Free MP3s)

Pastor William J Mencarow on the Puritan Hard Drive

In 1899, the General Assembly of the PCUS was overtured to give a "pronounced and explicit deliverance" against the recognition of "Christmas and Easter as religious days." Even at this late date, the answer came back in a solid manner: "There is no warrant in Scripture for the observance of Christmas and Easter as holydays, rather the contrary (see Gal. 4:9-11; Col. 2:16-21), and such observance is contrary to the principles of the Reformed faith, conducive to will-worship, and not in harmony with the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."Kevin Reed, Christmas: An Historical Survey Regarding Its Origins and Opposition to It (Free Online Book), emphases added.

Dr. Matthew McMahon Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive

Easter Is Not Biblical - It Is A Superstitious Pagan and Roman Catholic Holy Day (Free Reformed MP3s, Books, etc.)

Pastor William J Mencarow on the Puritan Hard Drive

We are the Easter people. - Pope John Paul II

Dr. Steven Dilday on the Puritan Hard Drive

Christmas Is A Roman Catholic Missions Strategy (Free Reformed MP3s, Books, etc.)

Pastor Greg Price on the Puritan Hard Drive

Christmas was not celebrated by the apostolic church. It was not celebrated during the first few centuries of the church. As late as A.D. 245, Origen (Hom. 8 on Leviticus) repudiated the idea of keeping the birthday of Christ, "as if he were a king Pharaoh." By the middle of the 4th century, many churches in the Latin west were celebrating Christmas.During the 5th century, Christmas became an official Roman Catholic holy day. In A.D. 534, Christmas was recognized as an official holy day by the Roman state. The reason that Christmas became a church holy day has nothing to do with the Bible. The Bible does not give the date of Christ's birth. Nowhere in the Bible are we commanded to celebrate Christmas. Christmas (as well as many other pagan practices) was adopted by the Roman church as a missionary strategy. - From: The Regulative Principle of Worship and Christmas by Brian Schwertley (Free Online Book)

Pastor Brian Schwertley on the Puritan Hard Drive

The Puritans On Exclusive Psalmody (Free Reformed MP3s, Videos, Books, etc.)

Pastor David Silversides on the Puritan Hard Drive

Hymns of human composition are used so commonly now in public worship by Presbyterian churches that it is difficult to believe that the practice is not a hundred years old, and that in some of the churches it is of very recent date. On the supposition that it is good and dutiful and wise to sing such hymns in worship, it is equally difficult to account for the neglect of the churches at the time of the Reformation, and for generations afterwards. What could have so blinded the reformers as to make them reject hymns and sing the Psalms alone? How could the Westminster Divines, in framing their Confession of Faith and Directory for Worship, have been so unanimous in the blunder that the service of praise is to consist of the 'singing of Psalms?' And apart from the aspect of duty, how could the Presbyterian churches, for about a hundred and fifty or two hundred years after the Westminster Assembly, have been so insensible to the power of hymns as an attractive addition to their public services? We cannot by any means understand how it was that, if it was dutiful to use hymns in worship, the reformers did not discover the Scriptural warrant for the duty, especially as hymns had been used for centuries by the Church of Rome. Nor can we understand how they rejected the hymns and used the Psalms alone, unless on the supposition that they believed the use of hymns to be part of the will-worship of Rome. If they were wrong on this point, then Rome and our modern Presbyterian churches are right. In that case, the Puritans and Covenanters were fanatics, and Romanists were truly enlightened! And most of our Presbyterian churches of the present day were fanatical too, and did not become truly enlightened and liberal till they got back to the Romish practice! - James Dick from Hymns and Hymn Books (1883, reprinted by Still Waters Revival Books) as excerpted from The Original Covenanter magazine (Dec, 1883, vol. 3, No. 12). Both items are on the Puritan Hard Drive.

Pastor Greg Price on the Puritan Hard Drive


Paul Blyth (UK) on the Puritan Hard Drive

John Girardeau, in his INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC IN THE  PUBLIC WORSHIP OF THE CHURCH (pp. 63, 64, on the Puritan Hard Drive), citing John Calvin, writes,

"To sing the praises of God upon the harp and psaltery," says Calvin, "unquestionably formed a part of the training of the law and of the service of God under that dispensation of shadows and figures; but they are not now to be used in public thanksgiving." He says again: "With respect to the tabret, harp, and psaltery, we have formerly observed, and will find it necessary afterwards to repeat the same remark, that the Levites, under the law, were justified in making use of instrumental music in the worship of God; it having been his will to train his people, while they were yet tender and like children, by such rudiments until the coming of Christ. But now, when the clear light of the gospel has dissipated the shadows of the (ceremonial - ed.) law and taught us that God is to be served in a simpler form, it would be to act a foolish and mistaken part to imitate that which the prophet enjoined only upon those of his own time." He further observes: "We are to remember that the worship of God was never understood to consist in such outward services, which were only necessary to help forward a people as yet weak and rude in knowledge in the spiritual worship of God. A difference is to be observed in this respect between his people under the Old and under the New Testament; for now that Christ has appeared, and the church has reached full age, it were only to bury the light of the gospel should we introduce the shadows of a departed dispensation. From this it appears that the Papists, as I shall have occasion to show elsewhere, in employing instrumental music cannot be said so much to imitate the practice of God's ancient people as to ape it in a senseless and absurd manner, exhibiting a silly delight in that worship of the Old Testament which was figurative and terminated with the gospel."

Terence Ellard on the Puritan Hard Drive

Why Is Reformed Worship So Important? The Puritans, Covenanters, Reformers and The Regulative Principle Of Worship (RPW) by Dr. Steven Dilday, John Calvin, Greg Price and Others (Free MP3s)

Dr. Steven Dilday on the Puritan Hard Drive

But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. - The Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 15:9, KJV)


Trying the Spirits To Avoid Antichrist, His False Doctrine (Arminianism, Sacramentalism, Etc.), His False Worship (the Mass, Man-Made Hymns, Musical Instruments, Etc.), His Holy Days (Christmas, Michaelmas, Candlemas, Easter, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, Assumption of Mary, Immaculate Conception, All Saints Day, Etc.) and Much More By Jim Dodson, John Calvin, Greg Price, John Knox, Dr. Steven Dilday, Westminster Divines, W.J. Mencarow, John Owen, Richard Bennett, Jonathan Edwards and Others (Free MP3s, Videos and Books Online)

Dr. Matthew McMahon on the Puritan Hard Drive

John Calvin Quote on the Regulative Principle of Worship

"...which I commanded them not, neither came it into my heart."

"...God here cuts off from men every occasion for making evasions, since he condemns by this one phrase, "I have not commanded them," whatever the Jews devised. There is then no other argument needed to condemn superstitions, than that they are not commanded by God: for when men allow themselves to worship God according to their own fancies, and attend not to his commands, they pervert true religion. And if this principle was adopted by the Papists, all those fictitious modes of worship, in which they absurdly exercise themselves, would fall to the ground. It is indeed a horrible thing for the Papists to seek to discharge their duties towards God by performing their own superstitions. There is an immense number of them, as it is well known, and as it manifestly appears. Were they to admit this principle, that we cannot rightly worship God except by obeying his word, they would be delivered from their deep abyss of error. The Prophet's words then are very important, when he says, that God had commanded no such thing, and that it never came to his mind; as though he had said, that men assume too much wisdom, when they devise what he never required, nay, what he never knew."

- John Calvin, Commentary on Jeremiah 7:31, emphases added.

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K. Thompson on the Puritan Hard Drive

Pastor Greg L. Price Reviews and Recommends
the Puritan Hard Drive

Pastor Greg L. Price

Pastor Greg L. Price

I was one of those who had profited much from using the plethora of out-of-print Reformation materials offered by Still Waters Revival Books in the 62 CDs (Puritan CDs and Reformation CDs) for a number of years in  my ministry -- works that I could only have found in select libraries (usually hundreds of miles away from my residence).

With the CDs, it took a little while to go to the index of each set, locate the documents I needed, and then find the correct CD. Of course, the time was always well spent in finding that particular document that I needed.

However, now that I have the Puritan Hard Drive, I am able to use my time much more efficiently in finding that particular document I need by quickly searching for it and finding it in a matter of seconds. It's like going from "dial up" to "high-speed" Internet!

And for all of those documents that have a font that are in block letters, I am able to simply cut and paste from the Puritan Hard Drive to my own document with ease.

Amazing surprises do come in small packages!

If you want to understand Reformed theology (i.e., the whole counsel of God) the Puritan Hard Drive is unsurpassed, outside the Bible itself. The First and Second Reformations gave us the most faithful Scriptural teaching and preaching since the time of the Apostles, and there is no other resource, outside Scripture itself, where you can find so much of God's truth as in the Puritan Hard Drive.

May the Lord continue to use this most profitable tool to promote a Third Reformation that encompasses the whole world (Isaiah 2:2-4)!

- Pastor Greg L. Price (Covenanted Presbyterian Pastor, Author, Theologian, etc.) Free online books, MP3s and videos by Greg Price at

Are Easter, Christmas, Other Popish/Pagan Holy Days (Not Authorized In the Bible), Man-Made Hymns and Musical Instruments In Worship, Etc., Idols? -- According To the Classic Reformed View Of The Second Commandment or What Is Now Called the Regulative Principle Of Worship (Free Reformed MP3s, Videos, Books, Etc.)