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News: Tennessee Lawmakers Propose Bill to Void Supreme Court's "Gay Marriage" Ruling


"As the power of the magistrate is not an absolute power which he is at liberty to employ as he chooses, so neither is the right of the elector an absolute right which he is at liberty to exercise as he chooses. Both the one and the other are placed under the limiting control of the Divine Law; and it is only when they are used according to this law that they are used aright."

- William Symington, Messiah the Prince (on the Puritan Hard Drive)

News: Tennessee Lawmakers Propose Bill to Void Supreme Court's "Gay Marriage" Ruling

Excerpt: NASHVILLE - Two lawmakers in Tennessee have introduced a bill that would defy the U.S. Supreme Court ruling regarding same-sex "marriage" and protect the rule of law in the state. Rep. Mark Pody, R-Lebanon, and Sen. Mae Beavers, R-Mt. Juliet, filed the "Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act" on Thursday in the state legislature to defend the constitutional amendment passed by 81 percent of voters in 2006. "Whereas, not all orders claiming authority under color of law are in fact lawful," the bill reads."Whereas, unlawful orders, no matter their source-whether from a military commander, a federal judge, or the United States Supreme Court-are and remain unlawful, and should be resisted." "Natural marriage between one (1) man and one (1) woman as recognized by the people of Tennessee remains the law in Tennessee, regardless of any court decision to the contrary," it says. "Any court decision purporting to strike down natural marriage, including [Obergefell v. Hodges], is unauthoritative, void, and of no effect." Both Pody and Beavers believe that the Supreme Court ruling is the result of judicial activism and therefore must be resisted."The Obergefell case is clearly and blatantly an overstep of the Supreme Court's authority and it is time that states, like Tennessee, stand up against the judicial tyranny of which Thomas Jefferson so eloquently warned," Beavers said in a statement, referring to the Jefferson quote, "Whenever the general government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force." "This decision defies constitutional authority and is one of the most glaring examples of judicial activism in U.S. Supreme Court history," Pody remarked. "It not only tramples on state's rights, but has paved the way for an all-out assault on the religious freedoms of Christians who disagree with it." He said that the Tennessee Natural Marriage Defense Act "calls for Tennessee to stand against such unconstitutional action in hopes that other states will stand with us against an out-of-control court legislating from the bench."

As usual SWRB does not necessarily agree with every point made in every resource or landing page to which we link -- we only agree with that which is in accord with the what God teaches in the Bible.

How Christians Are To Resist Tyrants, God Is Opposed To Beastly (Anti-Christian) Civil Governments, and the Law of The Most High Is the Most High Law By William Roberts (Free MP3)

"Sixthly. The Prince of the kings of the earth opens up a way for the universal dissemination and success of his Gospel among the nations. The religion of the Cross is to be universally diffused. This supposes that the ministers of Christ are to circulate throughout the nations, making overtures of reconciliation to their inhabitants, and urging upon them the claims of their divine Sovereign. ' Go ye and teach all nations, baptize them,' &c., is the command of the Redeemer to his ministering servants. But it is only in virtue of his sovereignty over the nations, that he could issue such a mandate: and in this way only could those invested with his commission be warranted to demand admission for themselves and reception for their message by the nations of the earth.

When the ambassadors of Jesus visit foreign lands to disseminate the knowledge of the Gospel, however exclusive the laws and strict the prohibitions of these lands against foreign intrusion, they are not to be regarded as lawless aggressors. Jealous potentates may refuse to acknowledge the King in whose name they come; the subservient functionaries of these potentates may use all means to shut them out from their dominions: but they have a right to enter, and as faithful and authorized ambassadors, have a right to negotiate with the inhabitants of all lands in behalf of their Sovereign Lord. It may be their duty to use caution, and exercise prudence, in introducing themselves into heathen kingdoms; but still they are to regard themselves as fully entitled to be heard, in the name of him by whom they are sent. The sovereignty of their Lord spares them the moral degradation of feeling that they are doing what is illegal, - that they are violating the principles of international law, - that they are acting the part of contraband traders.

What they are doing may be unauthorized by man, may be contrary even to the will and command of the rulers of those regions of the earth into which they have gone: but they proceed in the name of One whose authority extends over all nations, who claims all the kings of the earth as his subjects, and whose commands cannot, without rebellion, be disputed. He has said to them, ' Go and teach all nations: ' and, when the jealousy of heathen princes interferes to impede them in the execution of this commission, by arresting them on the confines of their territory, and commanding them to ' depart from their coasts,' they are entitled to refuse, and to plead as an excuse for so doing the obligation to obey God rather than man.

Without the supremacy of Christ over the nations, however, the missionaries of the Cross could have no right thus to penetrate into all lands; - the apostolic commission could not, indeed, be lawfully executed. In consequence of this supremacy, however, they may circumnavigate the globe, may touch at every island that studs the ocean, may make a descent on every coast, may pass every boundary, may knock at the gates of every palace, may address every crowned head, may pervade the length and breadth of every kingdom, and ask admission, in name of the King of kings, for themselves and for their message.

Nor is the right of his ambassadors to proceed the only thing that is secured by the Messiah's headship over the nations. Provision is thus made for the opening up of a way, for the success of their cause, and the protection of their persons. There may be much in the prejudices, the opinions, the habits, and the manners of the inhabitants, much in their legal institutions and superstitious rites, to present barriers to the introduction of the pure and self-denying religion of Jesus: but, notwithstanding all, the Prince of the kings of the earth can open a way for his own cause in the midst of all obstructions. Nothing can baffle his counsel; nothing withstand his might. Difficulties disappear at his approach: before him mountains become a plain.' He hath the key of David; he openeth, and no man shutteth ; and shutteth, and no man openeth. Behold,' says he, ' I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it.'(Rev. 3:7,8) Yes; the herald of salvation in foreign lands may have numerous discouragements, and may often find reason to say with the great apostle of the Gentiles, ' there are many adversaries ; ' but, believing in the dominion of Christ over the nations, he need not despair of being enabled to add, ' a great door and effectual is opened unto me.'(1 Cor. 16:9).

- William Symington, Messiah the Prince, pp. 224-227, on the Puritan Hard Drive

The Subjection of Kings and Nations to Messiah, Christ's Sovereignty, Kingship, Authority, and Rule Over All Countries by James R. Willson (Free SWRB MP3s and Discounted Digital Download)

News: Washington State and Homosexuals Persecuting 70 Year-Old Christian Grandmother (She Could Lose Business and Home To "Gays" Suing Her)

Biblical Civil Government Versus the Beast; and, the Basis for Christian Resistance by Greg Price (Free SWRB MP3s and Free Online Books)

News: Franklin Graham Is Calling On Christians To Boycott The So-Called Gay-Friendly Corporations

Civil Government (Politics) and The All Encompassing Worldwide Victory/Advance Of The Reformed Faith, Prayer, and Postmillennialism by Dr. Steven Dilday (Free MP3)

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News: Tennessee Lawmakers Propose Bill to Void Supreme Court's "Gay Marriage" Ruling


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