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Pastor Scott Brown, on the left in the video above, is the Director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC)

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A Brief Summary Of The First-Day Sabbath: God Changed the Day of Worship to the Lord's Day by Greg Price, Jonathan Edwards, Dr. Steven Dilday, Dr. F.N. Lee, David Dickson, Greg Barrow and Others (Free MP3s, Books, Etc.)

Dr. Steven Dilday on the Puritan Hard Drive

A Brief Summary Of The First-Day Sabbath: God Changed the Day of Worship to the Lord's Day by Greg Price (Free Online Text)

A Brief Summary Of The First-Day Sabbath: God Changed the Day of Worship to the Lord's Day by Greg Price (Free MP3)

THE FOURTH COMMANDMENT (THE LORD'S DAY OR CHRISTIAN SABBATH) by Jonathan Edwards, Greg Price, Dr. Francis N. Lee, David Dickson and Greg Barrow (15 Free MP3s, with many free text articles from A Puritan's Mind)

History of Holy Days (Sabbath/Lord's Day, Christmas, Easter, etc.) by Dr. Steven Dilday

Sabbath, or Sunday? by Dr. David Steele

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it. - Exodus 20:8-11, KJV


Every intelligent person knows that Sunday is of Pagan origin and of idolatrous import, coming down to us through Popery and Prelacy, associated with Christmas, Easter and other idolatrous and superstitious ceremonies of antichristian origin. The infidel editor knows the pecuniary value of this idolatrous term prefixed to his secular journal, as the Sunday Mercury, Herald, &c. Were he to prefix the word Sabbath, or Lord's day to his caption, the number of his patrons would be quickly reduced. From ignorance of the true meaning of the Sabbath and from hereditary superstition, such a person hates the very word; as on the other hand the enlightened Christian, from reverence to divine authority, must dislike a profane substitute.

The Sabbath is the Lord's day, of which no person or nation can rob him with impunity. 2 Chron. 36:21; Neh. 13:18. It has ever been a sign between the Lord and his people. Ex. 31:13. Since its first institution the Sabbath has been the Lord's (katapausis) rest, before it can be that of a believer. Heb. 4:1. To the people of God there still remains, after the abrogation of the Mosaic economy (Sabbatismos) the keeping of a Sabbath-to be a weekly memorial of the works of creation and redemption as taught in Heb. 4:9,10. This Sabbatismos is to them a lively emblem, a sure pledge, and real antepast of their (katapausis) everlasting rest. - David Steele, (1882)

What Is the True Meaning Of Christmas? (Christmas and Syncretism)

In 1899, the General Assembly of the PCUS was overtured to give a "pronounced and explicit deliverance" against the recognition of "Christmas and Easter as religious days." Even at this late date, the answer came back in a solid manner: "There is no warrant in Scripture for the observance of Christmas and Easter as holydays, rather the contrary (see Gal. 4:9-11; Col. 2:16-21), and such observance is contrary to the principles of the Reformed faith, conducive to will-worship, and not in harmony with the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ." - Kevin Reed, Christmas: An Historical Survey Regarding Its Origins and Opposition to It (Free Online Book)

The regulative principle of worship has clear implications for those who want to promote the celebration of Christmas. The Regulative Principle forces those who celebrate Christmas to prove from Scripture that God has authorized the celebrating of such a day. This, in fact, is impossible. - From the free online book The Regulative Principle of Worship and Christmas by Brian Schwertley.

Christmas Is Part Of Roman Catholic (Papacy/Antichrist) Missionary Strategy And High-Handed Idolatry by Brain Schwertley (Free Online Book)

Excerpt: Christmas was not celebrated by the apostolic church. It was not celebrated during the first few centuries of the church. As late as A.D. 245, Origen (Hom. 8 on Leviticus) repudiated the idea of keeping the birthday of Christ, "as if he were a king Pharaoh." By the middle of the 4th century, many churches in the Latin west were celebrating Christmas. During the 5th century, Christmas became an official Roman Catholic holy day. In A.D. 534, Christmas was recognized as an official holy day by the Roman state. The reason that Christmas became a church holy day has nothing to do with the Bible. The Bible does not give the date of Christ's birth. Nowhere in the Bible are we commanded to celebrate Christmas. Christmas (as well as many other pagan practices) was adopted by the Roman church as a missionary strategy.

Pastor Greg L. Price Reviews and Recommends
the Puritan Hard Drive

Pastor Greg L. Price

Pastor Greg L. Price

I was one of those who had profited much from using the plethora of out-of-print Reformation materials offered by Still Waters Revival Books in the 62 CDs (Puritan CDs and Reformation CDs) for a number of years in  my ministry -- works that I could only have found in select libraries (usually hundreds of miles away from my residence).

With the CDs, it took a little while to go to the index of each set, locate the documents I needed, and then find the correct CD. Of course, the time was always well spent in finding that particular document that I needed.

However, now that I have the Puritan Hard Drive, I am able to use my time much more efficiently in finding that particular document I need by quickly searching for it and finding it in a matter of seconds. It's like going from "dial up" to "high-speed" Internet!

And for all of those documents that have a font that are in block letters, I am able to simply cut and paste from the Puritan Hard Drive to my own document with ease.

Amazing surprises do come in small packages!

If you want to understand Reformed theology (i.e., the whole counsel of God) the Puritan Hard Drive is unsurpassed, outside the Bible itself. The First and Second Reformations gave us the most faithful Scriptural teaching and preaching since the time of the Apostles, and there is no other resource, outside Scripture itself, where you can find so much of God's truth as in the Puritan Hard Drive.

May the Lord continue to use this most profitable tool to promote a Third Reformation that encompasses the whole world (Isaiah 2:2-4)!

- Pastor Greg L. Price (Covenanted Presbyterian Pastor, Author, Theologian, etc.) Free online books, MP3s and videos by Greg Price at http://www.swrb.com/newslett/freebook/gprice.htm

A Brief Summary Of The First-Day Sabbath: God Changed the Day of Worship to the Lord's Day by Greg Price, Jonathan Edwards, Dr. Steven Dilday, Dr. F.N. Lee, David Dickson, Greg Barrow and Others (Free MP3s, Books, Etc.)


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