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Pastor Scott Brown, on the left in the video above, is the Director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC)

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Islamic Jihad and Why So Many Politicians, Educators and the Media Don't Understand Islam or the Muslim Mind (Free Videos, MP3s, etc.)

Scroll down for many free MP3s, videos, etc., on Islamic Jihad and why so many politicians, educators and the media don't understand Islam or the Muslim mind.

"The saying of John was always true, 'whosoever denieth the Son, the same has not the Father,' (1 John 2:23). For though in old time there were many who boasted that they worshipped the Supreme Deity, the Maker of heaven and earth, yet as they had no Mediator, it was impossible for them truly to enjoy the mercy of God, so as to feel persuaded that he was their Father. Not holding the head, that is, Christ, their knowledge of God was evanescent; and hence they at length fell away to gross and foul superstitions betraying their ignorance, just as the Turks (Muslims - ed.) in the present day, who, though proclaiming, with full throat, that the Creator of heaven and earth is their God, yet by their rejection of Christ (as the eternal God, the second Person of the Trinity, and the only Savior from sin and God's unending wrath in Hell; for example, see the video below "How the Koran Denies Christ" - ed.), substitute an idol in his place."

- John Calvin: Institutes of the Christian Religion, 2:6:4, emphases added.

"The Son of God, the second Person in the Trinity, being very and eternal God, of one substance, and equal with the Father, did, when the fullness of time was come, take upon him man's nature, with all the essential properties and common infirmities thereof; yet without sin: being conceived by he power of the Holy Ghost, in the womb of the Virgin Mary, of her substance. So that two whole, perfect, and distinct natures, the Godhead and the manhood, were inseparably joined together in one person, without conversion, composition, or confusion. Which person is very God and very man, yet one Christ, the only Mediator between God and man."

Westminster Confession of Faith 8:2 (Original Edition, 1646), "Of Christ the Mediator", emphases added

"Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole. This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved."

- Acts 4:10-12 (KJV), emphases added

"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

- John 14:6 (KJV)

FREE VIDEO: Islamic Jihad and Why So Many Politicians, Educators and the Media Don't Understand Islam or the Muslim Mind

Key information unlocking the truth about what Islam is really about, from Muslim teachers, teaching and books.

FREE VIDEO: Whitewashing Islam: 20 Errors on 20/20 (ABC News)

Thoughts on the 9/11 Attacks by Dr. Joel Beeke (Free MP3, Video and PDF)

FREE VIDEO: Muslims Behead Christian in Afghanistan

EXTREMELY GRAPHIC, DISTURBING VIDEO. This video is an uncensored video of a Christian man being beheaded in Afghanistan. Please only watch if you are able and willing to see that level of violence.

FREE VIDEO: Islam: Whoever changes his religion, kill him! (Even in Canada)

Powerful Biblical Refutation Of Islam by Brian Schwertley, John Calvin, et al. (Free MP3s, Books, etc.)

Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat by Dr. Peter Hammond (What Islam Isn't)

Tragedy of the Twin Towers (9/11) by Al Martin (Free MP3)

FREE VIDEO: How the Koran Denies Christ

Barack Obama, Muslims, the Liberal Media, Islam, Jihad, Islamization, the Quran & the Muslim Brotherhood

Six million African Muslims leave Islam per year

Siding with Savages (Islamorealism & Israel)

FREE VIDEO: Islam: What the West Needs to Know



GERMAN VERSION (Islam: Was der Westen wissen muss)


GRAPHIC & BRUTAL VIDEO: Tunisian Muslims behead a Christian convert from Islam

The Scourge of Islam in Africa, Europe, Canada and America by Kevin Swanson (Interview with Dr. Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship)

Death Threats From Muslim Extremists

Persecution of Christians by Muslims, Atheists, Communists, Evolutionists, Hindus, Romanists, et al.

God's Word For The National Crisis (9/11) by Dr. Curt Daniel (Free MP3)

Iranian Child Brides Get Younger - And More Numerous

"As Iranian lawmakers now seek to lower the legal age of marriage for girls to nine-years-old, the number of Iranian brides already under 10 years of age is sharply rising. Isfenani called Iran's current civil legislation, which sets the minimum legal age of marriage for girls at 13-years-old, 'un-Islamic and illegal,' saying, 'We must regard nine as being the appropriate age for a girl to have reached puberty and qualified to get married. To do otherwise would be to contradict and challenge Islamic Sharia law.' ... The deeply rooted Islamic attachment to prepubescent marriage finds religious justification in the Prophet Muhammad's marriage to a six-year-old child bride, a marriage consummated when she was nine-years-old, following her first menstruation.

Islam's Rise & Fall In the Book of Revelation (Free Reformed Books, MP3s and Videos)

Obama's New Islamic World Order

Why So Many People Think Obama Is a Muslim by Pamela Gellar

Jihad At the Democratic National Convention

Free Video: The Muslim Brotherhood in America, Stakelbeck on Terror

Free Video: Stackelbeck on Terror: Muslim Brotherhood's Growing Influence

"The American President (Obama) told me in confidence that he is a Muslim."

Islamists To Jail An 11-year-old Mentally Disabled Down's Syndrome Girl

John Calvin, Martin Luther & Dr. Francis N. Lee on Islam In The Bible (Free MP3s & Books)

Relentless and often vicious persecution by Muslims against Christians (Jihad - Islamic Holy War)

NEWS: Finally! Veil lifted on Muslim rape epidemic

Muslim states are the most severe persecutors of Christians

Bible and Qur'an: The Reliability of the Original Bible and the Original Qur'an by Dr. F.N. Lee (Free PDF)

The Roots & Fruits of Islam by Dr. F.N. Lee (Free PDF)

Christian Jailed For Talking About the Gospel To Muslims In the USA

FREE VIDEO: Islam Rising

"If their central thesis is true-and it's worth considering-then this is the most horrific film of the 21st century so far." -- The Charlotte Observer

FREE VIDEO: Persecution Coming To America by Paul Washer

"In the history of extra-biblical study tools there has never been a resource as useful as the Puritan Hard Drive." - Paul Washer, HeartCry Missionary Society


RESTORATION OF THE JEWS (in Classic Puritan, Covenanter, & Reformation Eschatology) FREE MP3s

Israel Turns To Christ: The Restoration of the Jews by Greg Price (1/2)

Israel Turns To Christ: The Restoration of the Jews by Greg Price (2/2)

Restoration of the Jews (1861) by David Brown

The Restoration of the Jews: An Extract from Herman Witsius (1806)

God's Gracious Covenant With Israel: Foundation for Worldwide National Covenanting by Greg Price (34 Free MP3s)

FREE MP3: Restoration and Conversion of the Jews by Charles Spurgeon

"O to see the sight, next to Christ's coming in the clouds, the most joyful! Our elder brethren the Jews and Christ fall upon one another's necks and kiss each other." - Samuel Rutherford (Covenanter)

Pastor Greg L. Price Reviews and Recommends
the Puritan Hard Drive

Pastor Greg L. Price

Pastor Greg L. Price

I was one of those who had profited much from using the plethora of out-of-print Reformation materials offered by Still Waters Revival Books in the 62 CDs (Puritan CDs and Reformation CDs) for a number of years in  my ministry -- works that I could only have found in select libraries (usually hundreds of miles away from my residence).

With the CDs, it took a little while to go to the index of each set, locate the documents I needed, and then find the correct CD. Of course, the time was always well spent in finding that particular document that I needed.

However, now that I have the Puritan Hard Drive, I am able to use my time much more efficiently in finding that particular document I need by quickly searching for it and finding it in a matter of seconds. It's like going from "dial up" to "high-speed" Internet!

And for all of those documents that have a font that are in block letters, I am able to simply cut and paste from the Puritan Hard Drive to my own document with ease.

Amazing surprises do come in small packages!

If you want to understand Reformed theology (i.e., the whole counsel of God) the Puritan Hard Drive is unsurpassed, outside the Bible itself. The First and Second Reformations gave us the most faithful Scriptural teaching and preaching since the time of the Apostles, and there is no other resource, outside Scripture itself, where you can find so much of God's truth as in the Puritan Hard Drive.

May the Lord continue to use this most profitable tool to promote a Third Reformation that encompasses the whole world (Isaiah 2:2-4)!

- Pastor Greg L. Price (Covenanted Presbyterian Pastor, Author, Theologian, etc.) Free online books, MP3s and videos by Greg Price at

Islamic Jihad and Why So Many Politicians, Educators and the Media Don't Understand Islam or the Muslim Mind (Free Videos, MP3s, etc.)