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Ellis (Trump Lawyer): It’s astonishing how these state election officials had complete disregard for election law. We are on the way to the Supreme Court


Ellis (Trump Lawyer): It’s astonishing how these state election officials had complete disregard for election law. We are on the way to the Supreme Court

Pastor Paul Washer Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive

Ellis (Trump Lawyer): It’s astonishing how these state election officials had complete disregard for election law. We are on the way to the Supreme Court!

Irrefutable Proof Of Massive Election Fraud (Video: 3 min. 41 sec.) & Much More!

Treason? Lin Wood: GA Gov. Kemp and CA Gov. Newsom Bought Off By Communist China In Covid Supplies Kickback and Money Laundering Schemes. Also Implicated In the Election Theft Through Voting Fraud Via Dominion Machines (Video)

Excerpt: Other indy media sources are also reporting that the Trump administration, via the NSA, has proof of the financial transactions that show Kemp and Raffensperger taking bribery money from communist China. Trump was waiting for Kemp and Raffensperger to complete the crime of “certifying” Georgia’s voting results before moving against them for criminal fraud and corruption.

We are now hearing that communist China ran a web of financial kickbacks and bribes to multiple governors and state officials across America, including California and Georgia, with many other states soon to follow. In every case, governors and state officials transferred huge sums of money to Chinese front companies for “covid supplies” that were either never delivered, or delivered as low-cost, low-quality items nowhere near the stated value. A portion of the extra funds was paid back to family members and specially structured business entities connected to the state officials, giving them control over the illicit funds.

We fully expect Oregon Gov. Kate Brown to soon be implicated in this same criminal corruption scheme. NY Gov. Cuomo is likely also involved.

This story is developing, and more information will be emerging this week. Expect criminal indictments soon.

As with all links we provide, we only agree with that which is in agreement with the Bible at the sites where the URLs point

“In time, people are going to prison in Georgia,” Lin Wood warned in his next tweet, adding, “Every lie will be revealed.” (Lin Wood Drops Late-NightBombshell: “Would someone ask my never-to-be friend Brad Raffensperger @GaSecofState if he has seen this tape of election fraud at State Farm Arena in Fulton Co., GA?” )

Federal Election Commission (FEC) Chairman Trainor Says All the Election Fraud This Year "Makes This An Illegitimate Election!" (Video)

Who Is the Beast of Revelation & 666?, By Greg Price (5 Free MP3s)

Sidney Powell Reveals EPIC Lawsuit Coming! ‘IT WILL BE BIBLICAL’!, by Dr. Steve Turley (Video)

WHISTLEBLOWERS: Biden Implicated In Dominion Voting Scam Connected To Serbia - The FBI Covered Up This Information

Data deep dive on Dominion Voting Systems offers incontrovertible proof of election hack

If the Trump campaign and his army of attorneys don't have this information yet, they need it as soon as possible. This is the smokiest gun we've seen so far.

Christina Bobb: Democrats pulling mafia tactics to install Biden

Dems Threaten Gov Official, Her Family and Her Pets Over Refusal To Release Transition Funds Prematurely To Biden…Trump Responds

ELECTION FRAUD: Joe diGenova: Throw Out Hundreds of Thousands of Illegal Votes in Michigan and Pennsylvania -- and Trump Is the Legal Winner!

Study: Noncitizen votes gave Biden wins in Arizona, Georgia

Breaking Video: Wayne County, MI Election Worker States In Affidavit She Was Instructed To Falsify Thousands Of Absentee Ballots For Biden

Why Michigan Election Must Be Investigated: Hans von Spakovsky

BREAKING: SECOND VIDEO REVEALS Dominion Voting System’s Eric Coomer Explaining to Elections Officials How to Switch Votes (VIDEO)

Excerpt: A video turned up from 2017 where Dr. Eric Coomer from Dominion Voting explained to Chicago elections officials how to alter votes in the Dominion voting machines. This then is the SECOND VIDEO of top Dominion executive explaining to elections officials how to alter votes with the Dominion machines! This was a separate demonstration in the Chicago area (notice he is wearing a dark jacket and is without the wrist protector.)

Bannon's WarRoom Ep. 527: Death Star (w/ Darren Beattie), Trump's Winning On Many Fronts, Etc. - Includes stunning highlights from parts one and two of the article below!

PART ONE: Explosive: New Data From Rigorous Statistical Analysis Points to Voter Fraud in Montgomery County, PA

Excerpt: We find considerable evidence consistent with the possibility of electoral fraud in vote counts in Montgomery County, PA.

PART TWO: Statistical Analyst Reveals Scenario of How Dems May Have Pulled Off Massive Fraud in Montgomery County, PA

Excerpt: Montgomery County’s anomalous election result is suggestive of fraud, but also just puzzling, no matter how it is viewed.

Bannon's WarRoom Ep. 528: One in a Million Shot

Dr. SHIVA LIVE: MIT PhD, Inventor of Email, Exposes the Real Election Frauds

Tom Fitton: The Presidential Election is STILL Unresolved Weeks After Election Day: “This is NOT NORMAL”

The Dominion Algorithm Used to Steal the Election

Sidney Powell KEEPS FIGHTING. If What She’s Saying Is True…Things Are About To Get CRAZY.

Election Fraud Update With Lawyer Lin Wood, Data Scientist On Massive Election Fraud (Stunning Testimony!), Etc. - War Room With Steve Bannon – (Video)

Michigan Witness and Former US Congressional Candidate Speaks Out — Saw the Biden Ballot Dump at 4 AM and Witnessed Officials Tampering with Tabulators! (VIDEO)

Jim Dodson Reviews and Recommends the Puritan Hard Drive


If you love the Bible, then you may well be Reformed. If you think of yourself as Reformed, but you have seldom or have never read older Reformed literature, prepare to be challenged. The Puritan Hard Drive provides primary sources and depth of theological and spiritual insight which is lacking in much of what is passed off as genuine Reformed theology. If you think of yourself as conservative, the older Puritan and Reformed authors will help you sort reality from myth in your quest to be truly Reformed. There are more solid resources for less money here than anywhere else. I highly recommend you take responsibility for your soul and spend a few shekels for this cup of cold water in the midst of the modern religious desert.

- Jim Dodson, Reformed Presbyterian Scholar,

Ellis (Trump Lawyer): It’s astonishing how these state election officials had complete disregard for election law. We are on the way to the Supreme Court