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Pastor Scott Brown, on the left in the video above, is the Director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC)

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Putin and the Russian Government Ban Internet Pornography

Dr. Matthew McMahon Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive

Putin and the Russian Government Ban Internet Pornography

As usual SWRB does not necessarily agree with every point made in every resources to which we link -- we only agree with that which is in accord with the what God teaches in the Bible.


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Dr. Michael Wagner's article, "The Sexual Revolution is a Fraud", originally appeared under the title, "NO RULES, NO CIVILIZATION: The Sexual Revolution left us free to be miserable", in Reformed Perspective magazine.

"But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart." - The Lord Jesus Christ, Matthew 5:28 (KJV)

The Sexual Revolution is a Fraud (Lust, Free Love/Sex, AIDS, Adultery, Pornography) by Dr. Michael Wagner (Free MP3)

The Sexual Revolution is a Fraud (Lust, Free Love/Sex, AIDS, Adultery, Pornography) by Dr. Michael Wagner (Free PDF)

Hating Lust and Sexual Sin That You Might Love God and His Righteousness by Scott Brown (Free MP3 by the Director of the National Center For Family Integrated Churches, NCIFC)

Blasting the Devil's Lies About Sex, Lust and Marriage by Greg Price (Free MP3)

Sexual Purity, Lust, Pornography, Sexual Duties in Marriage, Divorce, Kinsey's Lies by Dr. Francis N. Lee (Free MP3)

Clear Scriptural teaching on sex, lust, etc., as based on the seventh commandment and various other Scriptures related to sex. Also touches on the biblical teaching related to chastity, modesty in apparel (clothing), Roman Catholic errors and heresies related to sex, prostitution, vows, conjugal love and its frequency, premarital relations, God's restorative grace, various forms of perversity and perversions (denounced), the use of eyes and hands in Christ's teaching related to this topic (Matthew 5:27-30), the duties of the civil government and the individual Christian concerning the sex trade (R, X and XXX rated movies, books, magazines, prostitution, etc.), whoremongers, the gift of sex within marriage, celibacy, commitment in marriage, sexual temptations, various forms of adultery, many useful comments to husbands and wives of a very practical nature and more.

Nakedness, Sexuality, Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America With Free Reformation MP3s, Books and Quotes by John Calvin, Jeff Pollard, Paul Washer, Matthew Henry, Greg Price, Josh Harris, W.J. Mencarow, Dr. C. Matthew McMahon, et al.

Sinful Lusting And Sexuality (Sanctification Of Eyes, Mind [Thoughts], Body, Actions And Heart) by Greg Price (Free MP3)

Birth Control: The Biblical and Historic Protestant Position by Greg Price (Free MP3)

Alfred Kinsey: Sex, Lies, Pornography and Fraudulent Social Science by Dr. Michael Wagner (Free MP3)

Seventh Commandment: A Commandment For Purity in Heart and Home by Scott Brown (Free MP3)

Overcoming Lust, Sexual Perversion, Pornography, and Other Seventh Commandment Violations (Remedy for Sexual Desire In Proverbs) by Dr. Steven Dilday (3 Free MP3s)

The Divine Antidote to Sexual Impurity In the Modern Cesspools of Uncleanness by Al Martin (6 Free MP3s)

The Bible and Birth Control: The Classic Position of the Christian Church by Charles Provan (5 Free MP3s)


How Beloved Lusts May Be Discovered and Mortified (According to Scriptural Truth & Through the Power & Grace of the Holy Spirit) by Benjamin Needler (Free MP3, this sermon is from the six volume set of Puritan Sermons 1659 - 1689, The Morning Exercises at Cripplegate, St. Giles in the Fields, and in Southwark by 75 Ministers of the Gospel in or Near London, which are on the Puritan Hard Drive)

Key to the 10 Commandments - On Love, Law & Lust, & Peace, Contentment & Assurance Via Obedience to God's Law (By God's Grace) by W.J. Mencarow (Free MP3)

Overcoming Temptation by John Owen, John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, Thomas Brooks, Thomas Manton, William Spurstowe, Dr. Joel Beeke, Greg Price, et al. (55 Free MP3s)

Mortification of Sin in Believers by John Owen (With Many Other Free Puritan Books and Reformed MP3s on Mortification)

Judgment of the Secrets of Men By Christ On Judgment Day by Charles Spurgeon (Free MP3)

The Work of Mortification (The Seventh Commandment: Overcoming Lust In the Heart and Mind -- and All Other Sexual Sins) by R.L. Shelton, Jr. (Free MP3)

Overcoming Lust in a Sex-Crazed World Dr. Matthew McMahon (Printed Book, PDF, ePub)

Pornography, the Anabaptists, and Doug Wilson's Civil Antinomianism by Dr. Reg Barrow

Kinsey, Darwin and the Sexual Revolution by Jerry Bergman (Online Article from Creation Ministries International, CMI)

Alfred Kinsey is the father of the modern Western sexual revolution. A review of the life and work of Kinsey reveals Darwinism was critically important in his crusade to overturn traditional sexual morality. He tried achieving this goal by convincing the public and the scientific world that what was widely regarded as deviant behaviour then, including adultery, fornication, homosexuality, sadomasochism and paedophilia, were all widely practiced and therefore 'normal' and acceptable. Kinsey's conclusions have now been shown by extensive empirical research to be fatally flawed. Kinsey's sexual revolution has caused major social problems, an epidemic of disease and the breakdown of the family.


Roman Catholic Sex Scandals and the Glory of Christ's Priesthood Contrasted With the Immorality of the Roman Catholic Priesthood by Richard Bennett (Free MP3 by a former Roman Catholic priest who is now a preacher of God's sovereign grace)

Emotions, Feelings, Appetites & Purity (Sex, Lust, Anger, Hunger, Love, Health, etc.) by Dr. Steven Dilday (Free MP3)

The Lust of the Eyes (1 John, 29 of 82) by Jeff Pollard (Free MP3)

Winning The War Against Lust by Phil Johnson (8 Free MP3s)

Secret Sins: I Urge All Pretenders to Detest, to Hate & Renounce Their Secret Sins by Charles Spurgeon (Free MP3)

The Sexual Revolution is a Fraud (Lust, Free Love, Adultery, Pornography) by Dr. Michael Wagner (SWRB Blog)

Pastor Paul Washer Reviews and Recommends
the Puritan Hard Drive

 "In the history of extra-biblical study and research tools there has never before been a resource as useful as the Puritan Hard Drive."


Pastor Paul Washer

Pastor Paul Washer, HeartCry Missionary Society

With the Puritan Hard Drive I can now carry one of the largest Puritan and Reformed libraries in my pocket.

No matter where I am, as long as there is some form of power source to operate a computer, I have access to some of the best Puritan and Reformed literature available.

The Puritan Hard Drive is a tremendous blessing. I travel frequently to many parts of the globe. The Puritan Hard Drive allows me to continue my studies on the road with the same depth as when I am seated in my study at home.

The wonderful portability of this massive Puritan library (and remarkable research software) makes the Puritan Hard Drive ideal for missionaries, students, or anyone who needs instant access to the best Reformation study materials in a variety of locations.

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The high level of educational and scholarly functionality, combined with a marvelous library of over 12,500 top Puritan and Reformed resources and an extremely reasonable price, really makes obtaining the Puritan Hard Drive a stewardship issue. It is almost as if God is saying, "Here is a tool that will lead you to more truth faster than ever before. Make the best possible use of it and bring much glory to My Name." (2 Timothy 2:15, Ephesians 5:16).

In the history of extra-biblical study and research tools there has never before been a resource as useful as the Puritan Hard Drive. The immense body of Reformation material (books, MP3s and videos) on the Puritan Hard Drive, along with the phenomenal proprietary software program that is included, makes the Puritan Hard Drive a valuable tool for Reformation in our day.

As a member of the HeartCry Missionary Society, I am witness to the great needs of Christians throughout the globe. Possibly the greatest need is sound Christian literature. Even though many Third World pastors read English, they have very few good books available to them. Even if we could afford to buy each indigenous minister a small library, the cost of shipping would be astronomical.  With the Puritan Hard Drive we can provide pastors throughout the globe with one of the most complete Puritan and Reformed libraries at a fraction of the cost.

The Puritan Hard Drive is also ideal for situations where concealment is a priority in countries which are hostile to the Gospel. The Puritan Hard Drive is the most compact way to smuggle the light of over 12,500 Reformation resources (with powerful study software) into the spiritual darkness of those nations that are in most need of Gospel truth.

- Paul Washer - HeartCry Missionary Society http://www.heartcrymissionary.com/

Putin and the Russian Government Ban Internet Pornography


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