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Pastor Scott Brown, on the left in the video above, is the Director of the National Center for Family-Integrated Churches (NCFIC)

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Biblical Worship by Brian Schwertley (Many Free Books, MP3s & Video)

Pastor Brian Schwertley on the Puritan Hard Drive

The Teaching of Jesus on Worship by Brian Schwertley

Sola Scriptura and the Regulative Principle of Worship by Brian Schwertley

Pastor Greg Price on the Puritan Hard Drive

Sola Scriptura: Reformed & Evangelical Declension By Brian Schwertley, Greg Price, the Westminster Divines & Others (Free MP3s, Videos & Books)

John Calvin on the Regulative Principle of Worship by Brian Schwertley

Justin Rawson on the Puritan Hard Drive

Liturgical Antinomianism by Brian Schwertley

A series of sermons about how Roman Catholic idolatry enters Protestantism. This whole MP3 series contains very important messages about how Satan is corrupting the worship of God in our day, using men (like James Jordan, John Frame, Doug Wilson, Steve Schlissel, Jeffrey Meyers, Vern Poythress, et al.) who claim some connections to the Reformed faith, but who, in reality, teach principles of worship much closer to Rome and the Papacy than to the Reformation and the best Reformers. To find out why John Calvin would have excommunicated both John Frame and James Jordan, given the idolatrous nature of their beliefs and public teaching regarding worship, please see ctualNLs/frameexc.htm. The free article, "A Warning Against the False and Dangerous Views of James Jordan Concerning Worship," is at ctualNLs/blastjj.htm and will also expose more about the heresy and idolatry noted throughout Brian Schwertley's "must hear" MP3 series entitled "Liturgical Antinomianism." Sermon four, in particular, is a much needed study refuting the nonsense, idolatry and heresy of James Jordan. More refuting James Jordan the can be found at /freebook/refworsh.htm (search for "Jordan"). The following quote, from Kevin Reed's, The Canterbury Tales (emphases added), is apropos,

In a Lutheran/Anglican posture, Mr. Jordan is asserting that the church has been granted broad discretionary power to establish means of worship. This is similar to the Anabaptist notions, which allow the 'moving of the Spirit' to govern the present activities of the church, without any direct appeal to the law of God. In both cases, the church has the power to worship God according to the devices of men. However, the Anabaptist opts for subjectivism (due to an emphasis on individualism); the other opts for traditionalism (with an emphasis on the corporate consensus). Yet, the law of God rejects both a subjective appeal (Deut. 12:8), and an appeal to the consensus (Deut. 12:30-31). Rather, the biblical admonition directs men to the scriptural pattern of worship (Deut. 12:32).

In sermon eight Brian Schwertley conclusively demonstrates how Jordan's views on worship are seriously flawed and how his writings "often show more charity toward Papists, than toward the Reformed faith" (p. 28, The Canterbury Tales: An Extended Review and Commentary Based upon the Geneva Papers by Kevin Reed).

Pastor William J Mencarow on the Puritan Hard Drive

The Neo-Presbyterian Challenge to Confessional Presbyterian Orthodoxy: A Biblical Analysis of John Frame's Worship in Spirit and in Truth by Brian Schwertley

"John Frame (a Presbyterian Church in America ordained minister, "worship leader," and professor of systematic theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida) has written a book that both defends and sets forth the worship paradigm of most modern "conservative" Presbyterianism. (By conservative Presbyterianism we refer to those Presbyterian bodies that strictly adhere to biblical inerrancy, the virgin birth, literal miracles, vicarious atonement, a literal resurrection, the five points of Calvinism and so on.) Before analyzing many of the fundamental assertions of Frame's book, this author would like to commend Frame for a number of things. First, the book, Worship in Spirit and in Truth, is well written and organized. Second, Frame has tackled a subject that is very important and hardly addressed in this century. Third, Frame is strongly committed to biblical inerrancy and the absolute authority of the Bible. Although Frame's book has some commendable aspects, it must be condemned over-all as a serious departure from the standard, historical understanding of Reformed worship. What is particularly disturbing regarding Frame's book is that he abandons the Westminster Standards, yet presents himself as a champion of the regulative principle. Frame is either guilty of serious self-deception, or he is incredibly dishonest. In this brief analysis of Frame's book we will consider: (a) Frame's book as a justification of the status quo (i.e., neo-Presbyterian worship), (b) Frame's misrepresentation of the position regarding worship of the early Presbyterians and Westminster Standards, (c) Frame's redefinition of the regulative principle, (d) Frame's bizarre, arbitrary and unorthodox exegetical methodology that he uses to justify many human innovations in worship, and (e) Frame's case for modern "celebrative" worship. ... It is our hope and prayer that Frame (along with those who take the name Presbyterian and claim adherence to the Westminster Standards, yet who attack the regulative principle [i.e., Reformed worship] and promote innovations in the worship of God) would cease his attacks upon biblical worship and publicly repent of lying, breaking his vows, taking part in perverted worship, and causing others to corrupt the worship of God." - Brian Schwertley, The Neo-Presbyterian Challenge to Confessional Presbyterian Orthodoxy: A Biblical Analysis of John Frame's Worship in Spirit and in Truth

Dr. Steven Dilday on the Puritan Hard Drive

RELATED: Presbyterian Worship: Old and New, A Review and Commentary upon Worship in Spirit and Truth, a book by John Frame by Kevin Reed

In this review Kevin Reed shows how Frame has abandoned the Reformation, both scripturally and confessionally, in regard to worship. He also gives an excellent summary of historic Reformed views and then contrasts them with the novel ideas now being touted by Frame. In light of the fact that Frame teaches at a Presbyterian seminary and is also a Presbyterian pastor (in the PCA), Reed notes the "distressing implications regarding the disingenuous nature of confessional subscription within both the churches and the seminaries." Moreover, Reed comments that "there are also troubling ramifications concerning the doctrine of scripture, since the regulative principle rests upon the foundation of the sufficiency of scripture, with respect to worship." He continues by concluding that "Frame's book furnishes patent evidence that ecclesiastical discipline is lacking in the churches, and that seminary professors can teach heterodox views with impunity. If Presbyterians took their creed seriously, Mr. Frame would be removed from both the seminary and the pastorate, and not allowed to teach. But in the current situation, the majority of pastors, seminarians, and the people are partners in the crimes of corrupt worship and confessional laxity. 'A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so.'"

Dr. Matthew McMahon on the Puritan Hard Drive

Are Pictures of Christ Unbiblical? by Brian Schwertley

The Second Commandment and Images by Brian Schwertley

Exclusive Psalmody: A Biblical Defense by Brian Schwertley

Salmodia Exclusiva by Brian Schwertley (Portuguese)

Pastor David Silversides on the Puritan Hard Drive

Hymns and Heretics: The Dangers of Uninspired Hymnody by Brian Schwertley

A Review of Iain H. Murray's "The Psalter-The Only Hymnal?" by Brian Schwertley

Musical Instruments in the Public Worship of God by Brian Schwertley

The Regulative Principle of Worship and Christmas by Brian Schwertley

Pastor William J Mencarow on the Puritan Hard Drive

Christmas Defenders Refuted by Brian Schwertley

Brian Abshire's Justifications of Christmas Refuted by Brian Schwertley

Why God Hates Easter, One Of the Papal Antichrist's Obligatory High Holy Days by Brian Schwertley, Greg Price, William Perkins, Dr. Dilday, Dr. McMahon, Kevin Reed, (Free MP3s, Books, etc.)


Paedocommunion: A Biblical Examination by Brian Schwertley

Are Liturgies Authorized by Scripture? by Brian Schwertley

The Passion of the Christ: A Biblical Critique of the Mel Gibson Film by Brian Schwertley

Michael Caughran on the Puritan Hard Drive

Brief Critique of Schlissel's Articles against the Regulative Principle by Brian Schwertley

Contemporary Worship by Brian Schwertley

Idolatry by Brian Schwertley

Terence Ellard on the Puritan Hard Drive


Calvinism, or the Sovereignty of God, in Worship (Free Online Books Against Arminianism In Worship)


Why Is Reformed Worship So Important? The Puritans, Covenanters, Reformers & The Regulative Principle Of Worship (RPW) by Dr. Steven Dilday, John Calvin, Greg Price & Others (Free MP3s)

Pastor Greg Price on the Puritan Hard Drive


"I must begin by thanking you for such a thorough study. The headcovering text of I Cor. 11 contains many difficult points and while many of our church fathers have briefly touched on the issue of customary headcovering, I am not aware of any work that has treated the subject with such clarity and breadth as yours. It is my opinion that your future book will become the definitive study on the subject. I am not aware of any error or point of disagreement by which I could take issue. I further believe the work to be grounded in scripture, faithful to the text (especially your work in Greek), and faithful to the views of the most respected church fathers. Most of all this work is extremely important. I know there are many others who believe headcovering to be a requirement in the modern church and regard those who fail to headcover as weak on the regulative principle of worship. This is an error in the Reformed community that needs correcting. I want to especially thank you for helping me to see my own error, and by doing so in such a loving and biblical fashion." - A Reviewer

K. Thompson on the Puritan Hard Drive

The Practice Of Headcoverings In Public Worship - Issued by the Reformed Presbytery In North America (Free Book by Greg Price and Others)

"The Synod of Dordt (in 1618) commissioned a work of Annotations covering all of the books of the Old and New Testaments to be made available for heads of households (and students of the Scripture) in their study of God's Word. It was completed in 1637 and was published by the authority of the Synod of the Reformed Church of the Netherlands. The following comments are made upon 1 Corinthians 11:4:

[N]amely, forasmuch as the uncovering of the head was then a sign of power and dominion, as on the contrary now at this day those that have power over others, will keep their heads covered, and they that are under others will uncover their heads before them. But in all these things, we must always have the respect to the use of divers times and countries, and what is honorable and edifying therein, 1 Cor. 14:40, Philippians 4:8 (The Dutch Annotations Upon The Whole Bible [1637], trans. Theodore Haak [1657], 1 Corinthians 11:4, emphases added).

Again, this is not the opinion of one or two ministers in Holland, but rather the agreed upon position of the entire synod. Here again, consistent with the ministers of Scotland, Geneva, Germany and France, these renowned Dutch ministers in the Netherlands' best and purest time of Reformation, indicate that the sign of the headcovering in their time and land was different than that of Corinth at the time in which Paul penned 1 Corinthians 11. All those in Holland who were under subjection were to signify there submission by uncovering their heads, and all those in authority were to cover their heads. Obviously, these ministers agreed that 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 was to be interpreted within a cultural context." - The Practice Of Headcoverings In Public Worship - Issued by the Reformed Presbytery In North America

Paul Blyth (UK) on the Puritan Hard Drive

Reformation Worship, the Regulative Principle, Iconoclasm, etc. (For Calvinism In Worship, Against Arminianism In Worship)

Corrupt Worship & God's Anger With the Church and the Nations, Or, A Commentary On Micah By Greg Price (23 Free MP3s)

Family Worship In Scripture, 45 Free MP3s

Jack Windisch on the Puritan Hard Drive

The Puritans On Exclusive Psalmody (Free MP3s, Videos, Books, etc.)


The Corruption of Worship, and the Rise of Antichrist In History, Prophesied In Revelation by Dr. Steven Dilday, John Calvin, W.J. Mencarow, John Owen, George Gillespie, et al. (Free Reformation MP3s & Much More)

Jerry Johnson on the Puritan Hard Drive

Against Arminianism in Worship (Free Reformed Resources)

Against Antichrist's Innovations In Worship (Free Reformation MP3s, Videos & Books)

Daniel Cawdrey, Westminster Divine, On Christmas, Superstition & Will-Worship (Puritan Publications' Hardcover, PDF, MOBI and EPub Versions)

Pastor Scott Brown on the Puritan Hard Drive

Reformed Worship & Singing the Psalms, Free MP3s

Puritan Worship: John Owen (11 Free MP3s)

A Warning Against Backsliding, False Worship and False Teachers by John Flavel, John Calvin, Greg Price, Samuel Rutherford, Greg Barrow, George Gillespie, Dr. Reg Barrow & Others (Free MP3s, Books, etc.)

Dr. Steven Dilday on the Puritan Hard Drive

Pastor Brian Schwertley Reviews and Recommends
the Puritan Hard Drive


Pastor Brian Schwertley

"I would like to commend our brothers at Still Waters Revival Books for putting together the most complete collection of classic and rare Puritan and Covenanter works.

We should rejoice to see so many long out of print works finally available in an easily affordable and searchable format. No longer do we solely have to wait for expensive reprints to trickle out one at a time, year by year.

Every scholar, pastor, elder and professing Christian should take a great interest in the Puritan Hard Drive, for it sets before us the golden age of Protestant piety, preaching and scholarship. Everyone should benefit from the labors of these dear, departed saints."

- Pastor Brian Schwertley

Biblical Worship by Brian Schwertley (Many Free Books, MP3s & Video)