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Calvin's Selected Works, Tracts and Letters (Volume 5) by John Calvin

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Calvin's Selected Works, Tracts and Letters (Volume 5)
John Calvin
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Volume five of John Calvin's Selected Works, Tracts and Letters contains:

LETTERS, PART 2 1545 - 1553. Edited by Jules Bonnet -- Translated by David Constable.


  • LETTER 144 -- TO VIRET. -- Unpopularity of Calvin -- various advises.
  • LETTER 145 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Exhortation to glorify God amid poverty and persecution.
  • LETTER 146 -- TO MADAME DE FALAIS -- Congratulations on the constancy manifested by her in the midst of trials -- salutations from the suffering Idelette de Bure.
  • LETTER 147 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Vanity of trust reposed in the princes of this world -- confidence in God.
  • LETTER 148 -- TO FAREL -- Captivity of Farel's brother -- ravages of the plague in Geneva.
  • LETTER 149 -- TO VIRET -- Dispersion of the School at Geneva -- contests at Neuchatel on the subject of church property -- Calvin's opinion of Farel.
  • LETTER 150 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Prayers for his restoration to health. 1546
  • LETTER 151 -- TO FAREL -- News from Germany -- journey of the French Ambassador to Geneva -- details concerning the condition of the town.
  • LETTER 152 -- TO VIRET -- Calvin dedicates to him one of his Commentaries.
  • LETTER 153 -- TO JOHN FRELLON. -- Rupture of the relations between Calvin and Servetus.
  • LETTER 154 -- TO FAREL -- Reply to various questions -- terrible threat against Servetus -- imprisonment of one of the leaders of the Libertins.
  • LETTER 155 -- TO FAREL -- Pacification of the Church at Neuchatel -- report of the speedy arrival of the Emperor in Savoy -- dangers at Geneva -- withering mention of Francis I.
  • LETTER 156 -- TO VIRET -- Election of a minister at Neuchatel -- sickness of Viret's wife.
  • LETTER 157 -- TO VIRET -- Calvin invites his friend to repair to Geneva after the death of his wife.
  • LETTER 158 -- TO VIRET -- Renewed and more pressing invitation to come to Geneva.
  • LETTER 159 -- TO THEODORE VITUS -- Indication of the various documents wherein are set forth the opinions of Calvin regarding the Lord's Supper -- earnest desires for union and peace among the Churches -- condition of Geneva.
  • LETTER 160 -- TO VIRET -- Instructions to Viret about a journey to Geneva.
  • LETTER 161 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Calvin's labors -- the diet at Ratisbon -- the Church of Metz -- the Reformation at Heidelberg -- Apology for M. de Falais -- opinion regarding the sermons of Ochino,..
  • LETTER 162 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Advice regarding the editing of the Apology -- details of a loan contracted for M. de Falais -- news from Germany and Italy -- Farel and Viret at Geneva -- death of Juan Diaz.
  • LETTER 163 -- TO FAREL -- Troubles at Geneva -- imprisonment of the several members of the family of Fayre -- account of the assassination of John Diaz at Neubourg.
  • LETTER 164 -- TO AMY PERRIN -- Complaints regarding the conduct of Perrin -- firm and courageous declaration by the Reformer of his resolution to persevere in his duty unto death.
  • LETTER 165 -- TO FAREL AND VIRET -- Requests in favor of the faithful in France.
  • LETTER 166 -- TO MADAME DE FALAIS -- Expression of Christian sympathy and condolence on occasion of the illness of M. de Falais,
  • LETTER 167 -- Excitement caused at Geneva by the Representation of a Play.
  • LETTER 168 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Proposals of matrimony on behalf of Viret.
  • LETTER 169 -- TO VIRET -- Account of the steps taken relative to his marriage.
  • LETTER 170 -- TO VIRET -- Fresh details regarding the prospects for his marriage.
  • LETTER 171 -- TO VIRET -- Same subject as the preceding.
  • LETTER 172 -- TO VIRET -- Breaking off of the match treated of in the preceding letters.
  • LETTER 173 -- TO FAREL -- Violence of the family of Amy Perrin -- declarations of the wife of Froment against the ministers of Geneva.
  • LETTER 174 -- TO FAREL -- Calvin's Indisposition -- literary labors -- apparent reconciliation with Perrin and his family.
  • LETTER 175 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Recurrence to the matrimonial projects of Viret -- explanations on various subjects.
  • LETTER 176 -- TO MADAME DE FALAIS -- Sad communication to be made to M. de Falais -- promise to send several discourses.
  • LETTER 177 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Congratulations on his convalescence -- uncertainty of prospects in Germany -- confidence in the all-powerful protection of God.
  • LETTER 178 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Excuses for Viret -- uses of sickness -- various rumors concerning the war in Germany -- explanations on the subject of the Supper.
  • LETTER 179 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Consolations on the death of his sister.
  • LETTER 180 -- TO MADAME DE FALAIS -- Assurances of affection for herself and her husband.
  • LETTER 181 -- TO VIRET -- Statement of the expense of a visit to Lausanne, on the occasion of Viret's marriage -- ecclesiastical difficulties at Berne.
  • LETTER 182 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Military movements in Switzerland -- policy of the Cantons in reference to the Emperor.
  • LETTER 183 -- TO MADAME DE BUDE -- Calvin exhorts this lady to leave France, and retire with her family to Geneva. 1547
  • LETTER 184 -- TO THE AVOYER NOEGUELY -- Complaints of the misconduct of several ministers in the Pays de Vaud,
  • LETTER 185 -- TO FAREL -- Mission of Calvin in Switzerland -- dispositions of the various Cantons.
  • LETTER 186 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Search for a house for that gentleman in Geneva -- various details -- mention of Charles V. and Francis I.
  • LETTER 187 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Instructions regarding the Apology -- alarming rumors current at Geneva -- Calvin's confidence.
  • LETTER 188 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Disputes of M. de Falais with Valeran Poulain -- reports of the expected arrival of the former in Geneva.
  • LETTER 189 -- TO VALERAN POULAIN -- Severe reprobation of his behavior towards M. de Falais -- reply to a calumny directed against the Reformer.
  • LETTER 190 -- TO VIRET -- Weakness of the Genevese magistracy -- expectation of Viret's arrival in Geneva.
  • LETTER 191 -- TO WOLFGANG MUSCULUS -- Anxiety regarding the Churches of Germany -- advice to Musculus.
  • LETTER 192 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Steps taken at Basle to retract a promise of marriage made to Valeran Poulain.
  • LETTER 193 -- TO FRANCIS DRYANDER -- Confused state of the Church -- hopes and fears for the future.
  • LETTER 194 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- The sending of a minister -- perplexities regarding anticipated events in Germany.
  • LETTER 195 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Information in regard to a house -- advice on the subject of a marriage proposed for a relative of Monsieur de Falais.
  • LETTER 196 -- TO VIRET -- Interview of Calvin with a senator of Berne -- advantage secured over the party of the Libertins.
  • LETTER 197 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Recommendation of John de Bude -- uncertainty of the news from Germany.
  • LETTER 198 -- TO MONSIEUR DE BUDE -- He exhorts him to follow the example of the reset of his family, and retire to Geneva.
  • LETTER 199 -- TO VIRET -- Citation before the Consistory of the wife of Amy Perrin -- case of Gruet -- news from Germany.
  • LETTER 200 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Solemn lessons afforded by the sad occurrences in Germany -- troubles in Geneva -- negative attitude of Calvin.
  • LETTER 201 -- TO VIRET -- Indecision of the Seigneurs of Geneva -- inflexibility of Calvin.
  • LETTER 202 -- TO THE FAITHFUL OF FRANCE -- State of Germany -- details regarding the struggles of the Reformer in the cause of the truth at Geneva.
  • LETTER 203 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Thanksgivings for the happy deliverance of Madame de Falais -- false reports concerning the state of Geneva -- details regarding the publication of the Apology -- indisposition of Calvin, and his regret at being separated from Monsieur de Falais.
  • LETTER 204 -- To Farel -- False report of Calvin's death -- proposition (query) by the wife of Amy Perrin -- calumnious accusation against Idelette de Bure -- journey of Farel to Geneva.
  • LETTER 205 -- TO VIRET -- Mention of a letter from M. de Falais -- Emmanuel Tremelli -- a book by Viret -- journey of Bude and Nicolas des Gallars to Paris.
  • LETTER 206 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS Dedication of the Apology -- mention of M. de Mommor -- sickness of Maldonado.
  • LETTER 207 -- TO HENRY BULLINGER -- Comments by Calvin on a work by Bullinger -- state of Germany and Italy -- policy of the Cantons.
  • LETTER 208 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Return of Nicolas des Gallars -- stay of Farel and Viret at Geneva.
  • LETTER 209 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Reassuring intelligence on the state of Geneva -- restoration of Maldonado.
  • LETTER 210 -- TO FAREL -- Sad state of the Republic -- discouragement of the Reformer.
  • LETTER 211 -- TO VIRET -- Rising at the Hotel de Ville. -- heroic bearing of Calvin -- trust in God alone.
  • LETTER 212 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Printing of The Apology -- troubles at Geneva.
  • LETTER 213 -- TO VIRET -- Invitation to come to Geneva. LETTER 214 -- TO FAREL -- Publication of The Antidote -- statement regarding the condition of Geneva.
  • LETTER 215 -- TO THE FAMILY OF BUDE -- Consolations on occasion of the Death of one of its Members. 1548
  • LETTER 216 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Cost of printing of The Apology -- despatch of several copies.
  • LETTER 217 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Particulars regarding his departure, and the purchase of a property near Geneva.
  • LETTER 218 -- TO HENRY BULLINGER -- Brotherly explanations regarding the difference on the subject of the Communion.
  • LETTER 219 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS Obstacles to his departure -- delay of some months.
  • LETTER 220 -- TO FAREL -- Distressing condition of the Swiss churches.
  • LETTER 221 -- TO FAREL AND VIRET -- Disputes among the ministers of Berne -- and Calvin's journey thither.
  • LETTER 222 -- TO VIRET -- Communications regarding affairs at Berne.
  • LETTER 223 -- TO VIRET -- Ecclesiastical tyranny of the Seigneurs of Berne -- sojourn of Idelette de Bure at Lausanne.
  • LETTER 224 -- TO HENRY BULLINGER -- New explanations regarding the Supper -- violence of some of the Bernese ministers -- Calvinism and Buceranism.
  • LETTER 225 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Preparations for the marriage of Mademoiselle de Wilergy, his relation.
  • LETTER 226 -- TO FAREL -- Uncertainty regarding the disposition of the Cantons -- stay of Monsieur and Madame de Falais in Calvin's house.
  • LETTER 227 -- TO VIRET -- Embarrassment occasioned to Calvin by the treacherous publication of one of his letters to Viret.
  • LETTER 228 -- TO A FRENCH SEIGNEUR -- Exhortation to come to Geneva, that he might there serve the Lord faithfully.
  • LETTER 229 -- TO THE PROTECTOR SOMERSET -- Duties imposed on the Protector by the high orifice which he holds -- plan of a complete reformation in England -- preaching of the pure word of God -- rooting out of abuses -- correction of vices and scandalous offenses.
  • LETTER 230 -- TO FAREL -- Election of new magistrates at Geneva -- troubles in France -- letter from Bucer.
  • LETTER 231 -- TO JOHN STURM -- Evidences of faith and Christian steadfastness, amid the dangers that threaten the Church. 1549
  • LETTER 232 -- TO MADAME DE CANY -- Exhortation to a courageous and honest profession of the truth.
  • LETTER 233 -- TO MADEMOISELLE DE -- Exhortations to steadfastness in the faith -- acknowledgment of liberality.
  • LETTER 234 -- TO THE MINISTERS OF THE CHURCH OF MONTBELLARD -- Exhortations to discharge to the end their ministerial duties.
  • LETTER 235 -- TO HENRY BULLINGER -- Hope of Union with the theologians of Zurich -- dedication of several writings.
  • LETTER 236 -- TO BUCER -- Consolations to be found in the study of divine and everlasting truth.
  • LETTER 237 -- TO THE PASTORS OF THE CHURCH OF BERNE -- Desire of union between the Churches of Berne and Geneva.
  • LETTER 238 -- TO VIRET -- Death of Idelette de Bure, the wife of Calvin.
  • LETTER 239 -- TO FAREL -- Further details regarding the death of Idelette de Bure.
  • LETTER 240 -- TO MADAME DE CANY -- Account of the instructive death of Madame Laurent de Normandie.
  • LETTER 241 -- TO VIRET -- Various particulars -- recommendation of Francis Hotman, Jurisconsult.
  • LETTER 242 -- TO HENRY BULLINGER -- Pleading in favor of the alliance of the Reformed Cantons with France,.
  • LETTER 243 -- TO MADAME DE LA ROCHE-POSAY -- He exhorts her and her companions to live in conformity with the law of God.
  • LETTER 244 -- TO BUCER -- Encouragements and consolations -- desire for the conclusion of peace between France and England -- excesses of the ultra-Lutheran party in Switzerland and Germany -- agreement between the Churches of Geneva and Zurich.
  • LETTER 245 -- TO LADY ANNE SEYMOUR -- Thanks to the Duchess of Somerset, the mother of Anne Seymour -- exhortation to perseverance in the true faith.
  • LETTER 246 -- TO FAREL -- Reply by the Protector of England to a letter from Calvin.
  • LETTER 247 -- TO FAREL -- Imprisonment of two brothers of M. de Falais -- persecution in the Low Countries and in France.
  • LETTER 248 -- TO VIRET -- Negotiations in reference to the publication of the Consensus -- George, Count of Montbeliard.
  • LETTER 249 -- TO THE PASTORS OF THE CHURCH OF ZURICH -- Urgent recommendation of the adoption of a fixed formulary in the celebration of the Lord's Supper.
  • LETTER 250 -- TO BULLINGER -- Revisal of the Formulary -- persecutions in France.
  • LETTER 251 -- TO FAREL AND VIRET -- Letter concerning Vergerio -- history of Francis Spira.
  • LETTER 252 -- TO FAREL -- Criticism on a work by Farel.
  • LETTER 253 -- TO VIRET -- First mention of Theodore Beza -- poverty of Calvin's colleagues.
  • LETTER 254 -- TO JOHN HALLER -- A reformer's complaints on the malevolence of the Bernese ministers.
  • LETTER 255 -- TO WOLFGANG MUSCULUS. -- Prohibition of the Vaudois Conferences -- remonstrances on the intolerance of the Bernese ministers towards those of France.
  • LETTER 256 -- TO MONSIEUR DE SAINT LAURENS -- Statement of leading articles of the Reformed Faith. 1550
  • LETTER 257 -- TO THE PROTECTOR SOMERSET -- Congratulations on the royal favor shown to the Duke of Somerset -- use to be made of his influence for spreading the Gospel in England,
  • LETTER 258 -- TO FAREL -- Tidings from Germany and England -- recommendation of a domestic.
  • LETTER 259 -- TO FAREL -- Election of a new Pope.
  • LETTER 260 -- TO FRANCIS DRYANDER -- Counsels and encouragements -- collection of Commentaries on Isaiah by Des Gallars.
  • LETTER 261 -- TO NICOLAS COLLADON -- Settlement of the Colladon family at Geneva.
  • LETTER 262 -- TO THE SEIGNEURY OF GENEVA -- Notice of a publication attributed to Gruet
  • LETTER 263 -- TO MELANCTHON -- Controversies excited in Germany by the establishment of the Interim -- brotherly reproofs.
  • LETTER 264 -- TO VIRET -- Hope of an early visit from Viret -- projected excursions in the neighborhood of Geneva.
  • LETTER 265 -- TO FAREL -- Opinion regarding Vergerio -- intelligence regarding Bucer -- letter to Melanchthon -- disputes with Berne -- literary publications of Calvin.
  • LETTER 266 -- TO WILLIAM RABOT -- Exhortation to the study of the Scriptures.
  • LETTER 267 -- TO FAREL -- Publication of the book on Scandals -- persecution by the King of France -- Bucer's discouragement.
  • LETTER 268 -- TO FAREL -- State of religion in England -- Calvin's literary labors -- arrival of Robert Stephens at Geneva.
  • LETTER 269 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Misconduct of a servant of M. de Falais. 1551
  • LETTER 270 -- TO HALLER -- Explanations on the subject of the abolition of the great festivals at Geneva.
  • LETTER 271 -- TO VIRET -- Criticism of a mandate published by the Seigneurs of Berne.
  • LETTER 272 -- TO RICHARD LE FEVRE -- Explanations regarding various points of doctrine in dispute between the Romish and the Reformed Churches.
  • LETTER 273 -- TO VIRET -- Various particulars -- literary labors of Theodore Beza.
  • LETTER 274 -- TO THE KING OF ENGLAND -- He exhorts him to persevere in the work of the Reformation in his kingdom -- enumeration of abuses, ceremonies, ecclesiastical elections -- universities.
  • LETTER 275 -- TO BULLINGER -- He excuses the infrequency of his letters, and urges the publication of the Consensus.
  • LETTER 276 -- TO BULLINGER -- Thanks for a document -- dedication of two commentaries to the King of England -- captivity of Bishop Hooper -- movements of the Emperor in Germany.
  • LETTER 277 -- TO HENRY BULLINGER -- Mention of a letter to the Duke of Somerset -- re-opening of the Council of Trent -- symptoms of war in Europe.
  • LETTER 278 -- TO VIRET -- Death of Bucer and Joachim Vadian.
  • LETTER 279 -- TO FAREL -- Renewed expressions of regret for the death of Vadian and Bucer -- controversies excited by Osiander -- numerous migrations to Geneva -- commencement of hostilities in Italy.
  • LETTER 280 -- TO A FRENCH GENTLEMAN -- Sickness of Theodore Beza -- Calvin's grief.
  • LETTER 281 -- TO THE DUKE OF SOMERSET -- Protestations of attachment -- reforms required in the Church of England -- squandering of the revenues of benefices and of the universities.
  • LETTER 282 -- TO VIRET -- Reply to the attacks of Pighius, and of George of Sicily.
  • LETTER 283 -- TO THE MINISTERS OF NEUCHATEL -- Arrest of a minister from Neuchatel in France -- steps for obtaining his release.
  • LETTER 284 -- TO BULLINGER -- Edict of Chateaubriand, in France -- attacks on Calvin in Geneva.
  • LETTER 285 -- TO THE MINISTERS OF SWITZERLAND. -- Statement of the controversy with Bolsec regarding Election.
  • LETTER 286 -- TO OSWALD MYCONIUS -- Recommendations regarding the dispute with Bolsec -- request on behalf of the Protestants of France.
  • LETTER 287 -- TO CHRISTOPHER FABRI -- Calvin's dissatisfaction with the reply of the Ministers of Bale, and the conduct of Monsieur de Falais regarding the affair with Bolsec.
  • LETTER 288 -- TO FAREL -- Recommendation of a schoolmaster -- complaints against the ministers of Zurich.
  • LETTER 289 -- TO LELIO SOCIN -- Refusal to reply to the curious questions proposed to him by Socin. 1552
  • LETTER 290 -- TO BULLINGER -- Thanks for the zeal manifested on behalf of the faithful in France -- complaints of the conduct of the ministers of Zurich in the affair of Bolsec.
  • LETTER 291 -- TO FAREL -- Fresh complaints by Calvin against the ministers of Zurich and Berne -- his unpopularity in the latter city -- advises to Farel.
  • LETTER 292 -- TO MADAME DE CANY -- Rigorous and inflexible spirit of Calvin against heresy -- praise of Theodore Beza.
  • LETTER 293 -- TO BULLINGER -- Journey of Calvin and Farel in Switzerland -- steps in favor of the Reformed in France -- return to the affairs of Bolsec.
  • LETTER 294 -- TO CRANMER -- Agreement to the proposal for assembling a General Synod for the more close union of the Reformed Churches.
  • LETTER 295 -- TO BULLINGER -- Fresh details regarding the persecutions in France.
  • LETTER 296 -- TO THE FIVE PRISONERS OF LYONS -- MARTIAL ALBA, PETER ESCRIVAIN, CHARLES FAVRE, PETER NAVIHERES, BERNARD SEGUIN -- Information on various doctrinal points, and assurances of Christian sympathy.
  • LETTER 297 -- TO EDWARD VI. Dedication of a new work, and Christian exhortations.
  • LETTER 298 -- TO CRANMER -- Calvin exhorts him to prosecute with fresh zeal the reformation of the Church in England, by purging it of the relics of Popery.
  • LETTER 299 -- TO JOHN LINER -- Thanks for the zeal manifested by him on behalf of the prisoners of Lyon.
  • LETTER 300 -- TO THE FRENCH CHURCH IN LONDON -- Exhortations to harmony -- Is it lawful to call Mary the Mother of God, and to pray for the Pope?
  • LETTER 301 -- TO THE SEIGNEURS OF GENEVA -- Reply of Calvin to the Syndics of Geneva in the case of Trolliet.
  • LETTER 302 -- TO FAREL -- Conspiracy of the Libertins -- energy of the Reformer -- struggles of Viret at Lausanne.
  • LETTER 303 -- TO VIRET -- Literary labors of Theodore Beza.
  • LETTER 304 -- TO AMBROISE BLAURER -- Troubles at Geneva -- sad intelligence from France and Germany -- steady in the promises of God.
  • LETTER 305 -- TO MELANCTHON -- Earnest desires for the continuance of their mutual affection -- disputes with Trolliet -- longing for agreement in doctrine regarding the Communion and Election.
  • LETTER 306 -- TO MONSIEUR DE FALAIS -- Rupture of Calvin with the Seigneur. 1553
  • LETTER 307 -- TO MATHIEU DIMONET -- Exhortation to patience and constancy under persecution.
  • LETTER 308 -- TO CHRISTOPHER FABRI -- Congratulations on the subject of his approaching marriage -- Calvin's regret that he cannot be present at the ceremony.
  • LETTER 309 -- TO JOHN CHEKE -- Calvin apologizes for silence, and enjoins him to use his influence with the King for the advancement of the Gospel in England.
  • LETTER 310 -- TO THE FIVE PRISONERS OF LYONS -- Exhortations to constancy -- mention of Oritz the Inquisitor.
  • LETTER 311 -- TO EDWARD VI. -- Recommendation of a French gentleman, a prisoner for the sake of the Gospel.
  • LETTER 312 -- TO FAREL -- Serious illness and unexpected recovery of Farel -- Calvin's joy.
  • LETTER 313 -- TO CHRISTOPHER AND TO THOMAS ZOLLICOFFRE -- Last steps in favor of the prisoners of Lyons.
  • LETTER 314 -- TO CRANMER -- He entreats his influence in favor of the person already recommended to the King.
  • LETTER 315 -- TO MONSIEUR DE MAROLLES -- Christian encouragement and consolation.
  • LETTER 316 -- TO VIRET -- Extinction of all hope in regard to the prisoners of Lyons.
  • LETTER 317 -- TO BULLINGER -- Assurances of respect and fraternal affection.
  • LETTER 318 -- TO THE FIVE PRISONERS OF LYONS -- He exhorts them to steadfastness unto the end, in the assurance of eternal joy reserved in heaven.
  • LETTER 319 -- TO MADAME DE CANY -- Expression of Christian sympathy under trial.
  • LETTER 320 -- TO THE PRISONERS OF LYONS -- He impresses on them the duty of maintaining their confession of the truth quietly and modestly.
  • LETTER 321 -- TO BULLINGER -- Expression of regret for the death of the King of England -- sad condition of the German Church.
  • LETTER 322 -- TO FAREL -- Arrest of Servetus, and institution of the process against him.
  • LETTER 323 -- TO DENIS PELOQUIS; AND LOUIS DE MARSAC -- Information regarding various controverted points -- exhortation to fidelity, even unto martyrdom.
  • LETTER 324 -- TO HIS DEARLY BELOVED THE PASTORS OF THE CHURCH OF FRANKFORT -- Request for the destruction of the copies at Frankfort of the book of Servetus.
  • LETTER 325 -- TO VIRET -- Troubles at Geneva -- Berthelier and the chiefs of the Libertins are refused admission to the Lord's Table.
  • LETTER 326 -- TO HENRY BULLINGER -- Deep anxiety on account of the condition of the English Churches -- Conference of the Swiss Churches in regard to Servetus.
  • LETTER 327 -- TO SULZER -- Statement of the errors of Servetus, and of the duty of the Christian magistrate to repress them.
  • LETTER 328 -- TO A CAPTIVE LADY -- He consoles her under her trials, and exhorts her to use every means to secure her retreat to Geneva.
  • LETTER 329 -- TO THE BELIEVERS IN THE ISLES -- Religious counsels, and announcement of the sending of a minister.
  • LETTER 330 -- TO FAREL -- Acknowledgment of Farel's care for the Church of Geneva.
  • LETTER 331 -- TO FAREL -- Deliverance by the Swiss Churches regarding Servetus -- vain efforts of Calvin to obtain a mitigation of his punishment.
  • LETTER 332 -- TO MADAME DE PONS -- He encourages her to come out of the spiritual bondage in which she is held.
  • LETTER 333 -- TO VIRET -- Recommendation of several English refugees in Switzerland.
  • LETTER 334 -- TO BULLINGER -- Appeal to the Magistrates of Zurich in reference to ecclesiastical discipline -- thanks for the aid afforded by the ministers of that Church in the affair of Servetus.
  • LETTER 335 -- TO THE PASTORS AND DOCTORS OF THE CHURCH OF ZURICH -- Account of the struggles at Geneva for the maintenance of ecclesiastical discipline -- appeal to the Pastors of Zurich for their influence with the magistrates of that town.
  • LETTER 336 -- TO BULLINGER -- Fresh details regarding ecclesiastical discipline -- hope of speedy realization -- announcement of the publication of a book against the errors of Servetus.
  • LETTER 337 -- TO FAREL -- Assistance afforded to the faithful refugees in Switzerland -- reply of the Churches on the subject of ecclesiastical discipline.
  • LETTER 338 -- TO AN ITALIAN LADY -- He exhorts her to withdraw, by a voluntary exile, from the persecution and idolatry reigning in Italy.
  • LETTER 339 -- TO A SEIGNEUR OF JERSEY -- Christian exhortations -- sending of a minister.

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