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The once-in-a-lifetime 2-for-1 Puritan Hard Drive Super Sale ends MONDAY at 11:59PM (ET), September 22, 2014. Click here now for the biggest and best savings on the Puritan Hard Drive we have ever offered!

Pastor Scott Brown, on the right in the video above, is the Director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC)


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Pastor R. Andrew Compton Reviews and Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive

Andrew Compton


Just wanted to let you know, the Puritan Hard Drive came in the mail today. I spent a little over an hour browsing the contents and am looking forward to diving in and doing some serious reading! I'm floored at the sheer quantity and breadth of the contents. That so many of the .pdf's are OCR'd and searchable is truly remarkable!

I am amazed at my newly found ability to search Ursinus' Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism, Witsius' Economy of the Covenants, all seven volumes of Calvin's Selected Works: Tracts and Letters, Dabney's Discussions and his Lectures in Systematic Theology, as well as Charles Hodge's three volumes of Systematic Theology to name only a few. I haven't even begun to plumb the resources by Diodati, Hengstenberg, John Dick, Jonathan Edwards, Matthew Henry, Martin Luther ... and I could just keep on going!

When you mentioned the .mp3 collection, I must admit that I was skeptical at first; I wasn't sure I would have a need for .mp3s. Upon browsing the selection, however, I am convinced that this too will be an incredible resource - especially for my daily commute. I look forward to listening to audio book versions of Augustine's City of God and his Confessions, John Owen's Death of Death and his Mortification of Sin, and Jonathan Edwards' The Religious Affections - again, to name only a few!

I'm only at the beginning of my journey through the Puritan Hard Drive but based on what I've seen so far, some very delightful study lies ahead!

- Pastor R. Andrew Compton
Christ Reformed Church


2 for 1 Customer Appreciation Puritan Hard Drive Sale Guaranteed Until This MONDAY (September 22, 2014) At 11:59PM (ET)

Recently, our 2 for 1 Puritan Hard Drive (PHD) Super Sale started as a way to reduce excess inventory. However, we have been so moved by the outpouring of big-hearted Christian generosity and kindness (some even buying two PHDs for others, while not even buying one for themselves), from the many people who used the 2 for 1 sale to obtain Puritan Hard Drives for others in need (who often could not afford a PHD themselves, though they have desired to obtain the PHD for some time), that we have decided to renew the 2 for 1 sale one more time, until this MONDAY at 11:59PM (ET). Some people have also asked us for a little more time and we know some people are still on the fence about this purchase, so, Lord willing, this will be helpful to everyone in these positions.

We also believe our Lord would have us do this, to get more of His truth around, to bless more of His people and to bring more declarative glory to His great name (all by His grace) -- as we are able to get many more Puritan Hard Drives into the hands of those who need them most with a 2 for 1 offer. Moreover, after all the soul stirring testimonies of rejoicing we have heard in conjunction with the 2 for 1 offer (from both buyers and receivers of free Puritan Hard Drives), we would like to give everybody one more chance to take part in this blessedness from our Lord -- because "It is more blessed to give than to receive." (Acts 20:35).

2-for-1 Puritan Hard Drive Sale

The 2-for-1 PHD offer is not retroactive and other discount coupons are not valid for this offer.

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