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Pastor Scott Brown, on the left in the video above, is the Director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC)

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“Yes, President Trump Won: The Case, Evidence & Statistical Receipts” In Volume Three of Navarro Report


“Yes, President Trump Won: The Case, Evidence & Statistical Receipts” In Volume Three of Navarro Report

Dr. Steven Dilday on the Puritan Hard Drive

“Yes, President Trump Won: The Case, Evidence & Statistical Receipts” In Volume Three of Navarro Report

Excerpt: The third and final volume of Dr. Peter Navarro’s massive study of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election should lay to rest any doubt that fraud was used to hand the election to the loser, Joe Biden. Manipulators knew that Biden couldn’t win on his own and so insiders rigged the system. Concluded Navarro: "In the face of this evidence, no reasonable person would conclude that the 2020 presidential election was, beyond any shadow of doubt, a fair election. ... In light of this evidence, it is impossible for anyone to claim that President Trump was in any way wrong in stoutly raising the question of election fraud and irregularities in the weeks following the November 3 election and in calling for his supporters to peacefully protest. Indeed, for the president not to rise to defend [question] the integrity of the ballot box would have been a betrayal of the 74 million Americans who voted for the president, thinking they were participating in what [was] not … a free and fair election." Navarro took on the claims that there was no evidence of fraud, just conspiracy theories. These claims fail in light of Navarro’s massive study. Wrote Navarro: "In light of this evidence, it is also irresponsible — in the extreme — for the Democrat Party and its leadership, or journalists in the mainstream media, or RINO Republicans, to claim there is no evidence of election irregularities. That’s absurd on its face." As a result of the fraud, wrote Navarro, “We have moved dangerously in what seems like a nanosecond from a full and vibrant American Democracy [sic] to a Communist Chinese-style, Cancel Culture, Police State.”His report, based on evidence compiled in more than 50 lawsuits, thousands of affidavits, and testimonies gave proof of “a coordinated strategy to effectively stack the deck against the Trump-Pence ticket.”The report reviewed the fraud in each of the six battleground states, which the Democrats knew they had to seize to keep Trump from winning a second term. ... All told, the possible illegal votes totaled 3,069,002, giving Biden a “victory” margin of 312,992 over Trump. Put another way, Trump voters likely outvoted Biden by more than 2.3 million, but they were buried under the avalanche of fake, phony, fraudulent, and illegal Biden ballots. It’s likely that, had enough individuals with backbone and commitment to their constitutional oaths studied this information and concluded that there was in fact massive fraud, the inauguration taking place on Wednesday would be for a second term for President Donald J. Trump. As it is, Biden will wear the moniker “Commander-in-Thief” for the time he spends in office before he resigns.

“A Fake Candidate Who Didn’t Actually Run a Campaign – No Way He Got 81 Million Votes. It’s a Fraud!” – Epic! Former GOP Spox Goes Off on Joe Biden Charade (Video)

Excerpt: The pro-Trump GOP official made headlines last week when she claimed on national television that the “real insurrection” happened when the president lost the 2020 election. On Wednesday Liz spoke truth to justice during her Newsmax interview, going off on the rigged election and the fake candidate, Joe Biden."Liz Harrington: That’s what happens when you don’t have to be accountable to the voters because the voters didn’t elect him. We have more troops than people at this inauguration. We have more flags than people because this is an illegitimate person, a fake candidate who didn’t run a campaign who doesn’t actually have support. If they would have opened this up (President Trump’s speech) there would have been more people at Joint Base Andrews today for President Trump than there would be for Joe Biden because he didn’t have the support. There’s no way he got 81 million votes. It’s a fraud. ... And I think an opinion shared by tens of millions of Americans." Spoken like a true American patriot! The ’81 million’ propaganda even makes president Obama jealous. As much as they try the fascist Left can’t hide the truth forever.

‘This Is What 80 Million Votes Looks Like’: Biden Inauguration Empty (PICS)

Excerpt: Joseph Biden’s “inauguration” is empty. It’s that simple, and that humiliating. And that goes beyond the COVID restrictions freshly introduced for the event – with even the near-side of the National Mall which is allowed to be occupied – empty. ... Compare the images from 2017 (Trump’s inauguration) and 2021 (Biden’s) for yourself.

The Chinese Communists are Gloating: “Good Riddance Donald Trump”

Excerpt: CHINA IS IN CHARGE – The Chinese Communist Party is gloating today. They did it! China is not even hiding their absolute glee that they helped get rid of President Donald Trump! Democrats are right there with them. So are the Iranians. So is Maduro in Venezuela. It’s very clear now.

DNI Ratcliffe Releases Report Showing China Interfered with the 2020 Election and CIA Management Pressured Analysts Not to Report It

Laura Loomer: I’ve Been Banned From Owning A Firearm, A Warning Of What’s To Come For All Conservative Americans

Hungary Will Take Action Against Big Tech Shadowbanning of Christians, Conservatives, and Other Right-Wingers

Excerpt: The government of Viktor Orban, prime minister of Hungary, has announced its commitment to take on Big Tech’s shadowbanning of Christians, conservatives, and other assorted right-wingers. In a Facebook post shared Monday, Hungarian Minister of Justice Judit Varga said she believes that shadowbanning—the secret restriction of a social media user’s visibility—violates “fundamental democratic legal norms that form the basis of Western-type culture.” Because of Big Tech’s “systematic abuses,” Varga said she convened a meeting of the Hungarian Digital Freedom Committee and will soon meet with the president of the Hungarian Competition Authority regarding “the possibility of sanctioning unfair commercial practices.” ... The Hungarian government, along with the Polish government, is considered one of the last in the Western world that’s committed to some form of social conservatism and resistance against neoliberal globalism. Big League Politics has thus closely followed Prime Minister Orban and Hungary over the past several months, reporting on Orban’s various confrontations with George Soros and news such as their proposed constitutional amendment to prevent gay couples from adopting children.

Joe Biden to Reverse Many of Trump's Pro-Life Policies, Abortion Restrictions

Trump, in Final Proclamation, Urges Americans to Fight for the Unborn: They're 'Made in the Holy Image of God'


Historicism (Every Classic Reformation Confession, Creed, Covenant, and Catechism Was Historicist When Dealing With Eschatology), Free

Postmillennialism, Free

To the Very Hour! God's Omnipotence, Omniscience, Omnisapience, Etc., On Display In the Perfect Historical Fulfillments Of Prophecies, In Revelation, Regarding the Rise, Expansion and Fall Of Islam and the Papal Antichrist, and Much More, By Dr. Steven Dilday, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, W.J. Mencarow, John Owen, Greg Price, John Calvin, George Gillespie (Westminster Divine), J.A. Wylie, Richard Bennett, John Foxe, David Steele and Others (Free Reformed MP3s, Videos and Books

Eschatology of Victory in the Bible, by Dr. Francis Nigel Lee, David Steele, Greg Price, et al. (Many Free SWRB MP3s)

Calvinism In Salvation, Free

Providence, Free

Calvinism In Worship, Free

Why Is Reformed Worship So Important? The Puritans, Covenanters, Reformers & The Regulative Principle Of Worship (RPW), by Dr. Steven Dilday, John Calvin, Greg Price & Others (Free MP3s

Situation Update, Jan 20th - Day of Reckoning: Will the republic DIE or be REBORN?, By Mike Adams (Video)

The Darkest Hour, Communist China and the Deep State Fifth Generational Warfare, Unconventional Globalist Warfare, Massive Election Fraud, Informational Warfare, Big Tech and Big Media Censorship, Third Generation Kinetic Warfare, We Will Win This In the End., By Jeffrey Prather (Video)

Trump Declassifies Material in FBI’s Russia Investigation

Repeat CNN Guest Charged With Acting As Secret Iranian Regime Propagandist

Jim Dodson Reviews and Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive


If you love the Bible, then you may well be Reformed. If you think of yourself as Reformed, but you have seldom or have never read older Reformed literature, prepare to be challenged. The Puritan Hard Drive provides primary sources and depth of theological and spiritual insight which is lacking in much of what is passed off as genuine Reformed theology. If you think of yourself as conservative, the older Puritan and Reformed authors will help you sort reality from myth in your quest to be truly Reformed. There are more solid resources for less money here than anywhere else. I highly recommend you take responsibility for your soul and spend a few shekels for this cup of cold water in the midst of the modern religious desert.

- Jim Dodson, Reformed Presbyterian Scholar,

“Yes, President Trump Won: The Case, Evidence & Statistical Receipts” In Volume Three of Navarro Report