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Hillary Clinton "Took Me Through Hell" Says 12-Year-Old Rape Victim -- and Hillary Laughed (In Taped Interview) About Lying Regarding This Case


Jerry Johnson on the Puritan Hard Drive

Hillary Clinton "Took Me Through Hell" Says 12-Year-Old Rape Victim -- and Hillary Laughed (In Taped Interview) About Lying Regarding This Case (Video, 9:46)

Excerpt: "Hillary tapes reveal she voluntarily defended a child rapist that she knew was guilty. In this 1980's taped interview, Hillary Clinton laughed about getting the convicted rapist of a 12 year old child off on a technicality. Hillary got him off with time served in county jail, about 2 months. She says she used a legal technicality to plead her client, who faced 30 years to life in prison, down to a lesser charge." Links to all facts and documentation here. ... The audio recordings also capture Hillary chuckling about her efforts to exploit the local authorities' mistake, which ultimately allowed her client to get off with an extremely reduced sentence on lesser charges. Her laughter over decidedly unfunny developments is strange and off-putting. A legal expert quoted by the Washington Free Beacon, which published the original story, also questioned the ethics of Clinton revealing the results of her client's polygraph test. She told a reporter that the accused man passed the test, which "forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs," a clear indication that Hillary knew of her client's guilt. The Free Beacon piece did not quote the victim extensively, saying that the woman (now 52 years old) declined an interview. In a long, emotional interview with The Daily Beast, she accused Clinton of intentionally lying about her in court documents, going to extraordinary lengths to discredit evidence of the rape, and later callously acknowledging and laughing about her attackers' guilt on the recordings. "Hillary Clinton took me through Hell," the victim said." See the video and read more here

Raped At 12-Years-Old, Victim Lashes Out At Hillary Clinton For Defending Attacker (Text)

Excerpts: " Raped at age 12, a woman now is lashing out at Hillary Clinton for defending her attacker, who got off with only a short jail term thanks to the young lawyer in Arkansas in 1975. The victim, Kathy Shelton, now is saying she wants to speak out so that people know the truth about the Democratic candidate for president. Shelton’s comments about the assault she endured at the hands of a 41-year-old attacker and the subsequent ordeal because of the attacker’s lawyer, Clinton, came in an exclusive interview with the London Daily Mail. Shelton said she was agreeing to be identified “because she is furious that her rapist’s defense attorney – Hillary Clinton – has been portraying herself as a lifelong advocate of women and girls on the campaign trail,” the report said. Shelton, now 54, was interviewed in Springdale, Arkansas, by Alana Goodman. Hear Shelton in her own words:

Excerpts: "Shelton told the Mail Clinton lied when she accused the then-12-year-old of “seeking out older men” and demanding she undergo a grueling psychiatric examination to determine whether she was “mentally unstable.” “I don’t think [Clinton’s] for women or girls. I think she’s lying, I think she said anything she can to get in the campaign and win,” Shelton told the Mail. “If she was [an advocate for women and children], she wouldn’t have done that to me at 12 years old.” ... Clinton later was interviewed by a writer who asked questions about the case, and the Free Beacon... Clinton laughed at how she was able the get a famous blood expert to undermine the forensic evidence, the attacker’s underwear, after the crime lab mishandled it. ... Clinton has said she was doing her duty to represent her client, but Shelton jumped on her explanation. “She didn’t mention that she was laughing and saying [Taylor] was guilty,” Shelton said. “I guess as a lawyer it is your responsibility to defend someone. But if she’s for women and children, why would she defend someone knowing that a 12-year-old got raped?” Read more at

Ann Coulter On 1975 Rape Case Haunting Hillary Clinton (Free Video)

Hillary Clinton: 'Serial Liar' - Lying Compilation (Video, 4:15)

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Hillary Clinton: Your Kids Belong To The State (It’s the Government’s Job To Raise Your Children)

All Civil Rulers Are Obligated To Submit To The Sovereignty and Kingship of the Lord Jesus Christ According To the Bible (Free MP3s & Books)

Democrat Party Platform Fully Embraces Planned Parenthood and Abortion (the Murder of Pre-Born Children)

Exposed: Top Planned Parenthood Director Describes Sale of Baby Body Parts in Undercover Video (Free Video)

Civil Government: An Exposition of Romans 13:1-7 by James M. Willson and Other Books and MP3s Defending the Classic Reformation Position on Civil Government (Free MP3 Audio Books, Free Online Books and Other Formats)

FBI (Email Investigation) Proves Hillary Clinton Committed Perjury Before Benghazi Committee


71% Of Doctors Say Hillary Clinton's Health Concern's "Could Be Disqualifying", Presidential Election 2016

Bizarre Hillary Behavior (Free Video)


What Is A Christian Nation? Christ's Kingship and Lordship Over the Nations (Best Free Audio!) 17 Free MP3s by Greg Price, With More Free Resources by Samuel Rutherford, William Symington, et al

Hillary Clinton and Democrats Will Ban All Guns (Exclusive Undercover Video)

Clinton Cash Exposes Crooked Clintons (Bill and Hillary), Video Online

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Hillary Clinton "Took Me Through Hell" Says 12-Year-Old Rape Victim -- and Hillary Laughed (In Taped Interview) About Lying Regarding This Case


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