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Pastor Scott Brown, on the left in the video above, is the Director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC)

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News: Southern Baptists Declare: No Court Can Change "God's Definition of Marriage"

Pastor Phil Gibson Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive

News: Southern Baptists Declare: No Court Can Change "God's Definition of Marriage"

Excerpt: Delegates of the Southern Baptist Convention voted on Tuesday to pass a resolution declaring that the denomination will stand by the biblical definition of marriage found in the book of Genesis and that no court or government authority can change God's definition. Southern Baptist President Ronnie Floyd, an Alabama megachurch pastor, spoke to those gathered earlier in the day, being met with a standing ovation. "The Supreme Court of the United States is not the final authority nor is the culture itself," he proclaimed in an impassioned speech. "The Bible is God's final authority about marriage and on this book we stand." "While some evangelicals may be bowing down to the deception of the inclusiveness of same-sex marriage, we will not bow down nor will we be silent," Floyd continued. "We do not need to redefine what God Himself has defined already." ... Delegates later voted on and adopted what is known as Resolution 5, or "The Call to Public Witness on Marriage." "Resolved, that Southern Baptists recognize that no governing institution has the authority to negate or usurp God's definition of marriage," it reads in part. "And be it further resolved no matter how the Supreme Court rules, the Southern Baptist Convention reaffirms its unwavering commitment to its doctrinal and public beliefs concerning marriage."

As usual SWRB does not necessarily agree with every point made in every resources to which we link -- we only agree with that which is in accord with the what God teaches in the Bible.

Pastor Paul Washer on the Puritan Hard Drive

Paul Washer: Persecution Of Christians Is Coming To America (Free YouTube Video)

Pastor Paul Washer on the Puritan Hard Drive

News: Washington State and Homosexuals Persecuting 70 Year-Old Christian Grandmother (She Could Lose Business, Home To "Gays" Suing Her) and A Flood Of Christian Cash Rescuing This Florist In Same-Sex War

Dr. Steven Dilday on the Puritan Hard Drive

The Divine Institution of Marriage by Dr. Steven Dilday (Free MP3)

Jack Windisch on the Puritan Hard Drive

Civil Government: An Exposition of Romans 13:1-7 by James M. Willson and Other Books and MP3s Defending the Classic Reformation Position on Civil Government (Free MP3 Audio Books, Free Online Books and Other Formats)

Pastor Greg Price on the Puritan Hard Drive

FREE ONLINE BOOK: Biblical Civil Government Versus the Beast; and, The Basis For Civil Resistance by Greg Price

Paul Blyth (UK) on the Puritan Hard Drive

All Civil Rulers Are Obligated To Submit To The Sovereignty & Kingship of the Lord Jesus Christ According To the Bible (Free MP3s & Books)

Dr. Voddie Baucham Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive

News: Franklin Graham Is Calling On Christians To Boycott The So-Called Gay-Friendly Corporations

Excerpt: Franklin Graham has it right and he is calling on Christians to boycott the so-called gay-friendly corporations. And he says he's doing his part by moving all the bank accounts for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association out of Wells Fargo because of its ad featuring a lesbian couple. Indeed, we must use all our strength to fight evil and money is no exception. "This is one way we as Christians can speak out..." Graham, who heads the Charlotte-based BGEA, wrote on Facebook over the weekend. "Let's just stop doing business with those who promote sin and stand against Almighty God's laws and His standards. Maybe if enough of us do this, it will get their attention." As of Monday morning, more than 92,000 people had approved of Graham's message by clicking "Like." More than 41,000 people had shared his message with their Facebook friends.

"Fight the moral decay that is being crammed down our throats by big business." - Franklin Graham

Type "List of gay friendly companies" (without the quotation marks), or something similar, into a search engine for more information about which specific companies support that which the Bible calls sin (i.e., homosexuality, same-sex "marriage", etc.), and which companies do not support this type of sin.

As usual SWRB does not necessarily agree with every point made in every resources to which we link -- we only agree with that which is in accord with the what God teaches in the Bible.

Texas Senate Approves Bill Protecting Pastors Who Refuse to Officiate Same-Sex "Weddings"

Pastor Scott Brown on the Puritan Hard Drive

News: Feel the Love Tonight? Rick Warren, Elton John Hold Hands, Joke About Kissing Before AIDS Panel

The Sexual Revolution is a Fraud (Lust, Free Love/Sex, AIDS, Adultery, Pornography, etc.) by Dr. Michael Wagner, Dr. F.N. Lee, Greg Price, Scott Brown, Dr. Dilday, Dr. Reg Barrow, et al. (Free MP3s, Books, Blogs, etc.)

News: Former Lesbian Petitions Obama to Hear Voices of Those Christ Has Set Free from Homosexuality

Pastor Paul Washer Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive

Paul Washer: Sexual Sins (3 Free MP3s), How To Have Zero Tolerance For Lust, Etc., By Charles Spurgeon, Dr. Michael Wagner, Jonathan Edwards, Jay Adams, Matthew Henry, Dr. Joel Beeke, John Calvin, and Others

700 Kenyan Evangelical Pastors Urge Obama Not to 'Preach' Gay Marriage Support During Visit

Hillary Clinton Attacks Christians

Jerry Johnson on the Puritan Hard Drive

Hillary Clinton Is Corrupt and Evil

FREE: The Subjection of Kings and Nations to Messiah by James Willson, Greg Price, et al.


Pastor W.J. Mencarow Reviews and Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive


Pastor W.J. Mencarow

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News: Southern Baptists Declare: No Court Can Change "God's Definition of Marriage"


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