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Pastor Scott Brown, on the left in the video above, is the Director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC)

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SWRB Newsletters

Dr. Matthew McMahon on the Puritan Hard Drive

King Jesus Rules the Nations & Church

Reformation, Politics, Worldwide Victory

Bidens In Bed With Communist China

Biden Crime Family Exposed (Free Videos)

The Bible, Tyranny & Civil Government

Biden Crimes On Hunter's Hard Drive

Many Puritan and Reformed Quotes, Books

Knox: Regulative Principle Of Worship

The Bible Teaches Free Market Capitalism

Bible, Homosexuality, Same-Sex Marriage

Islam: The Great Eastern Antichrist

Reformed Worship and Singing the Psalms

Modesty: Beauty In Body, Mind and Spirit

Putin Praises Democrats Soviet Communism

Eschatology of Victory in the Bible

Bible On Homosexuality & Transgenderism

Absolute Predestination, 10 Free MP3s

Destruction Of Antichrist, Revelation 15

Biden's "Allah Willing" & Jihad Comments

Pictures of Christ = Antichrist's Idolatry

Evolutionists Bashing Evolution (Free)

The Arminian Heresy Refuted, Free

Trump Biden Debate, Highlights, Comments

Biden A Trojan Horse For Socialism

Commiefornia Tyranny Vs. John MacArthur

Creation ?s Evolutionists Can't Answer

Muslim Rapes 6-Year-Old Christian Girl

Explosive Church Growth" in Iran, Free

China and Satanic Christian Persecution

Biden: LGBTQ Rights My No. 1 Priority

Antichrist's Spirit In Reformed Churches

Why Biden Wants to Teach Your Kids Islam

When God Abandons A Nation, Free

Trump Order Defunding Planned Parenthood

"If ye love me, keep my commandments."

Pastors Defy Satanic Supreme Court Laws

Islam In Classic Reformed Eschatology

Free: The Preaching of the Puritans

First-Day Sabbath: God Changed the Day

Why Most Democrats/Leftists Are Racists

Singing Psalms With Jesus, Exclusive Psalmody

Tim Keller's Evolution Heresy & Marxism

Satanic Origins Of Islam In the Bible

Eschatology of Victory In the Bible, Free

Evolution: Foundation Of Communism, Free

Exposing and Opposing Social Justice Theology

Free Video: How Old Is the Earth?

Judge J. Rips Biden's (Democrat's) Lies

Does Carbon-14 Dating Disprove the Bible?

The Pope Encourages Prayer To Allah

When the Lord Judges the Secrets of All

Signs Of God's Anger With Nations Abound

Marxist BLM Blasphemes the Lord Jesus

Communism In America's Security Agencies

Democrats' Marxist/Socialist/Communist Ties

Islam, Revelation & Reformed Eschatology

John Calvin On Galatians, 7 Free MP3s

Sovereignty of God in the Trials of Life

Bible: Civil Government Contra Democrats

Democrats Kicked God To the Curb (Video)

Evil Democrats Video, Violence Warning

Genetics = Adam & Eve 6,000 Years Ago!

Jonathan Edwards: Fall Of Antichrist

Flee Ungodly Lusts & Sexual Sins, Free

Arminianism: A False Gospel, Calvin, Spurgeon

Biden & Harris = Satanic Serial Killers

Rise of Antichrist, Worship Corrupted

How Calvinism Encourages Evangelism

The History of Holy Days, 7 Free MP3s

The Irrational Faith of Evolution, Free

Black Lives Don't Matter To Democrats

Reformation Eschatology, 44 Free MP3s

Marxist Black Lives Matter Burns Bibles

Avoiding Antichrist's Doctrine, Practice

Fauci Is a Deep State Fraud

Hindus Kill Young Christian Mother

Corruption of the Quran (Koran, Qur'an)

Free: History of the Westminster Assembly

Shocking Free Sermons About Hell

COVID-19 Cure? Doctors Viral Video Censored

Unbelievers' Horror Before Entering Hell

214 Free (SWRB) MP3s by John Calvin

Joe Biden Reverently Quotes Muhammad

Dinosaurs in the Bible and on the Ark

Secret Sins, Spurgeon, Washer, Free

Racism, Skin Shade, The Bible & Science

Heaven & New Earth To Come, Rev. 21, 22

Two-Tone Twins (Black & White Twins!)

The Puritans & Exclusive Psalmody, Free

Life From Non-Life (Evolutionary Myth)

Identifying the Ten Horns & the Little Horn

Cultural Marxism, BLM, & Godless Media

What Is A Christian Nation? & More Free

The Trinity Vs. United (Oneness) Pentecostals

Wrong Views of Genesis 1, Free MP3s

God's Sovereignty, Calvinism & Reprobation

How Satan Uses "Social Justice", Free

Joe Biden Quotes Communist Dictator Mao

Is Evolution Pseudoscience? Free Videos

Precisely Identifying the Great Apostasy

Why Most Worship Is Actually Idolatry

Banned Article Climate Alarmists Refuted

Many More People Will Be Saved Than Lost

Abortion: The Black Genocide, Free Video

Joe Biden Reverently Quotes Muhammad

214 Free (SWRB) MP3s by John Calvin

Antichrist, What Did the Early Church Teach?

3 Sins That Defile America & the World

Islam Promotes & Condones Slavery, Free

Evolution Is Inherently Racist, Free

The Mystery Of Predestination, Free MP3s

Tucker Exposes the Democrat Mob (Video)

Old-Earth or Young-Earth Belief?

Free Christian Resources Against Racism

57 Free MP3s: Puritan Worship Series

Beauty for Ashes: There is Comfort Appointed

Worship: Calvinism or Arminianism?

Why Most Democrats/Leftists Are Racists

Richard Dawkins & Evolution Refuted

Puritan (Westminster) Fast Sermons

Remaining Faithful To God In Times Of Trouble

The Signs Of God's Judgment On A Nation

Free Reformed Commentaries On Revelation

Calvin's Ephesians Commentary Free Audio Book

Calvin Thunders Against False Worship

What is God? Phenomenal Free MP3

No, God Did Not Use Evolution, Free Video

Why Use the OT To Prove Infant Baptism?

Why Worship Is Sinful In Most Churches

Recent Creation: A Vital Doctrine, Free

Islam In Classic Reformed Eschatology

Nuclear Physicists Embrace Biblical Creation

A Blow At the Root Of Antinomianism, Free

101 Evidences: Young Earth & Universe

Worldwide Victory Of The Reformed Faith

Interpreting Prophecy: Reformation Keys

The Vatican Courtship Of Communist China

The Bible's Answer To Racism, Free

Mortifying Ungodly Emotions: Fear, Anxiety

The Great & Final Judgment, Much Free

Planned Parenthood Sells Baby Body Parts

Big Bang Theory = Satanic Science

Biblical Versus Satanic Civil Government

Iran's Khamenei: Israel Must Be Eliminated

Refuting William Lane Craig & Hugh Ross

Isaiah's Vision of God's Glory, Free

Sexual Sins, Lust & Stupid Preachers, Free

United Nations' Murderous Agenda Exposed

What Is the Heresy Of Arminianism

Joy's Eternal Increase: Edwards on Heaven

Classic Reformed Eschatology Overview

The Law of God Versus the Law of Man

The Blessing of Full Assurance, Free

God's Creation & Marvelous Molecular Machines

God's Holy Law & Christ's Mediatorial Reign

Puritan Quotes To Encourage You

Modern Science & the Bible Do Not Agree

Jesuit Origins of Preterism & Futurism

Craven Duplicity Among DemonRats

Biblical (Reformed) Apologetics, Free

1000s More Free Reformation Resources

The Pope Encourages Prayer To Allah

Leftists & DemonRats: Hypocrisy Exposed

Providence: Remedy To Fear & Anxiety

Arminianism In Worship Is Idolatry, Free

God's Sovereignty, Free MP3s & Videos

Repentance: What Saith the Scriptures?

Covenanting: Witsius, Calvin, Gillespie

The 1,260 Days Of Revelation Solved

Comfort for the Desponding, Free

God Loved Jacob, Hated Esau, Romans 9:13

John Calvin Against Worship Corruption

When the First Table of God's Law Falls

Biblical Civil Government Vs. the Beast

How Christians Are To Resist Tyrants

What Pope Francis Really Believes

Hell: Terrifying Sermons, Free

Islam: Stunning Bible Prophecy Fulfillments

The Papacy is the Antichrist, Free

The Coming Great Covenanted Reformation

Big Problems In Evangelical & Reformed Camps

Fossils Falsify Old Earth/Universe Myths

Rise of Antichrist & Corruption of Worship

Covenant Theology Versus Dispensationalism

Free: National Sins & National Judgments

Sovereignty Of God Over Men & Nations

Idolatry Brings Economic Calamity On Nations

More Good News About A Covid-19 Cure

Science, the Bible, & the Age of the Earth

Mystery of Providence, Free Puritan Classic

Did Jesus Say He Created in Six Days?

Science Confirms A Young Earth

The Federal Vision Is Still Heresy

God's Wrath: Coronavirus Pandemic

The Sovereignty of God & Patience, Free

Beginning of the End of the Pandemic

Did US Scientists Find A Cure For COV19?

Sin of Ishtar or Easter Worship

FDA Emergency Drug Authorization For Covid-19

Overcoming Depression, Discouragement and Trials Through God's Grace

Jonathan Edwards: Fall Of Antichrist

Signs Of God's Judgment On A Nation

FDA Approves Chinese Coronavirus Cure

Remaining Faithful To God In Times Of Trouble

Coronavirus Cure? Clinical Trial Results

A Dose Of Reality: Cures For Coronavirus

The Judgment Seat of Christ, Much Free

100% Cure Rate For ChiCom Coronavirus

Chinese Coronavirus, Covid-19, Home Remedy?

Mortifying Ungodly Emotions: Fear, Anxiety

Latest Numbers On the Coronavirus

All Things For Good, Free Resources

214 Free (SWRB) MP3s by John Calvin

Luther, God's Decree, & the Coronavirus

God Ordained All That Comes To Pass

God's Love Through Sickness & Suffering

George Whitefield, Free Resources

Evolution Is Religion -- Not Science

Keeping the Heart In Time of Adversity

Roman Catholicism Permeating Evangelicalism

Dealing With Addiction the Biblical Way

Antichrist In Your Home? Church? Nation?

Anti-Christian Bias In the Media, Hollywood

Worship: Calvinism or Arminianism?, Free

Calvin On Galatians & Ephesians, Free

How Nations Are Destroyed By False Worship

Practical Implications of Calvinism

Big Problems In Evangelical & Reformed Camps

Jonathan Edwards: Sovereignty Of God

Antichrist In Early Church Writings

Pope Francis Unmasked, Free

Coronavirus Vaccine Ready Soon

Meet the Puritans, 2 Free MP3s

Pastor Paul Washer Reviews and Recommends
the Puritan Hard Drive

 "In the history of extra-biblical study and research tools there has never before been a resource as useful as the Puritan Hard Drive."


Pastor Paul Washer

Pastor Paul Washer, HeartCry Missionary Society

With the Puritan Hard Drive I can now carry one of the largest Puritan and Reformed libraries in my pocket.

No matter where I am, as long as there is some form of power source to operate a computer, I have access to some of the best Puritan and Reformed literature available.

The Puritan Hard Drive is a tremendous blessing. I travel frequently to many parts of the globe. The Puritan Hard Drive allows me to continue my studies on the road with the same depth as when I am seated in my study at home.

The wonderful portability of this massive Puritan library (and remarkable research software) makes the Puritan Hard Drive ideal for missionaries, students, or anyone who needs instant access to the best Reformation study materials in a variety of locations.

There is much more to the Puritan Hard Drive than just convenience, portability and the exceptional quality and extraordinary number of Reformation resources it includes. Even if a minister owned the largest printed Puritan library in the world, he would not be able to properly research the material. However, the KnowledgeBase software on the Puritan Hard Drive provides an effective road map to access the material in ways that are easy-to-use, organized and highly productive. With the click of a button, you can easily do ten hours worth of research in just seconds!

Having the Puritan Hard Drive is like owning the largest Puritan and Reformed Library in the world along with a full time research assistant with his PhD in Puritan Studies from Oxford or Cambridge.

Imagine not only owning the largest Puritan and Reformed library, but having a full-time team of world-class research assistants at your beck and call.

The high level of educational and scholarly functionality, combined with a marvelous library of over 12,500 top Puritan and Reformed resources and an extremely reasonable price, really makes obtaining the Puritan Hard Drive a stewardship issue. It is almost as if God is saying, "Here is a tool that will lead you to more truth faster than ever before. Make the best possible use of it and bring much glory to My Name." (2 Timothy 2:15, Ephesians 5:16).

In the history of extra-biblical study and research tools there has never before been a resource as useful as the Puritan Hard Drive. The immense body of Reformation material (books, MP3s and videos) on the Puritan Hard Drive, along with the phenomenal proprietary software program that is included, makes the Puritan Hard Drive a valuable tool for Reformation in our day.

As a member of the HeartCry Missionary Society, I am witness to the great needs of Christians throughout the globe. Possibly the greatest need is sound Christian literature. Even though many Third World pastors read English, they have very few good books available to them. Even if we could afford to buy each indigenous minister a small library, the cost of shipping would be astronomical.  With the Puritan Hard Drive we can provide pastors throughout the globe with one of the most complete Puritan and Reformed libraries at a fraction of the cost.

The Puritan Hard Drive is also ideal for situations where concealment is a priority in countries which are hostile to the Gospel. The Puritan Hard Drive is the most compact way to smuggle the light of over 12,500 Reformation resources (with powerful study software) into the spiritual darkness of those nations that are in most need of Gospel truth.

- Paul Washer - HeartCry Missionary Society

SWRB Newsletters


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