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Pastor Scott Brown, on the left in the video above, is the Director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC)

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What Really Happened During The 2020 Election
(Great Short Video)


What Really Happened During The 2020 Election
(Great Short Video)

Dr. Steven Dilday on the Puritan Hard Drive

Unmasked: Have We Uncovered the Truth About the 2020 Election? (Great Short Video

Must Watch: Shocking Absolute Proof Of Trump's Landslide Victory Over Biden: My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell Releases A Stunning and Elaborate Documentary On the Greatest Election Steal In History (Video)

Probably the best video, so far, proving, without a doubt, that the 2020 Presidential (and other elections too) were totally fraudulent and constitute the greatest election steals in history! Many experts testify and provide specific irrefutable proof about who, how, and when the massive 2020 election fraud took place.

"US elections will never be free and fair in the future until all the fraud is investigated and adequately and independently addressed. The 2020 election was the largest steal in world history.  Everyone but the President and the American people were involved.-"  Gateway Pundit 

Biden is an illegitimate President: “We Can’t Afford to Be Willfully Ignorant Anymore” Americans Need to Demand Real Forensic Audits of Swing State Ballots, Christina Bobb (OAN Video)

Biblical Civil Government Versus Satanic Civil Government, by Jim Dodson, Greg Price and John Knox (Free Christian MP3s, Books and Quotations)

Democrat Party = Great Satanic Evil

Expert Mathematician Says “Impossible” For Biden Numbers To Occur Naturally (Video)

Data Expert Claims His Team Has Identified Enough Fraudulent Ballots in Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin to Overthrow the Election


Historicism (Every Classic Reformation Confession, Creed, Covenant, and Catechism Was Historicist When Dealing With Eschatology), Free

Postmillennialism, Free

To the Very Hour! God's Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnisapience, Etc., On Display In the Perfect Historical Fulfillments Of Prophecies, In Revelation, Regarding the Rise, Expansion and Fall Of Islam and the Papal Antichrist, and Much More, By Dr. Steven Dilday, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, W.J. Mencarow, John Owen, Greg Price, John Calvin, George Gillespie (Westminster Divine), J.A. Wylie, Richard Bennett, John Foxe, David Steele and Others (Free Reformed MP3s, Videos and Books

Eschatology of Victory in the Bible, by Dr. Francis Nigel Lee, David Steele, Greg Price, et al. (Many Free SWRB MP3s)

Calvinism In Salvation, Free

Providence, Free

Calvinism In Worship, Free

Why Is Reformed Worship So Important? The Puritans, Covenanters, Reformers & The Regulative Principle Of Worship (RPW), by Dr. Steven Dilday, John Calvin, Greg Price & Others (Free MP3s

Political Bombshell: New and Exclusive Video Proof Of Massive Election Fraud - Newly Discovered Video Shows Late Night Deliveries of Tens of Thousands of Illegal (Biden) Ballots to Michigan Arena (Video Exclusive: The TCF Center Election Fraud)

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Jim Dodson Reviews and Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive


If you love the Bible, then you may well be Reformed. If you think of yourself as Reformed, but you have seldom or have never read older Reformed literature, prepare to be challenged. The Puritan Hard Drive provides primary sources and depth of theological and spiritual insight which is lacking in much of what is passed off as genuine Reformed theology. If you think of yourself as conservative, the older Puritan and Reformed authors will help you sort reality from myth in your quest to be truly Reformed. There are more solid resources for less money here than anywhere else. I highly recommend you take responsibility for your soul and spend a few shekels for this cup of cold water in the midst of the modern religious desert.

- Jim Dodson, Reformed Presbyterian Scholar,

What Really Happened During The 2020 Election
(Great Short Video)