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Exclusive Psalmody by Greg Price, A Modern-Day Puritan Minister (7 Free SWRB MP3s)


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Exclusive Psalmody by Greg Price, A Modern-Day Puritan Minister (7 Free SWRB MP3s)


Pastor Greg Price Reviews & Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive

 (7 Free SWRB MP3s)


The Definitive (Free) Audio Series Defending Exclusive Psalmody!


Exclusive Psalmody & the Puritans (Free MP3s, Videos, Books, etc.)


Dr. C. Matthew McMahon Puritan Hard Drive Quote Graphic Exclusive Psalmody & the Puritans Edited by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon, A Puritan's Mind (Free Video)

Do you know when the first uninspired hymn was introduced to the Christian Church? Do you know when the first musical instrument was brought into the corporate worship of the church? When the Gospel was under attack, the Reformers fought for singing in corporate worship as exclusive Psalmists, and the Reformed church thereafter did the same. The Puritans were expositors on this subject in the Westminster Assembly and in their personal writings. This new compilation is a testimony to the biblical doctrine of Psalm singing.




The New Book On Exclusive Psalmody, Noted In the Video Above, Is Listed Below In Hardcover and Digital Formats


Puritans-on-Exclusive-Psalmody-by-Dr-Matthew-Mcmahon-Book-Cover.jpg PRINT VERSION: The Puritans On Exclusive Psalmody By Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (Editor and Publisher), by Thomas Ford (Westminster Divine), Cuthbert Sydenham (Presbyterian Divine), Nathaniel Holmes (Reformed Minister) and John Cotton (New England Colonist, Minister and Theologian) (Hardcover, 412 Pages)

It cannot be denied by any student of church history or of the Westminster Standards, that the Puritans taught Exclusive Psalmody. In the following compiled works the student of Reformed Theology will find able directives for Exclusive Psalmody, as well as a number of arguments they might not have thought about before. These works are a treasure trove of bible doctrine and able exegesis (by Thomas Ford, Cuthbert Sydenham, Nathaniel Holmes and John Cotton). The Puritans did not, in their age, teach anything that was not widely accepted. They are formulating no new doctrine. They are simply defending the truth of psalm singing originally commanded in God's word. This is the first time in the history of the church that these four works are now available to be read (much less read together). May this book be a breath of fresh air for the serious student of God's worship. Such truths direct those who are hungry for the truth of the word to Jesus Christ, who requires our obedience in the supreme human act of His sacred worship. This work is not a scan or facsimile and has been made easy to read with an active table of contents for electronic versions.




DIGITAL VERSIONS: The Puritans On Exclusive Psalmody By Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (Editor and Publisher), by Thomas Ford (Westminster Divine), Cuthbert Sydenham (Presbyterian Divine), Nathaniel Holmes (Reformed Minister) and John Cotton (New England Colonist, Minister and Theologian) (PDF, MOBI and EPub)




Exclusive Psalmody by Greg Price, A Modern-Day Puritan Minister (7 Free SWRB MP3s)

The Definitive Audio Series About Exclusive Psalmody!




Exclusive Psalmody in Church History by Greg Price (Free Video)




Exclusive Psalmody: A Scriptural Exegesis of Col. 3:16 and Eph. 5:19 by John McNaugher (Free MP3)




Psalm singing has been called the 'signature of Puritanism'... The English Puritans, being Calvinists and not Lutherans, held to the view that the only proper worship-song was that provided by God once and for all in the Book of Psalms. - Michael Bushell, Songs of Zion: A Defense of Exclusive Psalmody as cited in Dr. Reg Barrow's Psalm Singing In Scripture and History.  




More Books On Exclusive Psalmody by Brain Schwertley, William Romaine, Michael Bushell, Reformed Ministers, et al. (Books, Digital and Printed, In English and Portuguese)





Conclusively proves that the Westminster Standards teach only exclusive Psalmody regarding the use of worship songs.




Reformed Worship & Singing the Psalms, Featuring Dr. Steven Dilday's Stellar Series Of 8 Free MP3, "The History of the Service of Song, Real Reformation, Faithful Worship, and Praising The Lord Jesus Christ Through Songs", and Many More Free Resources on Exclusive Psalmody, and Puritan and Reformed Worship (Free Puritan and Reformed Books, MP3s and Videos)




Calvinism, Reformation (Reformed) Worship, Second Commandment & Regulative Principle 2/2 by Dr. Steven Dilday (Free MP3)


Calvinism, Reformation (Reformed) Worship, Second Commandment & Regulative Principle 2/2 by Dr. Steven Dilday (Free MP3)




Psalm Singing in Scripture and History by Dr. Reg Barrow (Free MP3 and PDF)


Psalm Singing in Scripture and History by Dr. Reg Barrow (Free Online Article)




Exclusive Psalmody: A Biblical Defense by Brian Schwertley (Free PDF)


Chapter 1: The Scriptural Law of Worship

Chapter 2: The Testimony of Scripture

Chapter 3: Objections to Exclusive Psalmody

Appendix: The Westminster Confession and Psalmody


The printed book is also for sale here.




Gradual Reformation Intolerable: A Brief Inquiry into the Actions of Luther and the Writings of Calvin in Reforming the Church Against False Teaching and False Worship. by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (Free Online Article)

"Gradual reformation is not the matrix in which the church has functioned since its inception in the Garden of Eden... It would be wise imitating Hezekiah, Josiah, Luther, Calvin and the Lord Jesus Christ in the achievement of immediate reformation. Compromise is a lie. Gradual reformation in this regard is intolerable; both for the people of God who are deceived as to what real reformation and truth are about, and to the minister who compromises his beliefs, and neglects the honor of God's desire in true spiritual worship." - Dr. C. Matthew McMahon, from Gradual Reformation Intolerable (free online article). Click here for the free MP3 (audio) version of Gradual Reformation Intolerable,by Dr. Matthew McMahon.




Hymns and Heretics: The Dangers of Uninspired Hymnody by Brian Schwertley (Free MP3)

Are You Singing Heresies In Songs By Heretics? Find out in this sermon. A fascinating look at how Satan has used various heretics (like Isaac Watts, a Unitarian, Roman Catholics, etc.) to introduce man-made hymns into the church (to push God's Word out of public praise) and the destruction this has wrought, especially to the biblical unity of the church.


Related Books and MP3s


Psalms of David in Metre (FREE PSALTER, PSALMS FOR SINGING) being the Scottish Metrical Psalter, first authorized by the Westminster Divines and then also by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland [in 1650], with notes by John Brown of Haddington (SWRB Blog and Free Online Book)




PSALM SINGING MP3s (Digital Downloads At


Psalters, Psalm Singing and Music (At


The Psalms in Worship (1905) by John McNaugher (Digital Download, Enhanced SWRB PDF)


Westminster Confession Of Faith Color Graphic "It is the supreme advantage of the Psalm-singer that his songs are from God, and that therefore they embody the truth of God -- the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. On the other hand, it must ever remain the embarrassment of those who use uninspired compositions in the praise of God that their hymns are at best but human conceptions of the truth. Such compositions bear upon them necessarily the impress of the writer's peculiar views. They betray almost certainly in letter as in spirit a denominational bias. Uninspired hymns are, and of necessity must be, sectarian. If this be true, it follows that such hymns are subversive of the unity of faith; for by all the power of song to stir the heart and mold the thought and make theology they accentuate and perpetuate the differences that divide the Church. There is something truly anomalous in a Church preaching the unity of believers and praying the prayer of Christ that 'all may be one,' and at the same time singing the songs that by their sectarian bias and denominationalism foster the divisions thus deplored." - Charles H. Robinson, D.D., "The Catholicity of the Psalter," pp. 394-395, in The Psalms in Worship, edited by John McNaugher. This book is also available on the Puritan Hard Drive.




Songs of Zion: The Biblical Basis for Exclusive Psalmody by Michael Bushell (Softcover and Hardcover Book)

Songs-Of-Zion-Exclusive-Psalmody-Bushell-CandC.jpg What music does God want His people to sing in worship? The question provokes strong emotions, but the answer must be solely based on Scripture. We live in a culture where personal preference dominates, where men recoil from the full display of God's mercy and justice, and where the winds of fancy blow about a church ignorant of her history. This book calls the reader to prostrate himself before a thrice holy God, to echo His tender and fearsome Words in song, and to return to the historical worship practice of the Christian church. This extensive revision is the fourth edition of a widely-circulated presentation of exclusive psalmody.


"There is good reason to believe that the first to introduce uninspired hymns in worship were errorists, who sought by this means to diffuse their peculiar tenets. To this device Valentinian, a Gnostic, resorted with the purpose of giving currency to his heterodox sentiments. This charge is brought against him by Tertullian, who flourished in the early part of the third century. The Syrian Church was afflicted at an early date with hymns produced by Bardesanes, and his son, Harmonius, in the interest of the fantastic speculations of Gnosticism. 


War-Against-The-Idols-Carlos-Eire.jpg At a later date, when the Arian heresy arose, the same method was extensively employed for promoting its spread. In the streets and in worshipping assemblies hymns imbued with Arian sentiments and set to catching music were extensively sung. The Psalms were not adapted to serve the ends of those who were engaged in a war against the dignity of Christ. Recourse was, therefore, had to the preparation and use of hymns for the diffusion of Arian doctrine. The same expedient is employed in modern times, when various sects, deserting the one central, ecumenical hymn-book, furnish themselves with hymn-books framed to express and propagate their respective tenets.


It is beyond question that one effect of the adoption of hymns by the heterodox, as a vehicle of their views, was to induce the orthodox to resort to the same expedient for the defense and dissemination of truth. For instance, in the Syrian Church Ephraim, commonly called "Ephraem Syrus,"who died 379 A.D., wrote a large number of hymns to counteract the baleful influence of those put into circulation by Bardesanes and Harmonius aforenamed; and these controversial odes soon began to be used in the worship of that Church. In like manner in the early part of the fourth century the propagation of Arian views by hymns gave rise to a counter-movement on the part of the orthodox in the form of hymns extolling Christ as God. So also Augustine, an intense lover of the Psalms, was induced to prepare a hymn after the model of the One Hundred and Nineteenth Psalm in order to cope with the Donatists, who were diligently diffusing their tenets by means of hymns. Thus it may be said that by good motives the orthodox in the Post-Apostolic times were led to take steps which issued in the supplanting of the God-given Psalmody by uninspired effusions."


FROM: "The Suitableness and Sufficiency of the Psalter for Christian Worship" by Rev. John A. Henderson, D.D., pages 191-192 in The Psalms in Worship edited by John McNaugher.


Isaac Watts' (Hymn Writer) Heresies (Unitarianism) On the Trinity & Person of Jesus Christ Exposed (SWRB Blog)






Foundation For Reformation: The Regulative Principle Of Worship (Second Commandment) by Greg L. Price (Free Online Book)


Foundation for Reformation: The Regulative Principle of Worship (RPW, Sovereignty of God In Worship) by Greg Price (Free MP3 & PDF)


Calvinism, or the Sovereignty of God, in Worship (Free Online Books Against Arminianism In Worship)


Many More Free Reformation Resources Defending Exclusive Psalmody and Apostolic/Reformed Worship.


Puritan Hard Drive Technoligcal Revolution 728x90

250x250-Faded-Knox-Falconer-Quote Why Is Reformed Worship So Important? (1 of 2) The Puritans, Covenanters, Reformers & The Regulative Principle Of Worship (RPW) by Dr. Steven Dilday (Free MP3)

An excellent introductory treatment of classic Reformed teaching about the regulative principle of worship (or what is sometimes called "the Scriptural law of worship"). Contrasts biblical Reformed teaching about worship with Lutheran, Roman Catholic, etc., errors and superstitions.




The matter is not of so small importance, as some suppose. The question is, whether God or man ought to be obeyed in matters of religion? In mouth, all do confess that only God is worthy of sovereignty. But after many -- by the instigation of the devil, and by the presumptuous arrogance of carnal wisdom and worldly policy -- have defaced God's holy ordinance, men fear not to follow what laws and common consent (mother of all mischief) have established and commanded. But thus continually I can do nothing but hold, and affirm all things polluted, yea, execrable and accursed, which God by his Word has not sanctified in his religion. God grant you his Holy Spirit rightly to judge.


- John Knox, Works VI:14 cited in John Knox, True and False Worship, emphases added (Free Online Book)


250x250-Faded-Silversides-Quote Why Is Reformed Worship So Important? (2 of 2) The Puritans, Covenanters, Reformers & The Regulative Principle Of Worship (RPW) by Dr. Steven Dilday (Free MP3)


Regulative Principle of Worship in the New Testament (Free MP3 About The Second Commandment In Covenanter, Puritan and Reformation Worship) by Greg Price (Puritan Worship Series)


Regulative Principle of Worship in the Old Testament (Free MP3 ABout The Second Commandment In Covenanter, Puritan and Reformation Worship) by Greg Price (Puritan Worship Series)


For God is not worshiped of us, but when it is his will to accept our worship: and it is not his will to accept our worship, but when it is according to his will.


- William Perkins, A Golden Chain, or the Description of Theology






Against Antichrist's Innovations In Worship (Free Reformation MP3s, Videos & Books)


Reformed Worship & Singing the Psalms (Free MP3s)


Christmas Is A Roman Catholic Missions Strategy (Free Reformation Resources & Quotes)


Calvinism, or the Sovereignty of God, in Worship (Free Online Books Against Arminianism In Worship)



Top Ten Puritan Hard Drive Reviews (So Far)
by Pastor Paul Washer, Dr. Joel Beeke, Pastor Greg Price, Dr. Voddie Baucham, Pastor Brian Schwertley, Dr. Steven Dilday, Pastor W.J. MencarowDr. Matthew McMahon, 
Jerry Johnson and Pastor Scott Brown (Director of NCFIC).



Paul Washer Puritan Hard Drive Quote Graphic "With the Puritan Hard Drive I can now carry one of the largest Puritan and Reformed libraries in my pocket.


No matter where I am, as long as there is some form of power source to operate a computer, I have access to some of the best Puritan and Reformed literature available.


The Puritan Hard Drive is a tremendous blessing. I travel frequently to many parts of the globe. The Puritan Hard Drive allows me to continue my studies on the road with the same depth as when I am seated in my study at home.


The wonderful portability of this massive Puritan library (and remarkable research software) makes the Puritan Hard Drive ideal for missionaries, students, or anyone who needs instant access to the best Reformation study materials in a variety of locations.


There is much more to the Puritan Hard Drive than just convenience, portability and the exceptional quality and extraordinary number of Reformation resources it includes. Even if a minister owned the largest printed Puritan library in the world, he would not be able to properly research the material. However, the KnowledgeBase software on the Puritan Hard Drive provides an effective road map to access the material in ways that are easy-to-use, organized and highly productive. With the click of a button, you can easily do ten hours worth of research in just seconds!


Having the Puritan Hard Drive is like owning the largest Puritan and Reformed Library in the world along with a full time research assistant with his PhD in Puritan Studies from Oxford or Cambridge.


Imagine not only owning the largest Puritan and Reformed library, but having a full-time team of world-class research assistants at your beck and call.


The high level of educational and scholarly functionality, combined with a marvelous library of over 12,500 top Puritan and Reformed resources and an extremely reasonable price, really makes obtaining the Puritan Hard Drive a stewardship issue. It is almost as if God is saying, "Here is a tool that will lead you to more truth faster than ever before. Make the best possible use of it and bring much glory to My Name." (2 Timothy 2:15, Ephesians 5:16).


In the history of extra-biblical study and research tools there has never before been a resource as useful as the Puritan Hard Drive. The immense body of Reformation material (books, MP3s and videos) on the Puritan Hard Drive, along with the phenomenal proprietary software program that is included, makes the Puritan Hard Drive a valuable tool for Reformation in our day.  


As a member of the HeartCry Missionary Society, I am witness to the great needs of Christians throughout the globe. Possibly the greatest need is sound Christian literature. Even though many Third World pastors read English, they have very few good books available to them. Even if we could afford to buy each indigenous minister a small library, the cost of shipping would be astronomical.  With the Puritan Hard Drive we can provide pastors throughout the globe with one of the most complete Puritan and Reformed libraries at a fraction of the cost.


The Puritan Hard Drive is also ideal for situations where concealment is a priority in countries which are hostile to the Gospel. The Puritan Hard Drive is the most compact way to smuggle the light of over 12,500 Reformation resources (with powerful study software) into the spiritual darkness of those nations that are in most need of Gospel truth."

- Pastor Paul Washer (Missionary, Author, Conference Speaker, etc.) See HeartCry Missionary Society
and click here to hear some of Paul Washer's most downloaded free MP3s (sermons), which we highly recommend!



Pastor Greg Price Reviews & Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive "I was one of those who had profited much from using the plethora of out-of-print Reformation materials offered by Still Waters Revival Books in the 62 CDs (Puritan CDs and Reformation CDs) for a number of years in  my ministry -- works that I could only have found in select libraries (usually hundreds of miles away from my residence).


With the CDs, it took a little while to go to the index of each set, locate the documents I needed, and then find the correct CD. Of course, the time was always well spent in finding that particular document that I needed.


However, now that I have the Puritan Hard Drive, I am able to use my time much more efficiently in finding that particular document I need by quickly searching for it and finding it in a matter of seconds. It's like going from "dial up" to "high-speed" Internet!


And for all of those documents that have a font that are in block letters, I am able to simply cut and paste from the Puritan Hard Drive to my own document with ease.


Amazing surprises do come in small packages!


If you want to understand Reformed theology (i.e., the whole counsel of God) the Puritan Hard Drive is unsurpassed, outside the Bible itself. The First and Second Reformations gave us the most faithful Scriptural teaching and preaching since the time of the Apostles, and there is no other resource, outside Scripture itself, where you can find so much of God's truth as in the Puritan Hard Drive.


May the Lord continue to use this most profitable tool to promote a Third Reformation that encompasses the whole world (Isaiah 2:2-4)!"


- Greg L. Price (Author, Theologian, Covenanted Presbyterian Pastor, USA) Free online books, MP3s and videos by Greg Price and at Sermonaudio (SWRB considers Greg Price to be the most doctrinally sound preacher alive today, because he holds completely to the original Westminster Standards and all the biblical attainments of the Second or Covenanted Reformation.) 


"Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let us mind the same thing." - Philippians 3:16, which applies just as much to the family, the church and the state, as it does to the individual.









250x250-Faded-Bennett-Quote "The Puritan Hard Drive is a massive collection of primary Puritan resources, dozens of which are very hard to find anywhere else in the world.


Any lover of Puritan literature, which, more than any other body of literature ever written, powerfully expands our minds, convicts our consciences, allures our hearts, and moves our hands, will find a treasure trove here."


- Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (click here for free MP3 seminary lectures and sermons by Dr. Beeke), Author of many important Reformed books (including the must read, Meet the Puritans: With A Guide to Modern Reprints), Editorial Director at Reformation Heritage Books, Editor of the Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth magazine and Pastor of Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.




250x250-Faded-Schwertley-PHD-Quote.jpg "I would like to commend our brothers at Still Waters Revival Books for putting together the most complete collection of classic and rare Puritan and Covenanter works.


We should rejoice to see so many long out of print works finally available in an easily affordable and searchable format. No longer do we solely have to wait for expensive reprints to trickle out one at a time, year by year.


Every scholar, pastor, elder and professing Christian should take a great interest in the Puritan Hard Drive, for it sets before us the golden age of Protestant piety, preaching and scholarship. Everyone should benefit from the labors of these dear, departed saints."


- Pastor Brian Schwertley, Westminster Presbyterian Church (Waupaca County, Wisconsin), Author, Debater, Theologian, Conference Speaker, etc. Free MP3 sermons and free reformed books by Brian Schwertley are herehere, here and hereClick here for even more free online Reformed books by Brian Schwertley.



250x250-Faded-Nicene-Council-Jerry-Johnson-Blue.jpg "If you search the Internet for Reformed and Puritan works you will inevitably see a banner for a product called the Puritan Hard Drive. I often thought, "why would I want to purchase a hard drive when so much of the information (probably) contained on it could be easily found with a free search on the Internet?" Was I ever wrong!

The Puritan Hard Drive is the best resource money can buy.
It is easy, simple to use and the search feature cut down my time searching web pages that had absolutely nothing to do with the query I typed into the search engine. Not to mention a lot of the material is not accessible on the Internet.

To have so many books and articles at my fingers-tips is both truly amazing and a blessing. The Puritan Hard Drive just added thousands of volumes that I never could afford, nor store, to my library.

If you, like me, love the Puritans and Reformed theology, then the Puritan Hard Drive is simply a resource that you cannot live without."

- Jerry Johnson (President  of Nicene Council, Seminary Professor, Author, Video Producer, etc.) See Amazing Grace: The History & Theology of Calvinism and The Myth of Neutrality (free video at Against the World).


250x250-Faded-Mencarow-Puritan-Hard-Drive-Quote-2.jpg "The Puritan Hard Drive is the must have digital learning device for Puritan and Reformed studies.

Nothing like it has ever been available before!

If you don't have it you are almost certainly not learning as much as you could about God, or growing in grace at a pace that the Puritan Hard Drive, by the grace of God, facilitates.

There is no other way to get such easy, convenient and inexpensive access to so many great works from the best Reformation and Puritan preachers and teachers, past and present --  and the study software on the Puritan Hard Drive is out of this world in terms of usefulness!

If necessary, sell what you have (that does not draw you closer to God) to get the Puritan Hard Drive, and prayerfully use it until you become, by the Lord's sovereign and sanctifying grace, the most extraordinary Christian you can be (for His glory!)."

- W.J. Mencarow (Author, Pastor of Reformation Church, Boerne, Texas [San Antonio area] with free MP3 sermons on Sermonaudio

Editor of The Paper Source Journal, etc. Pastor Mencarow has also been interviewed on numerous radio and TV programs (including "Good Morning America"), most networks and in major U.S. newspapers and magazines. 

We also recommend that you listen to what may be the best audio commentary ever recorded, on the book of Revelation, by W.J. Mencarow (100+ free MP3s as of this writing), on Sermonaudio.


Dr. C. Matthew McMahon Puritan Hard Drive Quote Graphic "In the history of the church's sanctification I don't believe there has been a more valuable extra-biblical resource and tool than the Puritan Hard Drive.


It holds some of the most priceless Reformed works of God-centered and Christ-glorifying truth that were ever penned.


Most students, ministers and scholars of the Bible would never personally acquire even half the literal number of books on the Puritan Hard Drive, much less the extreme caliber of its contents.


In God's providence modern day Christians have been chosen to be the recipients of both a theological and practical blessing. May we not squander it."

- Matthew McMahon, Ph.D.
, A Puritan's Mind (Pastor, Author, Seminary Professor, etc.) Over 200 free MP3s by Dr. McMahon are free online at Sermonaudio.




Dr. Voddie Baucham Puritan Hard Drive Quote Graphic I want you to know that I have enjoyed my Puritan Hard Drive immensely!


I simply could not have imagined such a resource before getting my hands on it!


To have that much information from a consistent, biblical, orthodox, and gospel-centered point of view is simply astonishing. 


Anyone who admires the Puritans simply must have the Puritan Hard Drive. 


From Pastors to Ph.D. candidates, there is simply nothing else out there that puts so much at your fingertips


What an amazing tool for pastors... thank you for your work.


Soli Deo Gloria!



I was in Zambia showing it to Conrad Mbewe (the Spurgeon of Africa) and he absolutely fell in love with it. I simply had to leave it there.


It is a valuable tool, and I meant everything I said about it.


All of our guys love it.


We'll probably start buying them for our interns and leadership/elder training students as well.


Soli Deo Gloria!"

Transcript for the video above:
Scott Brown: Hey Reg Barrow, this is Scott Brown. I'm doing a conference on the Baptist Confession of 1689, and just right after I gave my last message, this guy comes up to me, and he asks me a question about the Puritan Hard Drive. So, what did you ask? 


Tall Guy: Scott, this is a simple question: What do you think of the Puritan Hard Drive?
Scott Brown: I love it. You have to get it. It's the best thing. It's the best for the money you'll ever get anyplace for books.
Tall Guy: Okay. Here's a question, 'cause I've read a little bit about it. But tell me about the Search Engine. Is it, do you type in an author, do you type in a word, a topic, what do you do?


Scott Brown: Yes, yes, author, topic. It's so easy, it will take you to anything you want. It's absolutely phenomenal.
Tall Guy: Have you exhausted the resources?
Scott Brown: You cannot exhaust them. It's impossible. It's so vast. But I'm telling you, as far as a research tool, it's second to none. Unbelievable stuff. And the search, the search function is just beautiful.
Tall Guy: Alright, thank you.


Scott Brown: There you go.



"Pastor Scott Brown Recommends the Puritan Hard DriveStill Waters Revival Books has performed an astonishing feat in pulling together a massive collection of books and other resources.


Let me tell you how absolutely fantastic the Puritan Hard Drive really is.


This is a treasure trove for a local church pastor.


The search ability is beyond my expectation.


I was just on the island of Iona where Columba established a missionary outpost sending evangelists all over Britain.  Searching the hard drive for "Columba" added much to my understanding of this great leader through the eyes of Spurgeon and many others.


Thank you so much... for going to the trouble to make this available.


I am greatly improved by it and I anticipate the pace of worldwide reformation to be improved as well."


I blogged about it here:


Below is the blog post from the link above:


"On my way across the ocean to study the reformation with Doug Phillips, I did not have a suitcase of books as I usually do. I was lamenting that fact at the airline ticket counter and my daughter Claudia said to me, "Papa, close your eyes and step into the new world." Well, let me confess: on my computer I have approximately 13,000 puritan and reformed books which I have acquired through my son downloading ebooks and a gigantic collection put together by Reg Barrow from Still Waters Revival Books. I am now like Abdul Kassem Ismael, Grand Vizier of Persia who, in the tenth century, carried his library with him wherever he went. The 117,000 volumes were carried by 400 camels which were trained to walk in alphabetical order."

- Pastor Scott Brown (M.Div.), Hope Baptist Church (NC, USA), Director of the National Center for Family Integrated Churches (NCFIC), and Conference Speaker (who speaks at conferences alongside other Reformed ministers like Joel Beeke, Paul Washer, Doug Phillips, Jeff Pollard, et al.) See Sermonaudio, Tear Down Your Father's Idol: The Rough Road to Real Reformation and Paganism, Syncretism, in the Church, Family and Education by Scott Brown (free MP3). Click here to see an additional short video of Scott Brown talking with a friend about the Puritan Hard Drive.



Dr. Steven Dilday Reviews & Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive "For a number of years now, I have followed, and benefited from, the work of Still Waters Revival Books, particularly the Reformation and Puritan Bookshelf CD sets... and now the Puritan Hard Drive.

The Puritan Hard Drive is a remarkable accomplishment!

The common Christian can now have a world-class Presbyterian and Reformed library at his fingertips, for only pennies per volume.

I do not think that it is an exaggeration to say that the Puritan Hard Drive presents an historic and singular opportunity.

The works on the Puritan Hard Drive have been invaluable to me in sermon preparation and in improving personal and familial piety. If these had been the only blessings attached to the reading of these documents, the expense (even if it had been much greater) would have been justified; but there is more here.

In this present time, a great many Presbyterians (particularly in North America) have forgotten and implicitly (perhaps unwittingly) rejected their Presbyterian heritage. Strangely, Westminster confessing churches have rejected the theological distinctives of the Westminster Standards.

Although the Westminster Assembly produced a beautiful statement of soteriological Calvinism, the histories clearly demonstrate that soteriology was not the principle focus, nor chief interest, of the Assembly. The Westminster Assembly was primarily concerned with uniformity in worship (in accordance with the Regulative Principle), the form of church government (Presbyterianism jus divinum), and Church-State relations (the Establishment Principle). It is a sad irony that the great and distinctive attainments of the Westminster Assembly have been ignored and rejected by so many Westminster confessing churches.

However, we may yet entertain the hope that these great attainments are rejected largely because of ignorance. The best books on these subjects have not been readily available; but (thanks be to God) they are available again on the Puritan Hard Drive.

For anyone interested in recovering our Presbyterian and Reformed past, the Puritan Hard Drive is a must.

It is my hope and prayer that the Puritan Hard Drive will be used by God to bring to light the things that were hidden, to call to remembrance the things that were forgotten."

- Dr. Steven Dilday, Pastor of Liberty and Grace Reformed Church in Northern Virginia (free MP3 sermons online at and founder of Liberty and Grace Reformed Theological Seminary (with distance learning).Dr. Dilday is currently translating (from Latin to English) the "Synopsis" written by the Puritan Divine, Matthew Poole. This project when completed will consist of approximately 82 volumes. Many free MP3s messages by Dr. Dilday are also at: HISTORY OF HOLY DAYS (CHRISTMAS, EASTER, CHRISTIAN SABBATH, JEWS, etc.), IDOLATRY, ICONOCLASM, etc., The History of the Service of Song: Real Reformation, Faithful Worship And Praising The Lord Jesus Christ Through Songs by Dr. Steven Dilday and a collection of some of Dr. Dilday's most important messages at Sermonaudio.


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"The Puritan Hard Drive has been such a superb blessing to me personally and for my ministry, that I lack words to adequately praise the Lord! " - Richard Bennett (former Roman Catholic priest who now preaches Reformation truth), Berean Beacon




John Hendryx (Monergism) Reviews & Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive

"As a member of the HeartCry Missionary 

Society, I am witness to the great needs of Christians throughout the globe. Possibly the greatest need is sound Christian literature. Even though many Third World pastors read English, they have very few good books available to them. Even if we could afford to buy each indigenous minister a small library, the cost of shipping would be astronomical. With the Puritan Hard Drive we can provide pastors throughout the globe with one of the most complete Puritan and Reformed libraries at a fraction of the cost."- Pastor Paul Washer, HeartCry Missionary Society (click here to see Paul Washer's full review of the Puritan Hard Drive)


Puritan Hard Drive DM, CA Comment


GOOGLE-SOFTWARE-300x250-1C.jpg For a limited time, we are making available to the public a free download of a fully-functional copy of the Puritan Hard Drive KnowledgeBase application software, bundled with more than 300 Adobe PDF books/articles and MP3 audio sermons from the Puritan Hard Drive collection. (Click here to download a PDF listing of all bundled Puritan books/articles and Reformation MP3s.) This is the same critically-acclaimed knowledgebase and powerful search engine to be found on the Puritan Hard Drive, with the following limitations:


  • You can only access the Resources that are bundled with the demo.
  • You can only save a maximum of 5 Saved Search Results Sets at any one time.
  • You can only save a maximum of 3 Saved Search Results Sets Lists at any one time.
  • You can only save a maximum of 10 unique Resources in your Favorites List at any one time.

This demonstration version contains all the content and search functionality of the unrestricted version available only on the Puritan Hard Drive. This unrestricted version of the KnowledgeBase Application provides the user with immediate access to the more than 12,500 PDF (books and other text resources), MP3 (audio) and WMV (video) Resources contained in the full Puritan Hard Drive collection.  In that version, you can create thousands of Saved Search Results Sets and Saved Search Results Sets Lists, limited only by the available free space on the internal drive or external USB drive where the application resides. This also applies to the Favorites List. Click here for more information or to download your free Puritan Hard Drive demo software now!.



FREE PURITAN SOFTWARE JOHN OWEN.jpg "The Puritan Hard Drive is an exquisite piece of work.  


The purchaser of this fine product will have at his fingertips more of the best Reformed literature than he can probably ever get around to reading.  


Truly, if a Christian wants to invest wisely in his own growth, this is the best investment he can make at this time.  


More than highly recommended!"


- Justin Rawson

Gospel Covenant Publications



Puritan Hard Drive Introductory Video, 12,500+ Reformation, Presbyterian, Baptist, Books, MP3s and Videos, Custom Software, etc.

Puritan Hard Drive Introductory Video

Over 12,500 Puritan (Owen, Watson, et al), Reformation (Calvin, Knox, Luther, et al.), Covenanter (Rutherford, Gillespie), Presbyterian (Hodge), Calvinistic (Edwards), Reformed Baptist (Spurgeon, Bunyan, Pink, et al) Books, MP3s, & Videos - With Powerful, Practical and Proprietary Reformation Research and Bible Study Software and a Massive Embedded Data With Over 15,000,000 Records (Which Helps You Find Exactly What You Need In An Instant!).


Bible Study Will Never Be the Same Again!


Amazing Puritan Hard Drive Fact and Hint: A search, using the master index on the Puritan Hard Drive and the "Open Full Reader Search" (in Acrobat reader), for the word "prayer", returns 97,170 results (in 1,378 documents) - all in context, arranged by book, and clickable (i.e., when you click on your individual search result the book opens to the page with your result highlighted)! How helpful is that for learning more about prayer, or any other subject you can think of, through the Puritan Hard Drive? Download the free PDF, How to Find Specific Words and Phrases in Searchable Books.pdfto learn more.
  • Turbo-Charge Your Biblical Studies. Grow in Grace. Increase Personal, Family and Church Sanctification. Praise and Love the Lord More!
  • The Puritan Hard Drive is Comprehensive, Portable and Unprecedented In Its Usefulness - A True Technological (Puritan and Reformation) Treasure Trove!
  • The Puritan Hard Drive Contains the World's Most Powerful and Practical Bible Study Software Fully Installed and Ready To Use Right Out of the Box.
  • No Installation Necessary, Just Plug the Puritan Hard Drive Into the USB Port of Any PC or Mac Computer and Start Enjoying the Most Advanced and Amazing Digital Christian (Puritan, Reformation, Calvinist, Presbyterian, Covenanter, Reformed Baptist, Protestant, etc.) Library in History.
  • The Unsurpassed Reformation and Puritan Library On the Puritan Hard Drive Already Contains Over 12,500 Of the Best Reformation and Puritan Books, MP3s and Videos, Which We (SWRB) Have Published or Gathered Over A Period of More Than 25 Years, and Is Fully Expandable As New Reformed and Puritan Books, MP3s and Videos Are Integrated and/or Published For the Puritan Hard Drive In Days To Come.
  • All Data Related to the 12,500+ Books, MP3s and Videos is Fully Searchable, Through the Powerful Proprietary SWRB Software Engineered Exclusively for the Puritan Hard Drive, In Regard to Titles, Authors, Summaries, Categories, the Personal Notes You Add to Any Resource, Indexed Words Inside Books, Etc.
  • The Majority of the Books Are Also Fully Searchable Concerning Their Content and You May Copy and Paste From these Books too. The Embedded Indices In these Books Also Make these Searches Lightning Fast, Even When You Are Searching for Multiple Occurrences of A Word or Phrase Across A Complete Book - As You Can Pull Up Hundreds of References, Clickable and In Context, In Seconds or Less, Even In Books That Are Over 500 Pages Long!
  • Not Only Can You Search Within Every OCRed (Optical Character Recognition) Book Individually, But You Can Also Search Across the Entire Collection of Searchable Books At Once, With One Search Query, to Obtain Results (Clickable and In Context) for Every Occurrence of Your Search Word or Phrase Across All the Searchable Books on the Puritan Hard Drive. You May then Click On Any Link In Your Search Results to Immediately Access the Exact Page In the Book Where Your Selected Search Result is Located. Your Search Result Will Also Be Highlighted On the Page Where You Arrive, So You Can Find the Word or Phrase You Searched for Quickly and Easily. This is A Very Powerful Feature, Full of Benefits That Will Help You to Effortlessly and Expeditiously Expand Your Christian Studies In More Ways Than You May Be Able to Imagine - At Least Until You Have Actually Experienced This Exceedingly Robust Reformation Research Capability, for Yourself, Through the Puritan Hard Drive.
  • When You See All You Are Getting On The Puritan Hard Drive You Will Be Amazed - All Thanks and Glory Be to the Lord for the Great Things He Has Done in Bringing this Marvelous, Wonderful and Extraordinary Christian Study Tool Into Existence! 
Interest Free Deferred Monthly Payments, On The Puritan Hard Drive, Starting As Low As $50.00 Per Month, Get Yours Today By Calling 780-450-3730 Now!

150x150-Paul-Washer-Charles-Spurgeon-Orange-PuritanHD.jpg If funds are tight, remember that you can purchase the Puritan Hard Drive using interest free deferred monthly payments as low as $50.00 per month. We also ship your Puritan Hard Drive as soon as your deferred monthly payments have reached $100.00. You may also pay $100.00 down, for faster shipping, then $50.00 per month thereafter. Call us at 780-450-3730 for more details about our interest free deferred monthly payments offer, or to get started today. You may also place an
interest free deferred monthly payments order for the Puritan Hard Drive by using our Secure Online Order form. If you use our Secure Online Order Form, please make sure to enter your shipping address, phone number, email address and payment information (credit or debit card and expiry date). Also mention if you need the Single Platform Edition (Windows or Mac) or Dual Platform Edition (Windows and Mac) of the Puritan Hard Drive, and what size of Puritan Hard Drive you are ordering (size options, and the cost for each, are above the "Add to Cart" button at the SWRB Puritan Hard Drive page). Interest free deferred monthly payments orders must be placed by calling 780-450-3730 (in Canada) or using our Secure Online Order Form (click here). Scroll down at Phone/Contact Us to find the exact phone number to use from your country. We are open for calls six days a week (we are closed on the Lord's Day [Sunday]) and often cover the phones 24 hours a day. However, if you call and get our answering machine, it is safe to leave your order on the answering machine, or to leave us your phone number, with a message about why you are calling, and the best time to call you back, and we will call you when it is convenient for you. This applies to all nations worldwide.
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Your Voice and Worldwide Reformation!

Make Your Voice Heard Around the World, For God's Glory!


Would you like to volunteer some of your time, for God's glory, to read classic Puritan and Reformed books and sermons to MP3, to make permanent digital audio versions of the best Puritan and Reformed books, for our generation and for posterity?


If so, we will list the Puritan and Reformed MP3s you read on the Web, to give them away for free to people in every nation of the world -- and, by God's grace, we reach between 55,000 to 100,000+ people each month with these free Puritan and Reformation MP3s!


We supply you with the material to read, you supply the voice. You may read the Puritan and Reformed books and/or sermons that you choose (as long as they are not already read or being read, and they are books we want in audio) or you may let us choose the reading material. In either case we will work with so your are reading Reformed material that you desire to read -- as there are many thousands of books and sermons that need to be read to MP3. We also provide you with easy-to-follow instructions about how to get started.


You may listen to other readings, by people just like yourself (who love the Lord and want to reach others with the love of the Lord Jesus 

Family Worship Graphic
Family Worship

Christ and the truth of His holy Word, the Bible) at FREE PURITAN & REFORMATION MP3 AUDIO SERMONS/BOOKS and from our "Audio Book" section on our (SWRB) sermonaudio site. You may also use the FREE SWRB iPHONE, iPAD, iPOD (Touch) APP to listen.


It is very easy to get started with your new international Reformation reading ministry, just email us at requesting our "PURITAN and REFORMED BOOK READER'S INSTRUCTIONS." Thank you!


It may also be of interest to you to know that at SWRB we strive to use as much of the proceeds from sales, as is possible, to produce more free and discounted Puritan books, Reformation MP3s and Calvinistic videos. This is how, by God's grace, we have published so many books, MP3s and videos over the years (with a relatively small staff and the help of volunteers) and why we are able to distribute so much material for free and at such low prices -- may our Lord get all the glory! 


With your continued prayers, support and purchases we will be able to reach even more people, in the future, all around the world, with the truth of the Scriptures -- using the latest and best technologies available, in the service of the Lord, to greatly multiply all the good that can be done, and aiming to fill the world with the best Christian (Puritan, Covenanter and Reformation) resources available (Acts 17:6).


Your Servant in Christ (for the Third Reformation),

Dr. Reg Barrow


Still Waters Revival Books 

Serving Christians Worldwide (In Over 100 Countries) For 30+ Years


"In the history of the church's sanctification I don't believe there has been a more valuable extra-biblical resource and tool than the Puritan Hard Drive... It holds some of the most priceless Reformed works of God-centered and Christ-glorifying truth that were ever penned." - Dr. Matthew McMahon, A Puritan's Mind 


"To have that much information from a consistent, biblical, orthodox, and gospel-centered point of view is simply astonishing. Anyone who admires the Puritans simply must have the Puritan Hard Drive." - Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr., Voddie Baucham Ministries 


"The Puritan Hard Drive has been such a superb blessing to me personally and for my ministry, that I lack words to adequately praise the Lord!" - Richard Bennett (former Roman Catholic priest who is now a preacher of monergistic Reformation truth), Berean Beacon 


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120x600-johnson-red-phd-easy-to-use-red-nicene.jpg Sola Scriptura: Reformed & Evangelical Declension By Brian Schwertley, John Calvin, Greg Price, the Westminster Divines, Scott Brown & Others (Free MP3s, Videos & Books)

Heaven: A World of God's Love, Joy, Perfect Peace, etc. by Jonathan Edwards, With Related Reformation Resources On Heaven and Hell by Paul Washer, Charles Spurgeon, Greg Price, John MacArthur, John Bunyan, Dr. Steven Dilday & Many Others


God's Grace & Mercy by Charles H. Spurgeon, 13 Free MP3s, With Related Free Reformation MP3s, Videos & Books


Imprecatory Prayer, Reprobation And God's Glory, And Other Free MP3 Sermons And Studies, By Dr. Steven Dilday, And Other Reformed Ministers


 Importance Of Reformed Worship by John Calvin, Dr. Steven Dilday, John Knox, Greg Price, William Perkins & Many Others (Free MP3s, Videos & Books) The Puritans, Covenanters, Reformers & The Regulative Principle Of Worship (RPW)


Exclusive Psalmody & the Puritans (Free MP3s, Videos, Books, etc.) 


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