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Pastor Scott Brown, on the left in the video above, is the Director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC)

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I Can't Say This On National Television, by Rudy Giuliani (Video)




I Can't Say This On National Television, by Rudy Giuliani (Video)

Dr. Steven Dilday on the Puritan Hard Drive

I Can't Say This On National Television, by Rudy Giuliani (Video)


There Are Over One Million Illegitimate Votes In Three States Alone That Would Give the Election to President Trump If Addressed

Rudy Giuliani hit it out of the park for Trump. Hereโ€™s his closing speech in Georgia (2 Videos)

As with all links we provide, we only agree with that which is in agreement with the Bible at the sites where the URLs point

Jovan Pulitzer says Georgia Called in Trucks to Get Rid of the Evidence in Fulton County He is Supposed to be Scanning! (Video)

Arizona Citizens Investigation Discovers Thousands of Phantom Voters in State โ€“ Up to 30% of Addresses in Investigation Were Fraudulent

Civil Government: An Exposition of Romans 13:1-7 by James M. Willson and Other Books and MP3s Defending the Classic Reformation Position on Civil Government (Free MP3 Audio Books, Free Online Books and Other Formats)

Anyone who reads DoJ researcher John Lott’s paper and still denies voter fraud is a fool. Is it a bombshell? Technically, no. It's a methodical, comprehensive analysis that logically reveals what tens of millions of Americans already knew: The election was stolen through massive, coordinated voter fraud. This is 100% certain.

Biblical Civil Government Versus the Beast and the Basis for Christian Civil Resistance, by Greg Price (Free Online Christian Book)

A Former Senior Ranking FBI Official Warns Americans that the Democratic Party Has Been Taken Over By Communists (Audio)

Jim Dodson Reviews and Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive


If you love the Bible, then you may well be Reformed. If you think of yourself as Reformed, but you have seldom or have never read older Reformed literature, prepare to be challenged. The Puritan Hard Drive provides primary sources and depth of theological and spiritual insight which is lacking in much of what is passed off as genuine Reformed theology. If you think of yourself as conservative, the older Puritan and Reformed authors will help you sort reality from myth in your quest to be truly Reformed. There are more solid resources for less money here than anywhere else. I highly recommend you take responsibility for your soul and spend a few shekels for this cup of cold water in the midst of the modern religious desert.

- Jim Dodson, Reformed Presbyterian Scholar,


I Can't Say This On National Television, by Rudy Giuliani (Video)